Get off the Urinary Tract "Misery-go-Round"

Discover Reliable Relief from Pain,

Frequency and Urging

Our Urinary Tract Relief & Support Program*

relieves suffering and promotes healing without side-effects!

*NOTE: This program is not intended, nor recommended for male prostate-related urinary problems.  This program is meant for minor, self-limiting urinary symptoms related to bacterial or fungal pathogens.  Please contact us if you believe your problems are related to other concerns for an individualized approach.  If you are having severe pain, such as with kidney stones, contact a qualified healthcare provider or seek emergency or urgent care. Always check with your doctor before undertaking any new therapies.

Urinary Tract Misery

Are you suffering with urinary urging, frequency or pain? So many people do. After a while antibiotics stop working, as each new round brings slower relief, and the attacks come more suddenly.  A urinary infection can bring you to your knees – the constant urging without relief is truly maddening.

We know – we’ve experienced them! And we’ve found answers that not only often provide fast, blissful relief from the immediate pain and discomfort, but over time tend to greatly reduce the frequency of the attacks themselves.

Of course, not everyone will necessarily have an immediate response. But over time, most of our clients report fewer or less frequent urinary tract problems as they continue the program.

If you’ve tried other approaches without satisfaction, our goal is to help you heal for the long term

Homeopathy doesn’t just mask symptoms. It supports the healing process. And homeopathic remedies are entirely non-habit-forming, have no side effects.

YOU can experience blissful relief! Our User Friendly Homeopathy Urinary Tract Relief Program addresses urinary pain, urging and frequency when they arise and also rebalances the fungal dysbiosis from repeated antibiotic treatment.

These remedies and probiotics are exclusively ours and/or available only through professionals, and are not available on the Internet or in stores. Most are exclusively formulated by our practitioners.

Our Urinary Tract Relief Program Includes:

  • A FREE initial consultation to get you started confidently, with our professional oversight.
  • An approximately 2-months’ supply* of two of our HCH exclusive homeopathic daily formulas and a third homeopathic professional formula that will be taken only as needed to help knock out acute urinary pain, frequency and urgency when they arise.
  • Includes convenient shipping directly to your door.

If you feel you need extra oversight, you also are established with your homeopath, so with just a phone call you can schedule additional consultations as needed, at additional cost ($140 for a 30 minute consultation).  Just call to set up a consultation time, and we will get your credit card information at that time for the consultation fee.

Remedies included are:

  • A great practitioner-only remedy** with a proven record of urinary tract pain relief (to be taken only as needed when you have pain, urging or frequent urination symptoms)
  • A formula to help manage and rebalance fungal dysbiosis and its symptoms, and die-off symptoms – 2 oz oral drops – a 2-months’ supply (to rebalance dysbiosis that is behind many antibiotic-treated urinary tract problems)
  • A detoxification and organ drainage support formula – 2 oz bottle – a 2-months’ supply to support overall health of organs of elimination, including the urinary tract)

If/when you need a new package, just reorder by calling the office or reorder online by clicking the button below. We will ship your next package within 2 business days of when you call.  And you can set additional appointments as you need them (at normal fees of $140 for 30 minutes), because you will have a relationship already established with a professional homeopath.

Program Cost: $170, including shipping and handling, for approximately 2 months’ supply* plus a FREE starter consultation.

These products are professional products, and are responsibly sold and available only under professional recommendation and supervision, and not available in stores or on the internet. The initial package includes a 10-minute consultation. We want to start you off with confidence, and be here for you for any questions, and if your symptoms change.

  • You control your progress. You are eligible to purchase a full refill kit as needed. If you have any questions or concerns, now you are a client, so you have immediate access (by appointment at regular consultation rates) to your homeopath for future related needs.
  • This program gives you control of your health improvement costs.  You choose as much or as little oversight as you feel you need, and call for refills on your schedule.
  • If you need extra help, your homeopath is available (by appointment at our regular charge of $140 for a 30-minute appointment), because you are a client!


We strongly suggest that you take a high quality, streptococcus thermophilus-free, probiotic daily.  In our experience, most people have taken antibiotics, which disrupt the healthy flora.  The gut biome, the active biological flora of the digestive tract lining, play a huge part in immune regulation.  Probiotics can be very helpful in restoring a healthy flora balance, which often plays a role in urinary tract irritations.

For your convenience, to make the absolute most of your urinary tract program, we offer our “HCH Probiotic Duo”:  two very high quality, professionally vetted probiotics that are not available in stores, but are exclusive to us, our HCH Probiotic L. Plantarum (30 day supply) which you would start with, then an additional HCH Probiotic 30B (30 day supply) that you would take the second month.  These can be reordered at any time, and we suggest alternating between them. They are offered for $75 postpaid as an add-on option to our Urinary Tract Relief and Support program.  NOTE:  These two items are PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENTS, they are NOT homeopathic remedies.

You will be given an opportunity to add these two probiotics to your order during the checkout process.

*NOTE: 2 months’ supply is an approximation. Individual dosing, compliance, minor differences in dropper size, accidental spillage or breakage will affect the amount of time a product lasts.  Typically, the above products will last 6-9 weeks at the suggested frequency and amounts. 
**This product is used only “as needed” in short term usage, so the length of time it may last will vary depending on need – extra individual bottles of that professional relief remedy may be purchased whenever necessary, plus a nominal shipping cost.

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