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A unique group of homeopaths

We have 4 full-time unique group of homeopaths and full office staff to meet our clients’ needs.  Our homeopaths all have 10 to 25 years + of healthcare experience, all have practiced homeopathy for a minimum of 10 years, and all have experience and recovered cases from a wide range of healthcare problems, including autism.  Each has been extensively trained in the science of health, the biomedical research in autism, and in the Houston Homeopathy Method.  So we have a variety of scheduling options with equally highly qualified and experienced homeopaths. We even offer our clients access to a homeopath 24/7 through a pager for after-hours urgent concerns.  This sets a standard in homeopathy that is second to none.  Our combined experience of over 60 years means a great deal of homeopathic knowledge is at our clients’ disposal, for less money than the national average consultation cost for homeopaths.

In addition, we have a full and very caring office staff 5 days per week to help answer your questions and concerns. We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Most homeopathic practices have a single-practitioner and a receptionist.  Some are only open part time.

Our consultations are scheduled for 60 or 90 minutes for an initial, depending upon the client’s health situation, or 30 minutes for a follow-up.  We will soon offer a first-time urgent acute care visit for individuals or families who are dealing with contagious diseases such as colds, coughs, or various acute contagious viruses, or to help the healing of recent injuries. These will be brief 20-30 minute consultations, usually scheduled as soon as same-day, and will be comparably priced to acute care medical clinics.  Watch our website for more details as cold and flu season bears down on us.

Our homeopaths listen intently, get to know our clients well, and educate them.  We want our clients to understand what we do, so that once they receive the remedies for their individualized program, every product, its relevance and our thought process will make sense to them, from why they have it to how to use it, to what responses might be seen.

When was the last time you had the ear of a healthcare professional for more than a few minutes?  (Hint:  the average MD spends less than 6 minutes with each patient.).  We know that the time-honored approach of listening is critical to doing our job and helping people achieve their health goal. Listening and educating takes time, and we give generously of our time.

We also have an extensive stock on hand of hundreds of different homeopathic products and thousands of homeopathic remedies and potencies.  We’ve done the research for the best products we can find, and can immediately provide the products you need. No time-consuming search or wait for the products to be ordered from a lot of different sources.

While most homeopaths refuse to conduct telephone consultations, we have built telephone consultations into an art that has resulted in a worldwide clientele who don’t fight traffic, or have to travel far from home, all scheduled for your convenience.  We are increasingly using internet video as well for consultations.

After each consultation, your homeopath enters the “order” for products into our system and it is assembled, wrapped carefully and shipped in a very timely manner – a custom package just for your needs, delivered conveniently to your doorstep a few days later.  We also offer 5 day/week pickup of remedies in our Houston office, or expedited shipping methods if you don’t live in Houston.

More than just your homeopath

Another “value-added” item is our full-time staffing.  It isn’t  just our practitioners who listen and care about your family’s health.  We have a full staff of caring, and knowledgeable employees.  They answer the phones 5 days per week.  You don’t typically get an answering machine during office hours, you get a person. Even if you have to leave a message, we strive to return calls as soon as possible.  We are very proud of our staff, and value them. They are part of a team that cares, knows and understands our clients and their needs, and our system, some through personal experience.  They do an awesome and daunting detail-oriented job of processing our clients’ orders correctly from the time they leave the homeopath’s keyboard at the end of the consultation, until they are shipped out the door.  And they are the voices you hear when a mistake happens, or if there is an urgent issue that crops up, whether it’s a sudden earache in a child, a damaged, lost, or mistake in a shipment, or “my dog ate the dropper.”  They then work between client and practitioner to find a solution, and finally, get back to the client to pass on information or resolve the problem.  We’re not perfect, but we readily admit errors and do our very best to correct them – all at no charge.

While our costs fall well in line with US average costs for homeopathic consultations, we strive to be a far above average healthcare “one-stop shop” for information, homeopathic advice and high quality remedies as our clients needs dictate.  Customer service is important to us.  We treat our clients as we would wish to be treated – with respect, compassion and a passionate love of natural healing and homeopathy.

Experience our difference – from colds and sniffles to chronic illness of all sorts to autism, Homeopathy Center of Houston is one of today’s greatest health values.

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