Homeopathy can give urinary tract relief!

4 Go-to Homeopathic Remedies for Urinary Tract Relief

We’re launching into some “potty talk” today to give you urinary tract relief!  You know the feeling – that odd sensation something isn’t quite right “down there.” Then the urging, the pain, and you know you’ve got the dreaded UTI. Here are the most commonly needed homeopathic remedies for urinary tract relief.  Remember, the real trick to using homeopathy is to match the most symptoms with the best remedy that will relieve those symptoms.  Before you read any farther, go get a HUGE glass of water and start pounding water while you read! Water intake is crucial for urinary problems.

And of course, if your symptoms are chronic, if they worsen, or you have extenuating circumstances such as kidney transplant or diabetes, you should consult a healthcare professional, such as a homeopath or naturopath and consult your doctor before undertaking any new approaches.

Match the Symptoms to the Remedy

Remember, with homeopathy, you need to match the symptoms as closely as possible to the remedy that helps those symptoms in your specific combination. Little things matter, like when, where, how it hurts, what makes it better or worse, even urine odor and color. Following are some of the basic remedies and the symptoms they work best to relieve.

When you think “burning,” think Cantharis (blister bug).  For burning urination, burning pain that is worse after emptying the bladder, with the pain focused in the urethra, rather than the bladder,  itching and burning together in the urethra, or if the urine feels hot during urination, and looks cloudy, or if there is very little urine each time with constant but useless urging followed by just a few drops of urine – Cantharis is perhaps one of the most widely applicable urinary tract remedies, because there are so many different symptoms that indicate it that are very common to urinary complaints. The urging may be constant, with only scant urine which is only briefly relieved afterwards. IMPORTANT KEYNOTE that indicates the need for Cantharis: When you are so frantic you can’t think of anything but the pain, it’s time for Cantharis.

If there is stinging pain, the urine feels very hot, and is milky looking with an offensive odor, and if there is very little urine each time – homeopathic Apis melifica 6x (honey bee) is one of the best remedies, and can almost always be found in health food stores.  It’s also a great one to have around for bee stings! But that’s for another article.

Did you suppress anger at someone, or have an invasive procedure just before the onset?  Then you need Staphysagria (stavesacre) – which will help with both the UTI and allow you to express the anger, let go of the grudge and move on!

Staphysagria is a great homeopathic remedy for urinary tract relief.

Staphysagria is a great homeopathic remedy for the urinary tract.

Because it can also help with the low back ache from UTIs, either from referred pain or because the kidneys are also inflamed, Staphysagria can be taken to help keep things under control while you wait to get in with a doctor or professional homeopath.  Staphysagria is known in homeopathy as the best “honeymoon cystitis” remedy. We also find it helpful with UTIs that occur shortly after childbirth, colonoscopy or cystoscopy procedures.

Our final “go-to” remedy is EquisetumEquisetum is almost a specific for having a therapeutic action on all portions of the urinary tract.  It is called for where there is severe, but dull pain that is not relieved by urination.  There is often constant urging, and while large quantities of urine may be passed (in contrast to Cantharis or Apis, above), there is no pain relief from it. The urine is typically either clear or light-colored, but profuse in quantity.  A bonus hint:  Equisetum can also a good remedy for bedwetting in children, even older children.

In parting, here are some other self-help items that are compatible with homeopathy for the urinary tract.  First and foremost, drink lots of water.  Also, adding the juice of 1/4 to one entire lemon to water, or warm water is soothing, but also adds vitamin C which has known anti-bacterial qualities, and lemon juice is alkalizing, making your urinary tract less welcoming to bacterial invasion. Add a few drops of stevia, to taste, to make it more palatable. You can also take Vitamin C supplements.  And finally, Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus probiotics in general, have been shown to help reduce the recurrence, and can shorten the duration of your attack. And in case we didn’t mention it – DRINK MORE WATER!

We can help if you don’t get Urinary Tract Relief quickly enough.

Remember, these work best with occasional UTIs.  If you frequently or chronically have to seek urinary tract relief, or if any of the above remedies are not helping after a couple of days or you run fever, please give us a call.  We have many additional, harder to find products that can help, but you may need professional homeopathic experience.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!

NOTE: We are not medical doctors and the above article is not to be construed as implying diagnosis, treatment, or cure for any illness.  These suggestions are for self-help in minor, short-term, non-life-threatening, non-serious situations, and any risk is assumed by the reader for any result of the suggestions contained herein.  Please consult your healthcare professional before undertaking any new therapy or if you have additional risk factors.