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Homeopathy Method Can Help – When Springtime Allergies Blossom

It seems that this time of year we all feel the joy of the renewal of nature, the warming of the earth and…AACHOO…the trigger of pollen in the air. While certainly things are pollinating as we all look forward to floral festivals, it may not just be a matter of pollen. In Houston, we breathe up to five times more mercury in our air than almost any other city in the United States. Other areas of the country also have high levels of mercury in the air from petroleum or chemical refineries and generalized air pollution carries other heavy metals. What does that have to do with allergies?  A great deal actually.

In the homeopathic materia medica the symptoms that are brought on by the substance mercury include, but are not limited to, “eyes: burning acrid discharge, nose: sinusitis and colds, coryza (runny nose) with sneezing; frequent sneezing; yellow, green, fetid, possible glue-like discharges; mucous membranes: inflamed, irritated; thick yellow nasal discharge,” all commonly found symptoms in many seasonal allergies. There may be many different ways to try to detoxify this heavy metal, but one of the most efficient, and gentle approaches is through sequential homeopathy and the Houston Homeopathy Method.  We have had many people come to us over the years with chronic sinus issues, such as hay fever, eye irritation, and other common symptoms of allergy reactions. While we work to desensitize the system to the known pollen allergens, while simultaneously supporting the detoxification exit routes, we can usually get tangible relief through reduction of inflammation and the histamine reaction.  Many of our clients have been able to get off of their allergy medications, allergy shots, sinus medications, even steroids which had been used, often for many years to “manage their symptoms.” As we have said before in these articles, symptom management is not the same as true health.

If you or someone you love has been plagued with chronic allergies, sinusitis, or other common sensitivities homeopathic detoxification and sensitivity reduction through the Houston Homeopathy Method might offer solutions without drugs and their side effects, without expensive testing, through gentle homeopathic detoxification and desensitization.

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