What is the Houston Sequential Homeopathy Method for Autism?

The Houston Sequential Homeopathy Method for Autism is not just one method, but several methods and modalities within homeopathy combined to provide a broad-based, entirely individualized unlayering process for unraveling the problems of autism. With a focus on causational factors, we work back through each client’s personal history of chemical, emotional and physical traumas, in reverse chronological order.  The sequential homeopathy method in general is explained in this article. 

When we apply Sequential Homeopathy to Autism, we focus on the client’s current status – behaviorally, physiologically, and emotionally at the immediate outset. If a child is hurting himself, or is simply driving everyone around him crazy with life-impacting obsessions or compulsions, such as spinning in circles nonstop, or refusing to cross the threshold from one room to the next, that will be our first focus.  If we possibly can, we provide daily supportive remedies to help moderate those symptoms or behaviors as best we can.  At the same time, we will start supporting the detoxification related organs and systems – from the lymphatics through the kidneys, liver, and digestive tract.

Once we are comfortable that a child is eliminating well, we can begin the entirely unique clearing process.  This uniqueness is intensely so.  It is based on the client’s personal emotional and health history in reverse chronological order.  This is precisely where the personal timeline comes in that we insist on before the initial consultation.  It becomes the roadmap for the clearing “journey.”  But as with many journeys we used to undertake as children with our parents – when people used paper maps instead of having electronic GPS traffic reporting systems – there may be detours. If the body’s symptoms seem out of sync with where the “timeline” says we “should” be, we will follow the body’s wisdom.  Symptoms, while undergoing sequential homeopathy, are the body’s communications and detoxification indicators and mechanisms.

Sequential Homeopathy for Autism is Individualized

The clearing process is not only unique to each person.  What we are clearing each time, and how we are doing it will be totally individualized, based upon the timeline, symptoms, and if there have been any new interim issues since the previous consultation.  Needless to say, you will need to observe and take good notes – as to what symptoms you saw during the month, as pathogens and toxins clear – and when they occured.  Both of those will help us determine whether your child has finished clearing an event, or if we need to repeat what we were doing, or if it’s time to go forward.  Or if we need to detour from the timeline.

Because each contributing event in the history takes about one month to fully clear, we will need a 30 minute consultation approximately every 3-5 weeks, depending upon a number of factors, including age, and what we are clearing to what level.  So even that may be different from time to time.

In our experience, many factors enter into a child’s autism.  They may be genetic makeup or family history, emotional traumas, vaccines, illnesses, drugs, accidents, surgeries, etc. We will take those factors into account as we work back through the client’s history.

We also will necessarily use daily supportive remedies and a very few supplements.  The monthly remedies are the “guides” that tell the body what to clear and when, these daily remedies support the organs and systems that will do the actual work of clearing the system.  Without them, your child will take longer to heal and have a much more “eventful” journey – in ways that are better prevented for his/her sake of healing.  The entire clearing process must be supported to get the fastest, smoothest and most complete results – which means the daily remedies are as integral to your child’s progress in healing as are the monthly “clearings.”  Cutting corners in that area may mean that your child cannot efficiently, nor quickly, eliminate the causational factors that are targeted by the packets, and s/he will not do as well with the program.

The two keys are to allow your child to have time to detoxify, and heal, and to be compliant with both daily remedies and the timing of the packets, per your homeopath’s advice.  Children can and do recover from autism.  But it takes time.  We cannot entirely remediate autism in a matter of a few short months.  Most children will typically show improvements in at least a few areas in the first 6 months or so, some subtle, some dramatic.  But to fully remediate is a process, and that process depends upon infinite factors.  But children can and do get better, even if they don’t fully recover.  And those improvements can be life-changing for the entire family.

We strongly advise caregivers to fill out an ATEC form (on our forms site) every 3-6 months.  We suggest having perhaps a teacher or another caregiver also fill one out.  That will help you track your child’s improvements, even though you may not notice them from day to day.

The road to HEALING for your child.

The Houston Homeopathy Method is one of the most completely and deeply successful healing programs for autism.  Over 190 children have actually become fully functional, almost indistinguishable from their age peers – or we don’t include them in our list of recovered children.  Many hundreds more have had improvements in a vast number of areas – pain, self-injury, potty training, speech, engagement with others, overall better health being most important, with secondary improvements in behavior, communication as the outcome.

Please don’t let anyone steal your hope for your child.  There are answers.  We can help.  Autism is primarily a physiological disorder with downstream behavioral, academic and communications manifestations.  Because we have learned to “read” these behaviors and interpret what they indicate is wrong, we have enjoyed amazing successes with autism.