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DSH-P, BCIH, BA (Psych), NST Certified Practitioner



At Homeopathy Center of Houston, you and your family will be in good hands. With nearly 60 years of combined homeopathic, health and special needs experience our caring, knowledgeable homeopaths will guide your path to good health with gentle homeopathic remedies.

Each practitioner contributes to the depth of knowledge and uniqueness of the Houston Homeopathy Method through outside trainings, research and clinical experience, which is shared at case conferences at least monthly. Each brings a different background and perspective to the Houston Homeopathy Method as well, including backgrounds in holistic health, health education, special education, nursing, public health, emergency medical care, hands-on therapies, parenting, special needs parenting, and much more. Each homeopath has a minimum of 3 years of post-graduate homeopathic education, a clinical internship and specialized training in the Houston Homeopathy Method, and all have served as full time professional homeopaths at Homeopathy Center of Houston for over 6 years.

All of our homeopaths have undergone additional training in German Biological Medicine, pleomorphic theory, integrative approaches to Lyme Disease, the biomedical model and treatment of autism, and then apply homeopathic principles and integrate that broad knowledge into the Houston Homeopathy Method.

From providing your family with drug-free answers to simple acute illnesses without drugs, to an individualized detoxification program for pre-emptive immune support for better long term health, to helping children with severe developmental delays and adults with multiple health problems, we can help. You will find caring, competent practitioners who think differently and won’t give up on finding ways to bring you relief and good health.

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