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Natural Immune System- Immunization vs. Vaccination

I am frequently asked the question…”If I clear my vaccines, won’t I lose my protective immunity from those deadly diseases?”

The better question is – do vaccines actually produce immunity?  I will not dive into all the technical cascade of events that happen in the body within the immune system.   That can be looked up in any textbook on the subject.   Medical texts do not differentiate between immunization and vaccination.  However vaccination is an active introduction into the body of many alien chemicals and biological substances, bypassing the body’s first natural lines of defense, creating great confusion to the body’s natural immune system.

There is some semantic confusion about what immunity truly is as well as how it is obtained.  In a very ancient pristine past (prior to WWII), our ancestors were not exposed to all the toxic soup of industrial chemicals, altered unfit foods and polluted air and water that we have today.  Immunity is developed as an adaptation to being able to withstand these slowly emerging threats.

If an ancestor popped into our world today, he would quickly succumb; his immune system would not be gradually adapted to these toxins. It is like the frog that fell in the cook pot. If he fell into it already boiling he would quickly jump out, realizing the danger.  The frog who fell in cool water and did not notice the gradual increase in temperature of the water, adapted.  He was the one that cooked.  We pay a price for immunity in increased loss of vitality. It is far better to avoid them in the future than to have to later attempt to remove the insults.

Vaccination is not synonymous with immunization.  It has been my professional clinical observation that most all the current cases of reportable “acute” childhood illnesses, such as Measles, Chickenpox and Whooping Cough have all been contracted in vaccinated children.   In my own childhood, these illnesses were experienced, challenged my natural immune system defenses and resulted in untold health improvements, developmentally and immunologically.  They inferred “permanent” and true immunity.

The reports of deadly diseases of childhood were mostly exaggerations of the occurrences in  immune compromised hosts or due to unsanitary living conditions.  These “deadly” diseases were on the decline with improved living standards before vaccines came on the market, were heavily promoted and later mandated.   Timing is everything and the media is easy to use for manipulation of data.  Research the history and follow the money!

In reality, the chemical soup that is called a vaccination only serves to cause reactivity in the immune system resulting in a temporary immune response.  It is not long lasting and has never been proven either safe nor effective for what it was administered for.  It actually creates a “chronic” illness in the body that can manifest sooner or later in various other maladies.

Many of the childhood illnesses we were familiar with have also been renamed and their symptoms tweaked so that we don’t associate them as being the same.  In addition it has put adults at risk for these childhood illnesses that are far more troublesome in adults.  Conversely, I have observed countless children and young adults with chronic illnesses today that were only seen in an older population in prior times.

The medical paradigm is based on the germ theory; “A germ for every disease; and a drug for every germ.”   They also hope to create a vaccine for every germ.  This is a winning solution for that industry and a losing solution for the population, overburdened already with these poisons.  In fact, microbes are intelligent, they “morph” or change themselves to adapt to whatever we throw at them, creating the well known “super bugs” as well as many yet unidentified new microbes wearing new masks and showing up in all sorts of new illnesses.  The germs show up in a pathological condition as a result, not as a cause, in most cases.  They have their place and purpose.

In a healthy body garden or “terrain”, the correct balance of microbes will flourish.  It is a proper symbiotic relationship that ensures good health.  Microbial life is diverse and adaptive and it behooves us to tend to their health as they maintain ours.  They are a very big part of all our biological processes and should not be mindlessly killed off, wiping out the playing field for the sake of a few opportunistic pathogens.  In a healthy environment the “good” flora will manage the “bad”.  As a rule most microbes want to maintain their host, guaranteeing their own survival.

In these days it is becoming more and more urgent to discover and practice “deep ecology” and understand our interrelationships with all life on this planet including our internal symbiotic life forms.  Practicing sustainable living will pay much greater dividends in health and happiness than any man made cocktail can ever infer.  Maintaining our own inner flora populations is a part of true health.  We must trust the innate intelligence of the human body.  The best that one can do otherwise is to maintain their lymphatic system in optimum condition so it can try to remove some of the debris that the body is burdened with.  Exercise, hydration, sunlight, healthy food and fresh air pay much greater preventive dividends that any vaccine would ever hope to afford.  To fight off illness, the best defense is your own immune system health and a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Vaccination does not necessarily mean immunisation against any disease.  Let us help you learn more about preventing illness through detoxification, clearing of old toxins, and living life to its fullest in good health!