From the Mom: A Video Testimonial for Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism

Moms and dads would rather hear another parent speak about their experiences.  Two of our clients present their stories.  Houston Homeopathy Method for AutismAt the beginning, we have Teri Arranga, Executive Director of Autism One, speak of the help we’ve provided over the years in her introduction.  At the 51 minute mark, one of our moms speaks to an audience at Autism One about her son’s experience with the Houston Homeopathy Method.  Please start at 51 minutes to hear one mother’s story with the Houston Homeopathy Method!  And if you’re hungry for more – please go back to the beginning and you’ll get a great overview of the Houston Homeopathy Method and the method behind the Method!

With thanks and credit to Autism One… Teri Arranga and Jackie T!  THANKS SO MUCH for sharing your stories!  This video offers answers for many of your questions.

Video Outline:

Introduction by Teri Arranga:  00:00 – 2:30

Brief Cases:  2:30-5:00

Introduction to Homeopathy:  5:30-20:00

Homeopathy Methods:  20:20-21:30

The Houston Homeopathy Method:  21:30-34:30

More Cases:  34:45-50:45

Mom’s Testimonial for Houston Homeopathy:  51:00

Trouble seeing the video? Use this direct link to the Autism One / Homeopathy Center of Houston video.

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