Homeopathy for Guts

Homeopathy for Guts

Many people do not realize how important the GI tract (gut) is to our overall health. Sure, we all know that without it we can’t metabolize and absorb food, and when it’s unhappy we can become miserable pretty quickly!   However, the flora (the healthy bacteria that we’re told we should eat yogurt to replenish) of the gut plays a critical role in our immune system health. Over 70% of our immune system actually resides in the gut – between the beneficial and symbiotic healthy gut flora and the digestive and immunoprotective activities of the organ itself, gut health is paramount to overall good health.

If we face the facts, most of us have a history of having taken antibiotics and other medications which can adversely affect healthy gut flora.  While more MDs are suggestiong probiotics to be taken during antibiotic administration, many of us have neglected, imbalanced, uhealthy gut flora. In addition to candida, toxicity, constipation, drugs, even fast food, can actually break down the gut lining itself through irritation and inflammation leading to complaints like irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut.   When this happens, the immune system becomes severely affected in many ways.

Because much of biomedical research in autism is focused on helping to reduce inflammation and dysbiosis of the gut, through our work with children with autism and developmental delays, we’ve considered a new tagline: “GUTS ARE US.”  We at Homeopathy Center of Houston have learned many outside-the-box methods to support healthy intestinal flora and reduction of toxins and irritants through an advanced, sequential, homeopathic detoxification.   Many of our children experience significant improvement by reducing the population of harmful microbial levels, increasing the levels of beneficial bacteria and flora in their guts, and thus reducing levels of inflammation markers overall in laboratory tests.  Most tangibly, when gut health improves, so do behavior, language, academics and even social skills.

Our work with autism has transferred to the way we approach our adult clients with GI issues.  Many adults we work with also suffer from what we call, “an autistic gut, without the autism.”   They arrive at our offices with a myriad of diagnoses, such as: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, intestinal polyps, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation, alternating between constipation and diarrhea, Crohn’s Disease, even something called “toddler loose stool syndrome” and the list goes on.  The issue we focus on is to reduce the pathogens, parasites, and toxins that are keeping the gut inflamed, reducing systemic inflammation, and working with German Biological medicine, our proprietary remedies for healing the gut, and the sequential homeopathy of the Houston Homeopathy Method to help the body restore the integrity of the gut lining, hence improving function of the entire intestinal tract.  Downstream, this becomes a self-perpetuating path to health as the healthy gut now becomes the basis of the healthy immune system.

We sometimes meet people who have had massive surgical removal of sections of their intestines, stomach surgeries, esophageal erosion, etc.  In cases where parts of the structure are missing there will always be some level of compromise that homeopathy may not fully be able to overcome, but even in these cases, many clients have found they are much more capable of managing their health with homeopathy than with the drugs their doctors offered as “symptom management.”  Some do an integrative approach, whereby they utilize the best that both the medical and the homeopathic world have to offer and find themselves nearly symptom free.

Some of the most rewarding cases are those in which the client comes to us after being told by their doctor that their condition could not be cured but only be managed.  Imagine their surprise and relief to discover after working with us that not just their gut, but their whole immune system is improved.  Many of these clients happily report they no longer have any symptoms left to manage. People often come to us because hope has been snatched by the conventional medical world.  In the skilled, experienced hands of our practitioners, these amazing, safe, non-toxic homeopathic remedies can truly work miracles.

If you or someone you love has been told you have an “untreatable” or “hopeless” digestive problem, if the drugs prescribed don’t help, or even add new problems, please call our office.   Homeopathy does not require a diagnosis to be effective.  Even multiple or end-on-end diagnoses don’t matter to us.

Whether you have a formal diagnosis, or are noticing the beginnings of problems, homeopathy shines as a therapy that can assist in avoiding further erosion of health, and often can restore the gut to the immune system and digestive workhorse it was designed to be.

There is hope, there is help, and if you are still breathing, homeopathy offers both.


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