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Homeopathy DIY+ Programs

Introducing a new concept in Homeopathic Healthcare

Available NOW:

Allergy Relief - Hay Fever


Coming Soon:

Detox and Immune Boost

Digestive Health - Leaky Gut/IBS

Digestive Relief - Gut Health​

​Emotional Balance

​Urinary tract health

Dysbiosis - Systemic Candida Relief​

Earache Pain Relief 

Colic and Tummy Ache

What Is Homeopathy DIY+?

The Homeopathy DIY+ Programs offer the most affordable and practical way to access professional products and our expertise for relief of many common complaints.  By offering products available only through qualified professional practitioners you are assured of the highest quality.  By coupling it with a discounted brief "starter" consultation, you can begin with confidence towards better short and long-term health.

These products are tried-and true, having been developed as proprietary formulas and combinations for our clients.  You get the benefit of our nearly 60 years of combined experience culminating in these reliable, gentle and safe combinations. 

Each program includes enough product to give you quick relief of symptoms, but also to support healing, detoxification and rebuilding of your system for longer term health as well.  

Homeopathic remedies don't just mask symptoms.  They reduce them through detoxification and healing.  

Homeopathic remedies offer safety, no side-effects, and are not habit-forming like drugs.  These products are all produced in FDA registered facilities in the USA, or from international equivalents or better.  

Click on the current program that interests you, at left for more details.​

The Houston Homeopathy DIY+ Program offers: ​

  • Professional remedies and expertise
  • Do-it-yourself affordability
  • Safety of homeopathy 
  • Supplements vetted by us for highest quality
  • Additional access to practitioners if you need it*
  • Access to our clients-only portal (Under development, coming soon!)
If you have deeper, long-lasting or more complex health problems, you may wish to investigate our highly individualized, more deeply cleansing and healing Houston Homeopathy Method of Sequential Homeopathy.  

*Additional consultations are by appointment, at our normal follow-up fees of $130 for a 30 minute consultation. 

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Proven Products

Products available only through health professionals have been combined through our experience to WORK!

Proven Professionals

Our homeopaths offer a combined experience of over 60 years of professional homeopathic care.

Caring Staff

Our staff truly cares about your experience, from questions through meticulous packaging and shipping.

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