Homeopathic Tips for Healthy Holidays

Homeopathic Tips for Healthy HolidaysDon’t let holiday travel and stress get the best of you! Try these homeopathic tips for healthy holidays to stay well in this season when families are close (and swapping colds and other viruses), we travel  (with stress and fatigue reducing the immune system’s responsiveness), and the food is awesome (and hard to resist!!!). It’s no fun to be sick during the holidays!

Be kind to yourself: get as much sleep as possible, drink plenty of WATER (not juice or other beverages – WATER!), keep your sugar intake low, wash your hands frequently, get outdoors and breathe some fresh air, stay warm and dry. It may help to increase Vitamin C intake as well as taking some Vitamin D3 on a daily basis.

Now that we’ve sounded like your grandmother (who was very wise!), let’s get some really good homeopathy tips in your hands.**

If you are traveling, prepare yourself with the above advice for several days ahead of the trip. Then take our hand-picked  remedies with you.

Our personal short-list homeopathic travel kit includes: homeopathic Oscillococcinum® flu remedy, homeopathic cold combination tablets, such as Cold Calm®, Our Homeo-Health/HCH First Aid cream and HCH Joint and Muscle cream, HCH Sinus nasal spray, nux vomica, and arsenicum album 6c or 30c.  This time of year, we also typically include a homeopathic cough remedy as well.**

‡Oscillococcinum® flu remedy can be used to help boost your system to fight off viruses (colds and stomach viruses, not just flu) quite well if caught early, and we give our loved ones a few pellets daily.  Personally, we take it 2-3X on days of air travel, as a basic immune system support. While it is mostly known for reducing flu symptoms, it can help withe the nausea and other symptoms from so-called “stomach flu.” In  our 20 years or so experience with it, it also seems to help boost the system to resist illness.

‡Cold Calm® and other similar homeopathic cold combinations are great for travel.  They pack easily, are low potency, so not as negatively affected by airport x-rays as higher potencies may be, and have a broad combination of remedies that will help with the most common cold symptoms, plus fever, sore throats, and even nausea. Cold Calm® and some other combination cold remedies incorporate some cough remedies as well. Read the label indications to be sure.

‡**Traveling brings new foods and different drinking water into your system, so we recommend Arsenicum album for travelers.  It is indicated for nausea, diarrhea, cramping and vomiting from bad food and water. It also can help with certain types of coughs and motion sickness as well.

‡ **Nux vomica can also help with nausea, and is for digestive symptoms related to overeating, overdrinking, or overwork and lack of sleep. If it can be overdone and brings on symptoms, nux can be your friend.  And it helps with nasal congestion from colds, allergies or dry, heated air, especially congestion that you can move from side to side by rolling over in bed! It’s also great for hangovers. (Just sayin’!) and relieves constipation from too many hours in a car or airplane seat!

Our exclusive Joint and Muscle Pain Cream is great for anything related to joints or soft tissue – strains, sprains, overuse, pain from tears, and even bruising – which is why I travel with it.  Murphy’s Law reigns during travel. Have you ever dropped your suitcase off the luggage carousel onto your toe?  Too bad it won’t fix abused luggage.

‡Homeo-Health, Inc. First Aid Cream (available in two sizes, exclusively through our office) is also great for scrapes, cuts, burns and sunburns, and almost any skin injury or irritation – the typical things that Murphy’s mischievous elves also see to during holiday celebrations and travel.

Our HCH Sinus Nasal Spray is great for keeping your nasal passages moist, while soothing the irritation and congestion that can come from colds, flu, or simply dry, heated air.

Arm yourself now for those minor problems that creep into the holidays.

And if you feel out of your league, but want to use homeopathy as an alternative for any minor illness for you or your children, whether from travel or anything else, such as ear or throat infections, croupy coughs in little ones, or other illnesses, we offer an inexpensive, minor acute illness consultation through our office.  You can fill our simple acute care intake forms and fax, email, mail or bring them to the office, and we will get you in with the first available consultant.  You don’t even have to leave home!  Our appointments are quickly and conveniently available via phone from wherever you are, then we will ship your remedies to you, or in the Houston area, you may pick up, either same day or next day, depending upon the time of the appointment.

Homeopathy is a great choice for discerning families seeking a holistic answer for holiday (or every day!) health! Please call us at 713-366-8700 if you need an appointment with one of our practitioners, or if you would like to purchase some of our exclusive HCH and Homeo-Health, Inc. products! And watch for our online store and product line introduction in coming months!

‡ These  statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
** This information is for educational purposes for self-care of minor symptoms only, based upon standard homeopathic indications as outlined in the Homeopathic Pharmacopia of the United States, and are not meant as medical advice.  If you have a medical problem, please consult a qualified practitioner.

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