Heavy Metals: Damage vs Detox

Our homeopaths have all repeatedly heard parents tell of increased urination, one of several indicators of metal excretion, as a result of our method.  We’ve also seen solid evidence in urine toxin test results* of increased excretion followed by a fall-off over a period of a few months as the levels of burden decrease.  The results afterwards have included better behavioral and cognitive skills, less eczema, less dry skin, less constipation – all symptoms that can point to aluminum toxicity[i], and as the load is reduced, the problems also subside.

For many years, our office has concerned itself with the amount of heavy metals in our environment, vaccines, and as a regular part of our lifestyles.  A recent article in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry[ii] as well as earlier studies [iii] have pointed out the dangers of aluminum in humans.  When combined with other heavy metals, such as mercury, still found in most vaccines, in dental “silver” amalgam fillings as well as in batteries and other things in our daily lives, aluminum’s neurotoxicity (damage to nerve cells) is exponentially increased.  While education is helpful for trying to reduce one’s present and future exposure, most of us have already regularly exposed ourselves to aluminum cookware (guess what kind is routinely used in large commercial kitchens such as manufacturers of processed foods, restaurants and our schools use?), antiperspirants, aluminum cans and foil in cooking, as well as in other areas of life.  The Houston Homeopathy Method can help with your current health from past exposures – all without chelation IVs, drugs or pain.  Reducing your metal load through homeopathy is gentle, simple and may have lasting positive impacts on your health.  While it’s good to know how to reduce exposure in the future, it’s equally important to reduce the current load in the present – for future health!  The Houston Homeopathy Method has proven results.

Call us today and we can help you start cleaning up your system and aiming it towards health, without needles or drugs! Want more details?  Click for more in-depth discussion.

*Homeopathy Center does not test, nor do we interpret test results.  Such tests have been administered and interpreted by licensed medical professionals.  This statement reflects only our paraphrase of medical doctor or laboratory interpretations.


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