Did we leave you hanging?

Our voice mail and phone system problems have been repaired as of Monday, August 19, 2013

If you have contacted us in the past several weeks and either not gotten through or left a voicemail and received no response, we humbly apologize and ask that you please call us again at 713-366-8700 after 9am (CDT) Tuesday, August 20, 2013, or you may immediately email us with your inquiry and phone number and we will contact you after that time.

Due to the intermittent nature, it has taken us several weeks to realize the existence or extent of our problem.  We feel certain that there have been many lost voicemails without our realization, and we believe the problem is repaired now.

Our policy has always been and continues to be to provide prompt, caring service for our clients and quick responses to questions. Unfortunately, we truly had no idea how badly technology had gotten in the way of that ability until very recently.  We are definitely open for business, but this issue has damaged our ability to communicate without our realization apparently for several weeks. For this we humbly apologize and we ask that you contact us again.