Pathway to True HEALTH!

Pathway to True HEALTH!

At The Homeopathy Center of Houston, we keep things simple. Your consult fees are clear and as minimal as possible. We charge only for remedies each client requires.  No additional outside purchases, lab or pharmacy costs.

Initial Consultation fees and scheduling

First consultations for simple, urgent, single-complaint illnesses typically run 15-20 minutes costing $80 plus remedies.

Intermediate complexity, single complaints (such as ADD/ADHD, recurring localized “infections” such as sinus, digestive, or urinary tract) that are chronic or recurrent will require approximately 60 minutes for an initial consultation and cost $260 plus remedies. SAVE $35 off December New Client 1-hour Consults!

Complex chronic problems and illnesses with multiple complaints or autism initials are 90 minutes long and cost $375 plus remedies at actual cost.  SAVE $50 off a 90 minute December New Client consult!

Included in the consultation fee at no extra charge is the preparation time your homeopath will spend before and after the actual consultation to be sure that we are familiar and prepared to discuss your case in an efficient manner.

Once we have received your initial paperwork, it will be reviewed by one of our homeopaths.  It will be determined then whether we require more information or more time for your initial consult, and our staff member will be able to tell you what to expect when we call to schedule the initial appointment.

Follow-up Consultations for Established Clients

Some acute/non-chronic care follow-ups will be 15 minutes long for $65, as needed. If more time is required, it will be billed at $65 per 15 minute increment.

Standard sequential homeopathic  follow up consultations for recurrent, chronic complaints or autism are 30 minutes long and cost $130. Chronic problems, vaccine injury and autism related consultations requiring sequential homeopathy are scheduled approximately every 4-5 weeks, typically.

Remedy costs

Remedy costs are the most variable – depending upon severity and type of symptoms.  We have several  “home health care with homeopathy” product recommendations, such as one of our 50-remedy home care kits, which are a great investment to cut costs and save time in the case of need for immediate and simple symptom relief you might wish to keep on hand.  (Call for details and prices)  General, non-autism remedies will depend upon the individual symptoms and need.  It is difficult to give a price range, as each case is unique and will have greatly varied requirements, and remedies on hand will also vary with your family.

Autism is one of the most complex problems we typically encounter, and therefore requires many more remedies compared to other illnesses.  As our “worst case scenario,” a very rough estimate of the cost of remedies for vaccine injury, including autism averages between $250-350 in addition to the consultation fee each month after the first consultation. Because everyone starts out needing everything, the initial consultation remedies will necessarily be somewhat higher.  Every consultation is individualized, refill needs will differ each month, therefore each problem and person’s needs will be different and will vary from month to month. Due to the wide range of needs and individualized recommendations we can only offer a very rough range.  Your actual costs may be higher or lower than these ranges.

As with most healthcare, the costs are difficult to precisely determine until our evaluation is complete, but we strive to only provide what is absolutely necessary to get you well at each consultation.  We will send you only what you need at that time, and will take current items already on hand into account.

HCH goal: True health, affordably and conveniently

Healthcare costs are soaring, but true health is priceless. We know everyone is paying out of pocket for our products and services. We understand the necessity of keeping prices affordable, and part of the development of the Houston Homeopathy Method includes a constant eye on delivering the greatest value by being certain that every dollar you spend will go directly towards your (or your child’s) direct health improvement. We don’t have a substantial staff devoted to fighting with insurance companies for payment. We won’t send you off with an order for an expensive test or procedure to be billed by an outside party – adding to your healthcare costs. When you pay your invoice, we do our best to conveniently provide everything you (or your child) need to support the healing process until the next consultation, with no hidden costs or running around trying to find items elsewhere.

Our remedies have all been thoroughly researched by our professionals, and are “tried and true” practitioner-quality products from highest quality, FDA registered, regulated and approved and/or international Current Good Manufacturing Practices approved manufacturers.   And we have them ready for pickup or delivered to your door, for greatest convenience.

We can help you get and keep your family truly healthy – the best way in the world to avoid rising healthcare costs!

DIY+ for Autism SAVE $20 off a New Client DIY+ Starter Kit/Consult in December!

Our NEW DIY+ program for autism offers “do-it-yourself” cost effectiveness but with the plus of access to special DIY+ gentle formulas, as well as some remedies previously available only to our sequential homeopathy clients, and the option of as much or as little oversight as you choose.  Please visit our DIY+ pages for more information on costs and what is included.