Sinus Misery Relief without Drowsiness or Drugs!

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Homeopathy DIY+ Program for Sinus Relief

Relief and healing without side-effects!

More than temporary relief.  Homeopathy HEALS.

If you’ve suffered with a sinus infection, you want relief.

Our founder was on the sinus infection/antibiotic merry-go-round for almost 2 decades when homeopathy eliminated her 6-month long, nonstop sinus infection. It wasn’t just temporary relief.  It has not returned in the past 20 years!

Of course, not everyone will have such a dramatic response. But over time, most clients report fewer or less intense sinus problems as they continue the program. If you’ve tried other approaches without satisfaction, our goal is to help you heal for the long term. Homeopathy doesn’t just mask symptoms. It heals. And homeopathic remedies are entirely non-habit-forming, have no side effects.

YOU can have the same relief!  DIY+ Sinus Relief Program addresses inflammation, congestion, pain and pressure, as well as the fungal dysbiosis that drives many chronic sinus infections from repeated antibiotic treatment. These remedies are available only through professionals, and not available on the internet or in stores. Most are exclusively formulated by our practitioners.


Caught a head cold?  These remedies can relieve the stuffiness, headache and sinus pressure and pain so you can recover quickly and easily.

If allergies are behind your sinus problems, check out our DIY+ Hay Fever/Allergy Relief Program to help relieve symptoms and reduce your sensitivity to common pollen, dust and mold allergy triggers.

Sinus Product Starter Package:

Initial package cost:  $225.00 (A $250 value). Includes starter 10 minute consultation and approximately 2 months supply* of the following 5 products, postpaid.

  • HCH Sinus Nasal Spray  (for immediate symptom relief of congestion, pressure and pain.)
  • SanPharma Notatum-Quentans® Nasal Spray (to support the immune system in fighting underlying pathogens)
  • DIY+ Detox I 2 oz. drops (because heavy metals can inflame the sinus passages)
  • HCH Fungus Clear 2 oz. drops (Many of today’s chronic sinus infections are made worse by dysbiosis from previous antibiotic treatment)
  • Our HCH Inflammation 2 oz. drops (To reduce systemic inflammation, helping to relieve the pain and pressure.)

These are also great to have on hand for head colds, nasal allergy symptoms, even a flu that includes sinus pain, congestion, sneeziness or runny noses.

Sinus Product Refill Package:

Refill package cost:  $195 (A $210 value) includes the same 5 products, shipping and handling. Refill package does not include a consultation.

If you choose to repurchase the same package, you merely call the office (customer direct portal is coming soon) and we will send them out.

Ran out of one of your nasal sprays? We can help you. Just call for a refill and we’ll ship it to you.

(Individual pricing and shipping and handling will apply.)

These products are professional products, and are responsibly sold and available only under professional recommendation and supervision. The initial package includes a discounted starter consultation. We want to start you off with confidence, and be here for you for any questions, and if your symptoms change.

  • You control your progress.  You are eligible to purchase a full refill kit or either of the nasal sprays with just a phone call to our office. If you have any questions or concerns, now you are a client, so you have immediate access (by appointment at normal consultation rates) to your homeopath for future related needs.
  • This program gives you control of your health improvement costs.  You choose as much or as little oversight as you feel you need, and call for refills on your schedule.
  • If you need extra help, your homeopath is available (by appointment at our normal charge of $130 for a 30 minute appointment) because you are a client!
  • If you decide to do sequential homeopathy later, you will be given a $25 credit towards your initial consultation, as a DIY client.

*NOTE: 2 month’s supply is an approximation. Individual dosing, compliance, minor differences in dropper size, accidental spillage or breakage will affect the amount of time a product lasts.  Typically the above products will last 6-9 weeks at the suggested frequency and amounts.

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