Autism DIY+ Starter Kit includes:

The Phase 1 STARTER Package includes 7 remedies, a 10 minute consultation, and shipping and handling for $325, all inclusive for a 2 month supply.  Subsequent Detox 1 OR Detox 2 kits will cost $295 for 7 remedies, including shipping and handling.

Phase 1 Starter package includes:

  • 2 different Gut and Digestive support formulas
  • 1 Alkalizing formula
  • 1 Fungal dysbiosis formula
  • 1 Detox 1 basic formula
  • 1 Emotional support formula
  • 1 Formula to address nerve health and support myelination
  • 10 minute “Get Started Right” consultation with one of our homeopaths (by appointment)
  • Shipping, handling and insurance for delivery to your door

 Autism DIY+ Refill Kits:

After 2 months on the Phase 1 program, you may continue for as long as you wish if you feel your child is improving on Phase 1 by simply doing an online refill order for the complete kit, as listed above, minus the consultation, or you may move to the Phase 2 program at any time.

Level 2 may be introduced at any time after the first 2 months on Phase 1, substituting it for Phase 1 program.  We suggest alternating periodically. Phase 2 will include:

  • 1 Gut formula that is the same as one of the Phase 1 formulas
  • 1 step-up Digestive Support 2 formula
  • 1 Cell respiration and Mitochondrial support formula
  • 1 Fungal dysbiosis formula (same as Phase 1 Fungal formula above)
  • 1 step-up Detox Support 2 formula
  • 1 step up Emotional Support 2 formula
  • 1 Immune boosting formula
  • Shipping, handling and insurance for delivery to your door

Both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 programs will cost $295 for the “Refill Pack,” for a 2 months supply, shipping, handling and insurance, but no consultation. As you run low on your first kit, simply call and specify which kit you would like.  We will take your updated credit card information and will ship by end of next business day!

 Autism DIY+ Active Status Continues for One year after each consultation

If you don’t do any interim consultations, you will need to do an annual 10 minute check-in, including submitting a new ATEC form and any updates to your child’s health checklist with any changes to retain access for another year.

If you do any additional consultations in the interim, your access as an active client will be extended to one year from the date of each consultation.