DIY+ for Autism Kit includes:

  • HCH Detox & Organ Support drops (~2 mos. supply)
  • HCH Digestion Support drops (~2 mos. supply)
  • HCH Thymus and Immune Support drops (~2 mos. supply)
  • HCH Max Fungal Clear drops (~2 mos. supply)
  • HCH Peyers Patches Digestive Support drops (~2 mos. supply)
  • HCH Emotional Support  drops (~2mos. supply)
  • HCH ATP and Mitochondrial Support (~2 mos. supply)
  • HCH Probiotic L. Plantarum (~1 mo. supply – give first month)
  • HCH Probiotic 30B  (1 mo. supply – give second month)
  • One 10 minute starter or check-in consultation with each 2 month supply purchased
  • Shipping and handling for delivery directly to your door

COST:  $440 for a two month supply – that’s an average cost of only $220/month – less than $7.35/day for an all-inclusive program of made-for-autism professional formulas and probiotics, shipping and handling to your door, and professional oversight with every package you purchase!