• We are confident that every child can gain real health benefits through detoxification, immune support and, in some cases, even pain relief through the DIY+ program.  The results of Homeopathy DIY+™ will typically be subtle, gradual improvements which may not immediately noticeable.  But the cleansing will continue from the inside out as you continue in the program, allowing the child to gently and continually detoxify. Still some children may demonstrate behavioral, detox or pain-relief responses very quickly.
  • Homeopathic healing typically takes time.  As a gentle, natural harnessing of the body’s own systems, the results may be cumulative, but subtle from day to do, so we suggest you do some form of progress measurement such as the ATEC from Autism Research Institute now, before you start, and repeat it every 4-6 months or so, so that over time you can review your child’s behaviors with a more objective viewpoint of where s/he started, vs. where s/he is progressing.
  • Of course, as with any form of healthcare, every child’s results will be different, and no specific outcomes can be promised, nor guaranteed.  But you can sleep at night knowing that with the safety of homeopathy, you will be “first, doing no harm,” and that any symptoms that might arise are typically going to be signs of detoxification, which will subside over time. If they cause any concern, call our office for an appointment and we will be happy to help with your questions and concerns. We are here to help.


  • We are NOT Medical Doctors.  This program is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment by appropriate medical doctors. If your child ever suffers any injury or life-threatening, serious symptoms, CALL 9-1-1.  We are not an urgent care center, nor do we handle emergency medicine. 
  • This program is not appropriate for children on the autism spectrum who have any deeper pathologies or potentially life-threatening problems such as cancer, heart, lung or asthma conditions, or seizures. If your child has any of these issues, but you would still like us to work with your child’s autism, due to the complicated nature of their health, we would be happy to accommodate you in our Houston Homeopathy Method™ sequential homeopathy program for autism.  These conditions increase the need for more intensive oversight on our practitioners’ parts.
  • General questions can usually be answered by our staff, regarding billing, shipping, etc.  But if you feel you need answers regarding concerns specific to your child, we will accommodate you with an appointment with one of our professionals. These will be by appointment and will incur our regular fees, in 15 minute increments.
  • Parents need to be aware that the Homeopathy DIY Plus™ program should not be expected to yield the same results as the Houston Homeopathy Method™ of sequential homeopathy.  The Houston Homeopathy Method™ program is highly individualized, specifically healing and cleansing at the causational and contributing factors at the roots of the problems, and is a much more individualized, thorough and intensive program of detoxification and health improvement.
  • Homeopathic remedies are meant only as supportive, cleansing measures, and not for emergency or serious illness or injury care.   Our practitioners cannot and do not provide such care. Common sense, and our scope of practice dictates that you should seek a doctor’s care, or for life-threatening problems.

Homeopathy does not interfere, nor interact with drugs, supplements, or other protocols.  However, to reap the greatest benefits from homeopathy, be aware that some drugs, herbal medicine and essential oils used at the same time as homeopathy, may cause the homeopathy to be, or appear to be less effective due to the side and directly negating effects of these other therapies. Drugs and herbal medicines often act suppressively, or against symptoms (anti-pathic), whereas homeopathy encourages the body to express toxins and heal illness once and for all through some of those very same symptoms.  This can place different methods at cross-purposes, and due to its gentleness, homeopathy can be be overpowered or negated.  Make sure that you include a list of any current drugs, herbals or oils that you are using in your intake form so that your homeopath can advise you what to reasonably expect from homeopathy during the course of drug treatment.

NOTE:  We are NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS.  If your child is on any pharmaceuticals, DO NOT STOP OR CHANGE DOSES WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR PRESCRIBING DOCTOR.   WE CAN NOT AND DO NOT offer any diagnosis, prescribe drugs, nor advise on prescription drugs in any way.  

Remedy Storage NOTES:

For best results, homeopathic remedies should be stored in a dry, safe area, away from direct sunlight or UV light, and away from strong sources of electromagnetic frequencies such as microwaves, ovens, electric stoves, TVs, or computers, as well as away from strong aromatics such as sports creams or joint rubs, or essential oils.
Nebulizing or storing essential oils or strongly aromatic pharmaceuticals such as sports or muscle creams in the same room where you store your remedies may actually damage the efficacy of the remedies.