add homeopathy to other interventions

 Healing Unlike Any Other Modality

Homeopathic sarcodes are remedies made from healthy tissue, and are used in specific potencies to “remind” and retrain the body’s tissues to rebalance and heal themselves. No other modality uses these products. And no other healing modality can be so specifically healing.

Some of the products are specifically aimed at reducing inflammation, and support of gradual restoration of nerve tissue, brain tissue, intestinal tract tissues, and more.  There are no side effects, and the healing effects may be subtle and ongoing, or occasionally dramatic and life-changing.

Easy, supervised way to add homeopathy to other interventions

Homeopathy can safely be added to most other interventions without interfering with their benefits.  In fact, some clients who have chosen other detoxification methods and added homeopathy have seen a spike in the efficacy of the detoxification protocols.  With DIY+, you have access to our seasoned professionals to get you started off without having to figure it all out alone. Our easy system introduces a proven, progressive program of remedies we’ve chosen based upon our experience with hundreds of children, adolescents and adults with autism.

Please understand that while homeopathy will not negatively affect other protocols, certain drug and even herbal protocols can definitely subdue or entirely mask the benefits of homeopathy. Please mention current medications your child may be on in your intake forms where requested. Your homeopath can advise you as to what you might expect.

Minor illness care by our professionals available to DIY+ clients

Your child will already be an active client of Homeopathy Center of Houston.  So if s/he becomes ill  with some minor illness, you can immediately get an appointment  without an additional waiting period for paperwork.  We can immediately schedule an acute care appointment during our business days for such needs, because we already have your child’s information in our system.  If you will then simply pay for a normal consultation as required and for any additional remedies that may be needed based on that consultation for your child’s symptoms.

Gentle detoxification

Homeopathy can gently support the body’s natural detoxification pathways. Homeopathy Center of Houston has taken the concept a step further with proprietary professional products formulated specifically for the problems found in autism – blocked, sluggish, and disrupted organs, systems and elimination pathways. The autism packages include support for opening the digestive and elimination pathways, while gently rebuilding organ health.

Improved Digestive Health

Proven digestive health remedies are included in both the Detox 1 and 2 packages. Hundreds of clients have benefited from these formulas in our practice in the past, and now, for the first time they are more widely available as part of Homeopathy DIY+!

The Safety and Gentleness of Homeopathy

The safety of homeopathic remedies is well-documented.  In over 210 years, there has never been a serious injury or permanent damage, nor a single death from homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is gentle medicine, and our DIY+ program is designed to be extra gentle for sensitive, highly toxic clients.

The “PLUS”of access to experienced homeopaths

add homeopathy to other interventionsHomeopathy Center of Houston has been working successfully with autism since 2003.  Each of our homeopaths was trained in the biomedical aspect of autism, and has worked directly with and has children recovered from autism for many years.  Our combined experience with homeopathy and autism is a result of case conferences, diligent research, and study with the experts of Defeat Autism Now® as well as our pooled knowledge base as individual practitioners. We offer 13 years of autism experience, with well over 100 full recoveries from autism, and a combined practice experience with homeopathy and autism of nearly 50 years. You have access,  if and when you need it, to the same level of expertise as those utilizing the Houston Homeopathy Method™ of sequential homeopathy. Read about our practitioners on the Homeopathy Center of Houston website.

Remain a DIY+ client as long as you wish, or use it as a stepping stone to Sequential Homeopathy

add homeopathy to other interventionsMany clients will simply continue for the long term to be a part of the DIY+ program as an addition to other biomedical interventions.  There is no harm and great benefits are possible, as these remedies may support and even enhance the results of other modalities such as chelation, or immune supports.

Other clients may use the DIY+ program as preparation for the Houston Homeopathy Method™.  The gentle detox from the DIY+ program gives a great baseline headstart on readying the body for the more focused, deeper cleansing inherent in the Houston Homeopathy Method’s™ sequential homeopathy.

Predictable, Affordable Costs in Your Control

In order to give the best results at the best possible price, we have designed set packages.  You receive the best and most predictable value by making them available as a single package with a predictable “life-span” of about two months.  You can know what to budget for.  The only extra costs are if you feel you need additional consultations, and any remedies recommended in those consultations. Refills are typically needed every 2 months for maintenance phase of the program.  The costs are less than $150/month after the first 2 months.

After 5 orders in a year, your next annual consultation is free

An annual consultation is required for adequate oversight with the DIY+ program.  You will get a reminder after 10 months or your 5th order, to schedule an appointment before the one year anniversary of your initial consultation.  If you have purchased 5 orders before your anniversary date, your annual consultation fee will be waived.

Discount on Houston Homeopathy Method™


As a Homeopathy DIY+™ program client, you are always welcome to switch over to the full blown, Houston Homeopathy Method™.  And at that time, we will offer any actively enrolled DIY+ client a discount on their initial consultation.