The Houston Homeopathy DIY+  Program™  offers specific groups of exclusively formulated, professional homeopathic products that have been developed by the Homeopathy Center of Houston specifically for our clients, in combinations which will of general benefit to most clients, based upon our years of experience. They are available only through our practitioners, never available in stores or other clinics.

What it includes:

The DIY+ formula groups  include our exclusive professional homeopathic formulas to support gut healing,  detoxification processes, and emotional support, using some of the same formulas used in our full sequential homeopathy program.

Your initial package, Detox 1, will include 7 different 2 ounce bottles(about a 2 month supply of each), shipping and handling, educational and instructional materials, and a 10 minute consultation with one of our experienced practitioners, to get you started off on the right foot. The total price, post-paid, is $350. This package includes Detox 1, Emotional support 1, 2 formulas for gut health, and…

Your first “refill” and subsequent refills will be the Detox 2 package – a slight step up and change from Detox 1.  It will also contain 7 different formulas in 2 ounce bottles, and costs $295 for another 2 month supply to support immune building, gut support, detoxification at a slightly stronger level, and emotional support 2.

“DIY” puts you intelligently and comfortably  in charge of adding homeopathy to your or your children’s healthcare.

  • YOU administer the program at home
  • YOU order refills online at your convenience 24/7 from home
  • YOU know your remedy costs because each package is approximately a 2 month supply
  • YOU determine the frequency of professional oversight you feel you need, in addition to required annual 10 minute check-up appointments.

“PLUS” means you are not alone!

Homeopathy can be confusing, even daunting to learn.  We have already taken on the learning curve for you.  With our Homeopathy DIY+program, you or your child becomes a client of Homeopathy Center of Houston, with additional access by appointment† to his/her professional homeopath available when and if you feel you need extra help and oversight. We begin with a 10 minute consultation so you can confidently get started as soon as you receive your remedies.

Need more oversight?  You are now an established client with your homeopath, and can schedule an appointment when you feel the need for more expert assistance.

Yet, you are not locked in to monthly appointments, as necessitated by the more intensive Houston Homeopathy Method™ sequential homeopathy program.

Additional benefits of the Homeopathy DIY+ Program:

Your child is already a registered client.  If s/he becomes ill  with some minor illness, you can immediately get an appointment  without an additional initial consultation fee.  We can additionally provide acute care immediately for such needs, because we already have your child’s information in our system, and you simply pay for a simple consultation fee and any additional remedies that may be required.

If you are currently registered and actively ordering refills through the DIY+ Program, and later decide to enroll your child for the full-blown, individualized Houston Homeopathy Method™ of sequential homeopathy for autism, we will discount your initial consultation fee as a DIY+ client.

After the first year, if you wish to continue in the DIY+ program, you must do an annual brief checkup with your homeopath.


†A minimum of at least one appointment per year is required to maintain active client status in the program.