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Q: How do I get started DIY+?

A: Start with filling out our convenient online intake forms, and emailing or faxing your payment information.  As soon as we receive your information we will contact you by the next business day to arrange a brief “starter” 10-minute appointment with one of our homeopaths.  She will review your information, and at the appointment, will advise you on what you might see from the program, and will explain how to get started as soon as you receive your remedies.  Upon completion of the appointment, your charge card will be charged and your remedies will be shipped, typically on the next business day following your appointment.

You will have access to DIY+ remedies for 1 year following your initial appointment.  OR if you do any interim appointments, your access as an active client is extended to 1 year from the date of each appointment.

Q: What is the cost?

A:  See our Cost page.

Q: Are there other packages available?

A:  Currently we are only offering two autism packages, Detox 1, the preparatory first package, and Detox 2, which is slightly stronger and not undertaken until completing the Detox 1 package.

Eventually we plan to introduce a number of different packages, such as allergies, cold and flu, etc. Each will have a different grouping of our exclusive remedies, or some other professional products that we have found to be tried-and-true.  Please sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date as packages are introduced.

Q:  What is included in the first package?

A:  Your first package price includes a 10 minute consultation with one of our homeopaths, an approximately 2 month supply* of the initial group of 7 different 2 oz. bottles of professional formulas,  shipping and handling.

Detox 1 or Detox 2 refill packages do not include a consultation, only the cost of the remedies and shipping.

Q: What if I feel I need more appointments, such as if my child is ill?

A:  If your child is a DIY+ client, they are a client like any other at Homeopathy Center.  We can help you with rashes, mild fevers, flu, colds and other minor illnesses as well.  Just call for an appointment when you need it.

Consultations will be by appointment on normal appointment days of Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday,  on an as-requested basis, and charged at our normal follow-up fees, depending on need.  NOTE: Our typical follow-up consultations are 30 minutes for $130.  Consultation fees and additional remedies, if needed, will be billed at the time of consultation.  For consultations, your credit card information will be taken over the phone by our staff  when you call for and appointment, and charged after the consultation for the consultation fee, remedy and shipping fees for that time only.

Q:  You keep talking about the Houston Homeopathy Method™ and sequential homeopathy. Where can I get more information on that program?

A:  We have extensive information on the Houston Homeopathy Method for chronic disease as well as for autism on our primary website:

Q: Will I get the same results from the DIY+ program as I would from the Houston Homeopathy Method™ of sequential homeopathy?

A:  The results of the DIY+ program will likely be significantly more subtle, not as deeply healing and may not be as long-lasting as the results of the Houston Homeopathy Method™.  DIY+ is not an individualized program, and does not include the sequential homeopathy’s “unlayering” process to address causative factors, and does not include the high potencies of remedies specific to your child’s toxic layers.  DIY+ is not represented to be a stand-alone or permanent form of healing for autism.  But it provides palliative support for pain reduction, and support of detoxification pathways – just as the same remedies are used as integrated into the Houston Homeopathy Method, but without clearings for toxins, pathogens or other contributing factors.

However, the DIY+ program may still achieve visible improvements in some children in a fairly short period, but most children will have subtle, ongoing improvements while taking these remedies.  For this reason we recommend that you complete an ATEC before you start the DIY+ remedies, for your own information, and keep the scores and dates on record so that you will have a more objective measurement over time of these subtle changes.

Q:  If I decide to switch to sequential homeopathy right away, am I wasting the remedies I’ve already purchased?

A:  No, not at all! Since these remedies are similar to some of the support remedies used with our autism clients, any remedies you purchased through the DIY+ Program will be used alongside sequential homeopathy, as well as other additional individualized remedies, depending upon your child’s case.  And if you switch to sequential homeopathy while your DIY+ registration is still active, you will receive a discount on the cost of a sequential homeopathy initial consultation.

 * Due to slight variations in drop size, accidental spillage, etc., we can only approximate that each bottle will last about 2 months. Your care, compliance and accuracy, as well as variations in dosing requirements for your child will affect exactly how long each bottle will last.