Autism Homeopathy Help for Your Child

health-empowered-3The NEW Houston Homeopathy DIY+ Program™   will help put you in control of your family’s health by offering affordable access to our  exclusive, professional remedy formulations developed by the Homeopathy Center of Houston specifically for our clients. The Houston Homeopathy Method™ of sequential homeopathy has remained on the cutting edge of autism homeopathy since 2003. Now we are able to introduce a highly affordable,  more standardized, though less intensive autism homeopathy program in order to reach and benefit more clients.  Our initial packages are for clients with autism, PDD-NOS, Asperger’s and related autism spectrum disorders.

Download our E-book to Compare The Houston Autism Homeopathy Method with the Autism Homeopathy DIY+ Method for Autism

Download our E-book to Compare The Houston Homeopathy Method with the Autism Homeopathy DIY+ Program

Limited Enrollment!

The Houston Autism Homeopathy DIY+ Program™ will have limited enrollment of only 25 new clients per calendar month so that we may efficiently serve all within a reasonable time frame.  We will announce via our Facebook page and newsletter each time enrollment is re-opened.

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What You Recieve in the DIY+ Program



Why Choose DIY+ for Autism?

What it Is/What it Isn’t – Expectations and Limitations of DIY+

Interested in deeper cleansing and healing?


Of course, this program does not provide the full, deeper cleansing and healing process afforded by the Houston Homeopathy Method™’s full-blown sequential homeopathy approach.  But any child who uses these hand-picked groups of remedies should still find benefit through mild detoxification, improved digestive health and possible pain reduction from the DIY+ Program™ product packages.

We strongly recommend that you also consider the Houston Homeopathy Method™ .  Please Visit our main website and check out the videos and articles there about the Houston Homeopathy Method™.  Our homeopaths have extensively focused on biomedical problems of autism.  We continue to be the cutting edge homeopathic practice focused on autism since 2003.  And the Houston Homeopathy Method™ is still the only homeopathic “unlayering” method to apply sound homeopathic principles and high quality remedies to the biomedical principles behind autism.

As the program develops, we will be offering packages for allergies, digestion, inflammatory pain and more in coming months, with new products added to expand to other chronic problems, all drawn from our professionals’ experience for the past 18 years.  Sign up to receive notices of free ebooks, newsletters and new additions and products!