Homeopathy IRRESISTIBLE Medicine Ear for Infections

Homeopathy IRRESISTIBLE Medicine Ear for Infections: A new report suggests that the pneumococcal vaccine, commonly given to children, is now allowing superbugs to develop which are entirely resistant to every antibiotic used for ear infections. While disturbing to parents, and definitely painful, homeopathy can bring fast, blissful relief.

Antibiotics are starting to create “superbugs” – which are virulent strains that are now seen to be developing in reaction to vaccines supposedly taking down the more common, but less virulent strains.  Whether that is reality or not is yet to be seen, but the point is, whether due to vaccines, antibiotics or environmental factors, if your child has an earache, s/he needs relief.  Homeopathy has never created a “superbug”, and even superbugs are not resistant to homeopathy.

Why?  The mechanism by which homeopathy works is to simply, and elegantly, harness and support the body’s own healing mechanisms.  In the case of strep, which are the strains now under scrutiny over ear infections, the only way that the body can rid itself of a streptococcus infection is through heat – inflammation, either systemically, locally, or both.  Ear infections typically will cause fever in children, sometimes high, sudden onset fevers – which are common with any streptococcus infection.

Homeopathy’s Belladonna may be indicated for earaches, as well as sore throats, sudden-onset and/or high fevers, with radiating heat.  It may help reduce the fever, the discomfort, and the duration of an illness that matches the above symptoms.  Of course, other remedies, such as Chamomilla or Pulsatilla may also be indicated, depending upon the specific symptoms.  Chamomilla is for the child who is so highly overreactive to the pain that the parent wants to just calm or get completely away from the child because s/he is so incessant and demanding.  Pulsatilla earaches will often be accompanied by a more whining tone, strong desire, even fear, of being left alone, and the parent often feels more like cuddling and coddling the child – who may also reject whatever is asked for when it’s received.  It’s an entirely different sort of reaction than for Chamomilla.

Of course, any infection can become serious, so if your child does not improve fairly quickly, you might wish to call our office.  We can usually work in an urgent-care phone call fairly quickly and as soon as the remedies are in hand, often relief is just minutes away.

Better yet – call us to purchase one of our homeopathic 50-remedy kits.  The above remedies, and 47 others are included.  They cover a variety of uncomplicated minor illnesses, aches and pains, digestive, respiratory, cold, cough, flu and more.  It truly becomes your home emergency kit in a box.  If you don’t know what to do, but have a kit on hand, frequently we can get your child (or you) out of pain or discomfort and on the road to recovery with just a brief professional consultation if you have a kit on hand.



4 Go-to Homeopathic Remedies for Urinary Tract Relief

You know the feeling—that odd sensation something isn’t quite right “down there.” Then you start to feel the urging, the pain … and you know you’ve got the dreaded urinary tract infection (UTI).

UTIs are extremely painful and can put you out of commission for a day or even a week.

That’s why we’re sharing 4 easy homeopathic remedies you can do at home to heal your UTI.

Before you read any farther, go get a HUGE glass of water and start pounding water while you read! Water intake is crucial for urinary problems.

And of course, if your symptoms are chronic, if they worsen or if you have extenuating circumstances such as a kidney transplant or diabetes, you should consult a healthcare professional, such as a homeopath or naturopath, and consult your doctor before undertaking any new approaches. Click below if you’d like to check out our professional Urinary Health Program.

The key is to match the symptoms to the remedy.

Remember, the real trick to homeopathy is to match the greatest number of symptoms with the best remedy that will relieve those symptoms. Little things matter, like when, where, and how it hurts, what makes it better or worse and even urine odor and color. The following are the most common UTI symptoms and the remedies to use to relieve them.

  1. For burning urine, use Cantharis. Burning urine includes the following symptoms:
    • Burning pain that gets worse after emptying the bladder
    • Pain focused in the urethra rather than in the bladder
    • Itching and burning together in the urethra
    • Urine that feels hot and looks cloudy
    • Constant but useless urging followed by just a few drops of urine

    When you are so frantic that you can’t think about anything but the pain, it’s time for Cantharis.

    Cantharis is perhaps one of the most widely applicable urinary tract remedies because there are so many different symptoms that it relieves.

  2. For stinging pain, use homeopathic Apis mellifica 6x (honey bee). Stinging pain may be accompanied by the following symptoms:
    • Very hot urine that looks milky and has an offensive odor
    • Very little urine each time you go

    If this is you, pick up homeopathic Apis mellifica 6x (honey bee) at almost any health food store.

  3. For suppressed anger, use Staphysagria (stavesacre). If you are suppressing anger at someone or had an invasive procedure (including childbirth, a colonoscopy or a cystoscopy) just before the onset of your UTI, you need this remedy.It’s no secret that our mental state affects our physical state. Staphysagria, known in homeopathy as the best “honeymoon cystitis” remedy, will both help with the UTI and allow you to express the anger, let go of the grudge and move on!Because it can also help with the low backache from UTIs, either from referred pain or from inflammation of the kidneys, this remedy can help keep things under control while you wait to get in with a doctor or professional homeopath.
  4. If you have severe but dull pain not relieved by urination, use Equisetum. With severe but dull pain, there is often constant urging. While you may pass large quantities of urine, there is no pain relief from it. The urine is typically either clear or light-colored and profuse in quantity.Bonus: Equisetum can also be a good remedy for bedwetting in young and older children.There are a few other simple things you can do to help your UTI in conjunction with one of the above methods. First and foremost, drink lots of water. We recommend adding the juice of a quarter of a lemon or even a whole lemon to the water. The lemon soothes, adds antibacterial vitamin C and alkalizes, making your urinary tract less welcoming to bacterial invasion. To make the drink more palatable, you can add a few drops of stevia.

    Vitamin C supplements are another great way to soothe your UTI. Finally, Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus probiotics in general have been shown to help reduce the recurrence of UTIs and can shorten the duration of your attack.Remember, these remedies all work best with occasional UTIs.

    If you frequently or chronically have to seek urinary tract relief, if you run a fever or if any of the above remedies don’t help after a couple of days, please click here to learn more about our urinary tract relief program that can help you find the long-term relief you need.

Joint Pain? Relief is Here!

Without joints, we’d be stickmen. But with arthritis, injuries or even just the wear and tear from constant use, it’s easy to start feeling like a stickman.

Joint problems can hurt. And it’s more than just the pain. You’re less mobile. It’s harder to do the things that you love—like play with your kids or grandkids, take walks, or stand on your feet for long periods of time to cook a delicious meal.

Over the years, we’ve helped clients with joint pain from osteoarthritis, old injuries, new injuries, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, pain from overuse and repetitive injury pain.

Most have their basis in injury—whether a single traumatic injury or repeated stresses that create what we term “micro-injuries,” which over time turn into “maxi-injuries.” These injuries involve many different types of interconnected and interrelated tissues.

With modern medicine, the options to relieve that pain are limited.

You can take narcotic painkillers that trick the brain into believing you don’t really hurt—and then because you don’t get the pain messages, you overuse the area. By the time the drugs wear off and you feel the pain, you’ve truly done damage.

The same can be true of over-the-counter NSAIDS. You reduce the inflammation and dull the pain, but then you can do more damage because you’ve been allowed to think you don’t really hurt—temporarily. The side effects can include drowsiness, addiction, digestive discomfort and damage and, in the case of steroids, bone and joint calcification, brittle bones and more.

Homeopathy offers many different ways to help stop the hurting, from short-term topically applied products to long-acting remedies that have been shown to reduce inflammation and, over time, even heal and restore damaged tissues.

If you’re not sure you are ready to commit to a full-blown homeopathic approach, call us to purchase our clinically formulated HCH Joint and Muscle Pain Cream. This topical cream provides fast relief in a nontoxic, gentle way.

But what if you are ready for deep healing?

That is where the Houston Homeopathy Method™ shines.

We can incorporate shorter-acting, yet healing remedies like the Joint and Muscle Pain Cream for fast temporary relief. We simultaneously work our way back through your personal history with more deeply acting remedies to help release trapped inflammation, including old, trapped coagulated blood and cellular memories of the original injuries.

This allows your body to then work at a very deep level to relieve pain in the long term, even permanently in some cases. The Houston Homeopathy Method™ can turn back the hands of time. It allows the body to revisit stored memories, healing them on many different levels and even allowing for amazing rejuvenation and rebuilding of damaged tissues.

The addition of a new homeopathic “cytokine therapy” approach is proving to give fast relief of pain, and over time it helps the body to rebalance its inflammatory processes away from chronic inflammation toward more healing. It can help the body rejuvenate and even restore damaged tissues.

If you’re sick and tired of not being able to play with the little ones in your life and of experiencing pain from normal daily activities, call us.

From topical and oral homeopathic self-care remedies for temporary pain relief to a long-term healing plan orchestrated by our qualified homeopathic practitioners, we are here to help you not just manage your pain—but heal it at its root cause. Call today and let us help you stop suffering!

Don’t Manage Pain – Heal It with Homeopathy

Do you suffer from chronic pain and find inadequate relief from drugs and other traditional treatments?

Imagine pain relief without drugs, invasive treatments, and their side effects.

With the Houston Homeopathy Method™ (HHM), drug-free, non-invasive pain relief without side effects can be a reality.

pain reliefHomeopathic remedies are gentle and have virtually no side effects. Over time these remedies, with our long-term detoxification and healing support, can work for long term healing of the problems contributing to your pain.

The broad-based HHM accesses many homeopathic tools that can help quickly reduce inflammation, heal old injuries, and gain blissful relief of current pain symptoms.

All of this happens while we work long-term to detoxify and heal the body at the level of causation for more permanent relief.

With a specialized understanding of how remedies can harness the body’s own healing mechanisms, our practitioners are well equipped to help you get better! No injections, surgeries or manipulations are used – just gentle, pleasant homeopathic oral or topical remedies.

The Houston Homeopathy Method™ can work on its own or combine to work synergistically with chiropractic, osteopathic, or acupuncture pain management to help adjustments and treatments work more deeply and last longer.

Our clients have experienced pain relief of all sorts, including:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Hand and wrist pain
  • Joint pain from injury, overuse or arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia and other muscle pain
  • Chronic stomach pain
  • Digestive pain from diverticular problems
  • Crohn’s
  • IBS
  • Headache pain
  • Menstrual pain, and more.

Even injuries that are decades old may respond to the Houston Method.

Learn more about how homeopathy can help your specific pain issues:

For over 200 years homeopathy has offered blissful help for all types of pain. With the HHM, we access all of the modern applications of homeopathy, bringing this “other Western medicine” to the needs of 21st century healthcare.

If other approaches have failed, or helped only partially or temporarily, you owe it to yourself to call us.

If you’re tired of hurting, don’t just “manage” your pain – heal it! Contact the Homeopathy Center of Houston today at 713-366-8700 and stop living with chronic pain.

Homeopathy is widely practiced and accepted in much of Europe and Asia

Is Pain Slowing You Down? Get Up to Speed with Homeopathy pain relief

Because of the focus on causation of  health problems, The Houston Homeopathy Method is adept at helping pain – all sorts of pain, chronic and acute, joint, muscle, gut, sinus, etc.  As professionals, we have seen the approach prove itself capable of offering long term recovery from most of our clients’ complaints.  Natural healing certainly can take time and sequential homeopathy requires time to clear the original causational factors, but the HHM’s integration of many different types of homeopathic approaches can offer at least some, if not significant relief from the primary complaints early on, while working backwards to those causational factors.  Long term recovery from any longstanding chronic pain or illness will typically not be an overnight miracle with any methodology, but our proven methods and individualized approach can answer your (or your child’s) need for pain relief.

One of the most rewarding things we do is relieve pain.   Whether it is digestive pain in an adult with indigestion or gut lesions, gut pain in one of our autistic clients, arthritis or other joint pain from old injuries, chronic headaches, back pain, or generalized, systemic pain, painful skin lesions, digestive discomfort, headaches, etc. clients can normally get some pain relief quickly of the current symptoms.  Then for long term healing, we work through their history towards causational factors to mitigate the problem from a causational standpoint. While the temporary short–term remedies may not necessarily provide permanent relief in most cases of chronic pain, they serve to reduce the acute onset rather quickly.

A recent case:  A friend mentioned to us at a social meeting that his back had been really hurting since overusing it while doing some building.  He was given a few homeopathic “support” or acute care remedies, and in particular our joint and muscle relief ointment to take home and try.  The next week he called and said that his pain had literally gone away, and he’d passed his ointment on to his son-in-law.  Unbeknownst to me, the young man was fighting almost daily horrible headaches, quite possibly at the level of a migraine.  He’s a very hard worker construction contractor, and would often work through the pain, but it was a miserable situation.  He had been self-medicating with over-the-counter NSAID medication, taking up to 20 pills a day.

The young man started using the remedies for joint pain on his neck, and the very first time he used them, his headache pain was greatly reduced.   The improvements have maintained over the last year.   We know that there is a good chance that eventually he will need to address whatever originally caused the headaches, or perhaps they will disappear over time with the use of his support remedies.  But he gained a great deal of respect for homeopathy’s tremendous ability to heal and give relief without drugs.  Just a few days ago another friend and I were discussing this.  She was getting a headache, and often had “migraines” so I grabbed the Joint and Muscle Pain ointment and she applied it to her neck.  Soon she realized that headache was nearly gone, and had never gotten to the point of severity they usually did.

Old injuries, whether back, neck, or joint related, are common focal points where arthritis can begin to take root.  Sometimes the joint never fully rehabiltiates itself.  These, too can be helped in the short term with joint and muscle pain formula ointments for significant immediate relief, but there are dozens of cases in our files where pain from injuries decades old has actually reversed itself through the Houston Homeopathy Method’s sequential cleansing and healing approach.  One gentleman who was a self-proclaimed non-believer in homeopathy’s reality was dragged to us by his wife, already a client, for his chronic sinusitis and headaches.  While it took us a few months to fully resolve the sinus pain, in working through old injuries and inflammation to help his sinuses, in the first month he noticed that the tendonitis in his right elbow had gone away.  He hadn’t even mentioned it to us in his intake forms nor at the first consultation.  But he was very excited to have taken a few strokes off his golf game because his swing improved with the pain relief!  I’m not sure he ever admitted that it was the homeopathy – but he did stay with us long enough to ultimately also resolve his first complaint – the sinus pain!

Current injuries also can heal much faster and with fewer complications with homeopathic support.  One of my favorite long-time clients called me a few years ago after a biking accident.  She had cut her knee badly, but more seriously, she also sprained it and it was painful to walk on.  As a high school teacher, she couldn’t easily just stay home for a week to recover, so we did our best, once the urgent care doctors stitched the cut, to get her started on remedies she already had on hand to help her heal quickly.  We recommended a homeopathic first aid ointment with Calendula to help heal the cut, a second ointment that had some anti-infective qualities for cuts and scrapes, plus we started her immediately on homeopathic Arnica montana for soft tissue bruising and swelling, plus Ruta graveolens for the connective tissue strain and injury, and finally homeopathic Rhus tox. We had her put a few pellets of each in water and sip on it very frequently that first afternoon and evening.  Over the next few days she reduced the frequency of the remedies, continued to use the topical ointments, and by the time she had to go to school Monday morning (the accident happened on a Thursday), she was walking unassisted with very little pain, and everything healed up in half the time the doctor had predicted she would be “out of commission” and with no infection, very little scarring, and no residual weakness in the knee.  A few years later, she reinjured the knee but with ongoing support from homeopathy, it is not negatively affecting her activity now that she is retiring from teaching.




True homeopathic remedies – Calming the 2 AM Cry

True homeopathic remediesWhen my daughter was 18 months old she began to have recurrent ear infections.  (More on why they may have recurred in future articles!)  I am speaking from experience when I say there is nothing like waking  to the scream of a child at 2 A.M.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick and easy, safe, drug-free solution that would bring down the inflammation quickly and allow everyone to get back to sleep in short order?  With a few homeopathic remedies on-hand the situation can turn from frustration and exhaustion to empowerment , pain relief and restored sleep in short order.

There are a few tried and true homeopathic remedies that stand strong on the front lines for earaches and inflammation.  These include Aconite, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Silica, Pulsatilla, and Kali muriaticum.  Most of these are readily available at health food stores, or in kits such as our HCH Custom remedy kit.  We usually recommend that families have a remedy stash of either a prepackaged kit or the most common remedies for that 2AM wake up call!  Good potencies to keep on hand would be a 6x, 6c, 30x or 30c of almost any of these remedies.

Here are some symptoms to look for that can point you to the correct remedy – and, yes, it’s okay to combine a few!

  • Aconite is most useful in the first 24-48 hours of an illness, sudden, acute onset, child is anxious and fearful, external ear may be red, hot or swollen.
  • Go for Belladonna when the earache is accompanied by fever, dilated eyes and swollen parotid glands.  This is called for when a child cries out in his or her sleep.  Belladonna favors the right-sided pain and symptoms.
  • Chamomilla helps when ears feel stopped up.  The child may be frantic with pain and desires to be carried, but often is so upset she doesn’t know what she wants and nothing seems to make her happy.
  • Silica helps when there is a roaring sensation in the ears and can be useful when there is discharge from the ears.  It is often very helpful for the ill effects of vaccination, which can often be the prelude to an earache for some.
  • Kali muriaticum is the quintessential remedy for chronic ear congestion. It is especially supportive when there is fluid that is not draining well in the Eustachian tubes.  Kali muriaticum is helpful to use for a week or two after an ear infection to ensure continued recovery and mitigate a recurrence.  The best potency to use here is a 6X.  It is even useful to prevent or relieve ear stuffiness from airline travel or similar altitude changes.  We keep a few pellets in our carry-ons for just such occasions, as well.

It’s important to note that food allergies or intolerances contribute to or worsen the majority of ear infections.   If your child is experiencing repeat earaches and inflammation it is worthwhile to take a close look at diet to make sure that is not the cause.  An elimination diet of the most common offenders is worth considering. These foods may include wheat, corn, soy, dairy, and eggs.  We usually suggest eliminating dairy completely as the first to try eliminating.  Ear infection may also be linked to thumb sucking and pacifier use so be cautious of that as well.


When my children were young I was just learning homeopathy, and it was a life-saver for my family.  There is nothing so empowering as watching a homeopathic remedy take effect.  A child’s pain, anxiety and restlessness can resolve in seconds and back to sleep they go.  So step out there and try it when life’s inevitable bumps in the road come up.  Having a safe and affordable gentle drug-free solution can give you a good night’s sleep indeed.

Need a homeopathic remedy kit for your family?  Call our office.  We offer a custom-designed HCH 50-remedy kit, as well as first aid cream and muscle and joint pain.  With those and a little know-how about self-care, it’s like having your own urgent-care clinic in your medicine chest.

Stories from Homeopathy Houston

Aggressive, Oppositional Kids? Success Stories from Homeopathy Houston Files

Stories from Homeopathy Houston: One of my most memorable moments was the discovery that a very angry, defiant, oppositional young man I knew who had been “double vaccinated” (first vaccinated in his home country, then vaccinated again with every vaccine required by the CDC and Immigration Service upon his arrival in the United States) after working several months with the Houston Homeopathy Method (HHM) had, for the first time since arriving in this country, been able to smile during class.  After a few months of the HHM, he successfully entered the playground without fighting with his peers and teachers, and brought home a novel comment under “Conduct” on his report card: “a joy in class – helpful and curious.”

The most likely culprit in this young man’s anger was the 7 Hepatitis B vaccines he had received, and their impact on his liver.     He received one at birth in his home country, three more at 2, 4 and 6 months of age, then a series of three more before the age of 3 in the United States.   We have noted over the years that most of our clients encounter a period of increased anger for a few days whenever we specifically detoxify the Hepatitis vaccines they received.  In this child’s case, I fully expected the worst, and when we got to his final hepatitis shot with his birth clear, he became very angry.  Then, after an hours-long major tantrum, which blew over as suddenly as it had come on, it was as if the angry, seething, fighting little boy had disappeared and been replaced by sobs of regret, which were soon followed by a delightful sweetening of his nature.  His parents and his teachers hardly recognized him for the smiles, consideration and sweetness he displayed.

This type of aggression, anger and tantruming seems to be on the rise in younger and younger children over the past decade.   A certain degree of aggression seems to go with childhood, but there is a difference between this and out of control, raging, abusive behaviors that are chronic and persistent. 1 to 4% of children ages 9-17 are now diagnosed with Conduct Disorder also known as “disruptive disorder” and as many as 1-6% of the school-aged population are now being diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), a more serious level of aggressive behavior.  Children may come to Homeopathy Center’s practitioners with a variety of “official diagnoses” and the parents and usually the children themselves are desperate for help.   While psychiatry and psychology can offer drug and behavioral help, what do you do when they don’t work at all, or stop working?   Psychotropic drugs may cause unwanted or uncomfortable side effects, so many parents turn to us to find the safer, more effective, long-term, drug-free solutions the HHM can offer.

Since this young man’s journey, we’ve added far more liver support for our clients, and now the “peak” of a Hepatitis B vaccine clear is almost a non-event in most cases.  What is the correlation?   From a holistic viewpoint, different organ systems can correspond to different emotions.   It is not unusual to see women who suppress anger manifest chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs).   When they became more able to process and express their suppressed anger, their urinary tracts became healthier.  Once the anger is processed, both the anger and the UTIs would often dissipate completely.

The liver is a second “seat of anger” in the holistic viewpoint.  In line with that, we have observed the seething, and later erupting sort of volcanic anger is most often associated with liver problems.  Simply put; once the liver is healthier, so is the person, and anger often diminishes.  As we continue to improve our tools with proprietary supportive remedies for the liver during the detoxification of hepatitis (vaccine or disease) over the years we have noted our clients have far fewer and less intense explosions of anger as the body “wrings the culprit out” of the liver that may be stressing it, be it biological pathogens or toxins that have clogged up this important filter system.

The Houston Homeopathic Method can gain significant improvements in many behavioral problems. Homeopathy has long been known for its compassionate and gentle relief of all manner of emotional and behavioral problems, and the HHM  not only offers relief but also permanent improvements due to our focus and homeopathy’s ability to address causational factors, even decades old.  If you or someone you know suffers with anger issues, whether from emotional trauma, liver toxicity or any causation, we can help.  Through gentle detoxification supports, creatively and systematically “clearing through” the individual timeline, and helping the body to readjust and rebalance itself, homeopathy can give welcome, even life-changing relief.

Stories from Homeopathy Houston

Homeopathic Answers for Chronic Muscle Pain and Inflammation

Generalized and localized chronic pain affects millions of people for many reasons.  Chronic inflammation is at the basis of most pain that is unrelated to a current injury or surgical trauma, but what causes the inflammation in the first place?   And what can be done about it?   With homeopathy, PLENTY!  Old injuries can be life impacting as they become arthritic or simply remain weak.   Can the impact of even decades-old injuries really be improved?  Through homeopathy, yes, indeed!

In our next several posts we will discuss a number of examples from our files of folks who have found relief from all sorts of chronic pain, and share some information about some possible contributors.   So let’s dive in…

More and more people seem to be complaining to their doctors about non-specific, generalized pain these days, especially in the 45+ age range, the younger end of the baby boomers.  In spite of billions of dollars of research into its causes, the answers from the medical world are not always helpful.  Many of our clients come to us after having led active, healthy, and often athletic lifestyles, but somewhere between 45-55 years of age, they started feeling aches and pains.  Too often their doctors either offered them a parade of anti-inflammatory medications, and finally narcotics which drugged them, but didn’t improve their pain significantly, or had sent them packing to a psychiatrist for psychotropic drugs because “it’s all in your head.”   At this point they often find their way to our door.

Of course each case is different, but here are some of the cases we’ve seen.  One lady who came to us had suffered with a chronic skin condition, allergies, later into asthma, and in her mid-30’s started requiring a great deal of steroids to avoid hospitalization whenever her asthma flared.   For several years the asthma diminished back to the sinuses, then as the sinuses settled down, gradually she lapsed into a longer term chronic fatigue, then fibromyalgia a few years ago.   Then the cycle began to reverse, and eventually all the problems she had cycled through over the years began to all worsen.

We had to go slowly because her breathing problems could be triggered easily along the way, so we went about a very gradual approach to try to support ongoing reduction of her systemic inflammation.   Over a period of several months, her muscle pain diminished, then the sinuses flared, then settled down “better than they’ve been in years” and gradually the skin condition was briefly revisited, but that too settled down after a week or so.  By the end of a year she realized that her energy was normalizing all through the process, with some low points, certainly from time to time, but her sinuses were better, skin and breathing problems gone, and her pain and fatigue were diminished- but not totally gone – after the first year, and she wanted to keep detoxing and improving, so we continued the process for another few months, until she plateaued.

During a regular follow up consultation I inquired, “Just curious – have you ever taken any statin drugs?”

These drugs were not listed anywhere in her history, but I’d recently attended a seminar on German Biological Medicine in which the presenter pointed out that almost 75% of his fibromyalgia patients over age 45 had been on or were currently on statin drugs.   He simply removed the statins, used some German biological homeopathic remedies to support liver and detoxification, and almost 90% recovered just from doing that.

So when I asked my client about it, she said, “Well, I only took one statin drug for a few weeks.  I finally realized I wasn’t feeling well on it, and just stopped.   My doctor wasn’t happy, so he tried another one and the same thing happened.   Finally I convinced him that my family didn’t have a history of heart disease, my cholesterol probably was due to the animal fat in my diet, so I stopped the statins.  But that was several years ago, and diet keeps it controlled.”

Adding this information to her history we realized she that her first compaint of chronic muscle pain was a mere 4 months after taking the statins.  So we did both some specific detoxification for the drugs, and added some extra liver support, since statins are work by changing the lipid metabolism of the liver.

Two weeks later her remaining pain worsened for 2 days.   She called and said, “It has gone back to when I first saw you in intensity.”  We suggested a few remedies for acute, quick relief to help her over the hump, and told her to call us if she was not significantly better in 3 days.   We didn’t hear from her again until two weeks later, at her next appointment, where she reported that every bit of her pain was gone.

That was one of her last appointments, as her condition so radically improved.

She calls us now each year in the fall to just request some remedies to keep on hand to support her immune system during cold and flu season.   And she continues into her final professional years looking forward to an active retirement “to something else” she wants to do.

Of course, other clients have come to us with similar histories, some far less impacting, but now one of my first questions is, “Have you ever taken a statin drug?”   If you or someone you know has fibromyalgia, we can help. Of course, everyone’s history is unique, and there are other factors that can cause pain.  To see a client’s life changed so deeply in such a short time is one of our most rewarding experiences.

homoeopathic medicine for fibromyalgia

homoeopathic medicine for fibromyalgia

A few years ago, no one knew what fibromyalgia was, but today it has become a very commonplace diagnosis and a very difficult one to live with.  Many go to their doctors with aches and pains, and in the past were told “it’s all in your head,” but today are frequently sent away with pain meds which have a myriad of side effects compounding the problems.  No one ever seems to search for a causation and a means of getting the heart (or in this case liver) of the problem.

An interesting phenomenon was reported by one of my mentors, Thomas Rau, MD, of Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland.  He cited that nearly 75% of those who he saw for fibromyalgia over the age of 40 had been on a statin medication prior to the onset of their pain.  The other 25% did not necessarily take statins, but had taken other medications known to adversely affect the liver.  He found that by doing a multi-disciplinary approach focused upon cleansing the liver, almost all of those patients recovered from the discomfort and diagnosis.

In our practice we have seen a similar pattern.  As sequential homeopaths, the words “never well since” carry great weight to guide us to a focal point of causation or contributing factors in our client’s complaints or timeline of traumas. There are other good detoxification programs, but if they focus only on one or two organs, or simply release the toxins from the cells, without supporting elimination, they can actually make matters worse.  Those toxins may continue to circulate and create new problems.

Our approach at Homeopathy Center of Houston  methodically supports excretion first, and then begins to clean and support the “filters” (kidneys, liver, lymphatics).  The next step is to work back through a client’s chronological history, using specific detoxification remedies based on a person’s history.  In this way the body expels pathogens, as well as any toxins or residue from previous drugs that may contribute to dysfunctional elimination systems as well as pain and suffering.  As a result, our clients regain energy, experience pain relief, and often even experience improvement from old injuries that have plagued them.  As the fibromyalgia pain gradually improves, so does sleep and energy.

Every case of fibromyalgia is different, but the body knows how to heal when it gets the tools and support it needs and homeopathy is a very large tool box.

Your history is held in your cells.  Over time toxins can add up to illness, and/or pain.  Let the Houston Homeopathy Method (HHM) help you turn back the hands of time on illness and pain.  Our exclusive approach detoxifies and supports healing safely and systematically and without drugs.  Our clients recover, and feel better. It’s your turn to feel great!


Autism-Focused Homeopathy

Homeopathy for Guts

Can Homeopathy Help Your Gut Issues?

Many people do not realize how important the GI tract (gut) is to our overall health.

Sure, we all know that without it we can’t metabolize and absorb food, and when it’s unhappy we can become miserable pretty quickly! However, the flora (the healthy bacteria that we’re told we should eat yogurt to replenish) of the gut plays a critical role in our immune system health.

Over 70% of our immune system actually resides in the gut. Between the beneficial and symbiotic healthy gut flora and the digestive and immunoprotective activities of the gut itself, gut health is paramount to overall good health.

If we face the facts, most of us have a history of taking antibiotics and other medications that can adversely affect healthy gut flora.

While more MDs are suggesting the use of probiotics during antibiotic administration, many of us have imbalanced, unhealthy gut flora from years of neglect.

In addition to candida, toxicity, constipation, drugs and even fast food, the gut lining itself can actually break down through irritation and inflammation, leading to complaints like irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut. When this happens, the immune system becomes severely affected in many ways.

Because much biomedical research on autism is focused on helping to reduce inflammation and dysbiosis of the gut, through our work with children with autism and developmental delays, we’ve considered a new tagline: “GUTS ARE US.”

We at the Homeopathy Center of Houston have learned many outside-the-box methods to support healthy intestinal flora and reduction of toxins and irritants through an advanced, sequential, homeopathic detoxification.

Many of our children experience significant improvement by reducing the population of harmful microbial levels and increasing the levels of beneficial bacteria and flora in their guts. This reduces levels of inflammation markers in laboratory tests.

Most tangibly, when gut health improves, so do behavior, language, academics and even social skills.

Our work with autism has transferred to the way we approach our adult clients with GI issues.

Homeopathy for Guts
Many adults we work with also suffer from what we call “an autistic gut, without the autism.” They arrive at our offices with a myriad of diagnoses, such as irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, intestinal polyps, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation, alternating between constipation and diarrhea, Crohn’s Disease and even something called “toddler loose stool syndrome.”

With these clients, we focus on reducing the pathogens, parasites and toxins that are keeping the gut inflamed and reducing systemic inflammation. We work with German Biological Medicine, our proprietary remedies for healing the gut, and the sequential homeopathy of the Houston Homeopathy Method to help the body restore the integrity of the gut lining, thereby improving function of the entire intestinal tract.

Downstream, this becomes a self-perpetuating path to health as the healthy gut becomes the basis of the healthy immune system.

We sometimes meet people who have had massive surgical removal of sections of their intestines, stomach surgeries, esophageal erosion, etc. In cases where parts of the structure are missing, there will always be some level of compromise that homeopathy may not fully be able to overcome.

But even in these cases, many clients have found they are much more capable of managing their health with homeopathy than with the drugs their doctors offered as “symptom management.” Some choose an integrative approach, whereby they utilize the best that both the medical and the homeopathic worlds have to offer and find themselves nearly symptom free.

Some of the most rewarding cases are those in which the client comes to us after being told by their doctor that their condition could be managed, but never cured. Imagine their surprise and relief to discover that after working with us not only is their gut improved, but their whole immune system is stronger. Many of these clients happily report they no longer have any symptoms left to manage.

People often come to us because hope has been snatched by the conventional medical world. In the skilled, experienced hands of our practitioners, these amazing, safe, nontoxic homeopathic remedies can truly work miracles.

If you or someone you love has been told they have an “untreatable” or “hopeless” digestive problem and if the drugs prescribed don’t help or even add new problems, please call our office. Homeopathy does not require a diagnosis to be effective. Even multiple or end-on-end diagnoses don’t matter to us.

Whether you have a formal diagnosis or are noticing the beginning of problems, homeopathy stands out as a therapy that can assist in avoiding further erosion of health, and it can often restore the gut to serve as the immune system and digestive workhorse it was designed to be.

There is hope, there is help, and homeopathy offers both.