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Homeopathy is completely noninvasive, painless medicine and gentle (yet powerful) medicine.  We take it one step further by our ability to offer telephone consultations worldwide.  You can do your consultation, by appointment with one of our practitioners, via phone from your home or office.

For our clients with autistic family members, that can be a huge savings of time, wear and tear on the child and travel costs for the caregivers, because we can work into a good time in your family schedule.  And no matter what your health issue, even if you live in the Houston area, we can save you gas and time in traffic! Of course, you are always welcome to pick up your remedies.  But most clients quickly come to appreciate the convenience of receiving their package of homeopathic “goodies” each month right at their doorstep.

Thanks to technology, we are truly unlimited in our reach.  Indeed, we have successfully worked with clients in over 30 different countries so far, and in almost all 50 states.

So if you need our help, or just want an alternative practitioner you can call on, don’t let distance stop you!  We are here for you – where ever YOU are!  Just call us at 713-366-8700!


Stories from Homeopathy Houston

Homeopathy – Back to School Behavior

As school starts we have noticed a pattern of increased violence or irritability among some of our clients.  Some of the possible culprits have been identified through our experience and many of our children now actually handle the start of school better each year.

Many of our foods today contain highly reactive and addictive additives and chemicals. Many children When the kids are back in school, all parents breathe a collective sigh of relief, however, it opens the door for dietary issues galore – not always with our knowledge or consent as parents, and definitely without knowledge on the part of the school – unless you educate them.

One of our office staff members recently mentioned that one of her children, usually very well behaved, had meltdowns whenever they went to a particular chicken-oriented restaurant.  Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is mentioned TWICE in their ingredient list online.  This particular restaurant chain’s offerings are part of the “healthy menu” choices one day per week by the school cafeteria.  Yet the school officials seem oblivious to the fact that on the days when this is served, there are more fights and disciplinary meausres necessary.  To us it comes as no surprise.

Most schools don’t publish their school lunch nutritional content by ingredients.  Yet, most use government surplus foods, full of additives, aluminum, plastics, etc., and plenty of aluminum foil and utenstils are used for baking, cooking, etc.  Even the most nutrition savvy moms, the ones who send the kiddos off with a nourishing, organic, high-veggie, GMO-free, excitotoxin-free (excitotoxins are dyes, MSG, preservatives, nitrates, nitrites, etc.), cannot control what really goes into their kids’ mouths at school.  It could be as simple as the dyes in the fingerpaints, or kids trading or borrowing a bite or two from another child’s lunch.  Whether it’s a school lunch or a snack from a teacher who isn’t “in the know” (ABA programs are notorious for using soft drinks, sweetened with GMO corn syrup and highly addictive to everyone, but more to our kids, or gold fish, suckers, etc. as rewards, too), the school doesn’t understand – unless you educate them.

Another Back to School issue is that of chemical and mold exposures.  Many of us, as well as our children, are highly sensitive to pesticides, formaldehyde, etc.  When schools start up, many have recarpeted, had air conditioning limited or turned off during the school, repainted, etc. over the summer.  The chemical issues are obvious for our kids.  If they are acting out, go to the school and sniff (in a short exposure!!!! You don’t need to be made ill, either!).  If you smell paint, mold, new carpet smells, etc., it’s likely to be affecting your child’s behavior and focus – and the other kids’ as well!

What do most parents do just before their children return to school?  They buy new things – backpacks, clothing, shoes, notebooks, crayons, etc.  All of these items can out-gas for weeks to months.  Anything that is washable should always be washed 2-3 times before allowing your chemically sensitive child to wear it. Obviously not all items are machine washable, so think green as you purchase the kids’ back to school materials – and again, realize that the school may not be all that green. New curtains in the auditorium will outgas for months. New fabrics and glues on office and classroom furnishings and toys outgas.

So how do we change this?  It takes time and an overwhelming shift as more and more parents become aware.  Do a presentation on the role of excitotoxins in child behavior to the PTO.  Talk to other parents with Special Ed, learning disabled, as well as typical kids (who May just seem a little “irritable at times”)to make them aware of when that happens.

As homeopaths, certainly we frequently clear our clients for such problems, and if we know of an ongoing exposure, we can provide daily remedies to help the kids deal with the exposure to specific neurotoxins in their environment.  Even that may not be adequate to eliminate the behaviors if the exposure is ongoing.  Do your best to work with the school, and at home, to minimize the chemicals, and maximize the outdoor time.  But in the long term – fight for your child’s right to breathe clean, fresh air. If the school’s answer to poor behavior is removal of outdoor time, they are shooting themselves, and your child, in the foot.

Educate them on chemicals and the need for care.  If you have tested your child for chemical or food sensitivities, provide the school with a list of your child’s sensitivities IN WRITING, to foods, chemicals, etc., and make sure it is a documented part of his/her IEP (if your child has one).  To be sure, given the level of toxicity we are all exposed to on a daily basis, many kids today are developing many chemical sensitivities – but their parents and the schools don’t always realize it.  Some Excellent resource books are Excitotoxins – the Taste That Kills by Russell Blaylock, The Crazy Makers by Carol Simontacchi, and a number of books by Doris Rapp, MD.

Sequential Homeopathy is amazingly helpful over time at reducing some of the behavioral issues from these sensitivities, but as with computers, garbage in equals garbage out.  The reality is, MSG, food additives, solvents and paints, pesticides, mold, etc. are all found in many places and are difficult to avoid.  Schools can be some of the sickest buildings there are at the start of school.  But the more steps you take to maximize awareness and minimize the exposure, including documenting it with the school, the more quickly they will become aware and improve the situation for all of the kids.

Thanks for being such responsible parents – we’re here to help you!

Stories from Homeopathy Houston

Aggressive, Oppositional Kids? Success Stories from Homeopathy Houston Files

Stories from Homeopathy Houston: One of my most memorable moments was the discovery that a very angry, defiant, oppositional young man I knew who had been “double vaccinated” (first vaccinated in his home country, then vaccinated again with every vaccine required by the CDC and Immigration Service upon his arrival in the United States) after working several months with the Houston Homeopathy Method (HHM) had, for the first time since arriving in this country, been able to smile during class.  After a few months of the HHM, he successfully entered the playground without fighting with his peers and teachers, and brought home a novel comment under “Conduct” on his report card: “a joy in class – helpful and curious.”

The most likely culprit in this young man’s anger was the 7 Hepatitis B vaccines he had received, and their impact on his liver.     He received one at birth in his home country, three more at 2, 4 and 6 months of age, then a series of three more before the age of 3 in the United States.   We have noted over the years that most of our clients encounter a period of increased anger for a few days whenever we specifically detoxify the Hepatitis vaccines they received.  In this child’s case, I fully expected the worst, and when we got to his final hepatitis shot with his birth clear, he became very angry.  Then, after an hours-long major tantrum, which blew over as suddenly as it had come on, it was as if the angry, seething, fighting little boy had disappeared and been replaced by sobs of regret, which were soon followed by a delightful sweetening of his nature.  His parents and his teachers hardly recognized him for the smiles, consideration and sweetness he displayed.

This type of aggression, anger and tantruming seems to be on the rise in younger and younger children over the past decade.   A certain degree of aggression seems to go with childhood, but there is a difference between this and out of control, raging, abusive behaviors that are chronic and persistent. 1 to 4% of children ages 9-17 are now diagnosed with Conduct Disorder also known as “disruptive disorder” and as many as 1-6% of the school-aged population are now being diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), a more serious level of aggressive behavior.  Children may come to Homeopathy Center’s practitioners with a variety of “official diagnoses” and the parents and usually the children themselves are desperate for help.   While psychiatry and psychology can offer drug and behavioral help, what do you do when they don’t work at all, or stop working?   Psychotropic drugs may cause unwanted or uncomfortable side effects, so many parents turn to us to find the safer, more effective, long-term, drug-free solutions the HHM can offer.

Since this young man’s journey, we’ve added far more liver support for our clients, and now the “peak” of a Hepatitis B vaccine clear is almost a non-event in most cases.  What is the correlation?   From a holistic viewpoint, different organ systems can correspond to different emotions.   It is not unusual to see women who suppress anger manifest chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs).   When they became more able to process and express their suppressed anger, their urinary tracts became healthier.  Once the anger is processed, both the anger and the UTIs would often dissipate completely.

The liver is a second “seat of anger” in the holistic viewpoint.  In line with that, we have observed the seething, and later erupting sort of volcanic anger is most often associated with liver problems.  Simply put; once the liver is healthier, so is the person, and anger often diminishes.  As we continue to improve our tools with proprietary supportive remedies for the liver during the detoxification of hepatitis (vaccine or disease) over the years we have noted our clients have far fewer and less intense explosions of anger as the body “wrings the culprit out” of the liver that may be stressing it, be it biological pathogens or toxins that have clogged up this important filter system.

The Houston Homeopathic Method can gain significant improvements in many behavioral problems. Homeopathy has long been known for its compassionate and gentle relief of all manner of emotional and behavioral problems, and the HHM  not only offers relief but also permanent improvements due to our focus and homeopathy’s ability to address causational factors, even decades old.  If you or someone you know suffers with anger issues, whether from emotional trauma, liver toxicity or any causation, we can help.  Through gentle detoxification supports, creatively and systematically “clearing through” the individual timeline, and helping the body to readjust and rebalance itself, homeopathy can give welcome, even life-changing relief.

Every day we hear from parents of children, as well as adults, with learning and behavioral problems. Two of my three children had mild learning problems from vaccine damage

Learning Disabilities, Hope & Homeopathy

Every day we hear from parents of children, as well as adults, with learning and behavioral problems.  Two of my three children had mild learning problems from vaccine damage, one daughter with mild ADD, and my son who ultimately was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.  I feel a kinship with these desperate parents who have “tried everything.”  Our office team includes another mother of a vaccine-injured child.  Lindyl Lanham brings a professional background in special education with visually and multiply handicapped children to the table.  Her son was diagnosed at age 4 as “likely to need special education help the rest of his life.”   A few years later, he developed symptoms of Tourette Syndrome, a nervous system disorder with multiple involuntary movements, called “tics” and learning disabilities   She, too, tried everything, short of drugs for her son’s problems.  When one doctor suggested a drug that could cause his heart to stop, she asked if maybe that was not a good idea.  The answer she received was, “well, that doesn’t happen very often.”  After pointing out that it only had to stop once if it were the case with HER son, she walked away from the medical world to find her answers in alternative medicine in general, and homeopathy ultimately.

All our children have benefited from homeopathy, along with appropriate educational interventions.  All of our children are successful young adults, in college, grad school, and getting on with life with little or no evidence of disabilities – and without drugs!

Our collective personal and professional experiences have spurred us to dig through a great deal of medical and alternative research to find the causes behind so many of the all too common learning, language, developmental and behavioral problems seen today to help our clients.

A picture is gradually emerging that has already benefited our clients and our children.  For every causative factor we discover we are finding answers in homeopathy to improve our unique Houston Homeopathy Method, our approach to helping these many disabled or challenged children we now know as clients.  Our entire goal has been to help change the lives of these children for the better.

The Houston Homeopathy Method (HHM) has always been causation-oriented.  Most of the parents we encounter express frustration that the drugs and nutritional approaches they have tried are not working at the causation of their children’s problems, but merely treating test results with no tangible improvements in their children’s abilities or behaviors.  They are tired of temporary fixes, not to mention all the side effects they see.  Some have seen their children actually get worse after doing this or that supplement or biomedical intervention.  Their children’s allergies, asthma, chronic sinus and ear infections, digestive problems and other issues seem to get worse with every drug therapy prescribed, so they come to homeopathy for answers.  These problems just add to the difficulties of learning challenged children.  Still other parents come to us early on, as one of, if not their very first, intervention because they would rather avoid drugs, blood draws, IVs and experimental approaches which may or may not work – and may or may not add to their child’s problems.

Homeopathy steps up to the plate to change lives profoundly.  The HHM offers an amazingly multifaceted, broad-based approach to all sorts of chronic problems.  First, we are constantly bombarded by toxins such as mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde from vaccines, cooking utensils and storage systems, water, air and ground pollution, building materials, fluorescent lightbulbs, batteries and dental mercury amalgams.  In addition, every day we inhale, ingest, or are otherwise exposed to cell signals, electromagnetic radiation, biological pathogens, toxic and harmful processed food additives, etc.  Because we can’t just live in a bubble, there has to be a way to help the body detoxify itself to withstand the onslaught and minimize the damage – homeopathy can help with specific detoxification of pathogens, chemicals, drugs, heavy metals, and even effects of radiation of many types.  And to keep the process of detoxification going smoothly, we focus first on making sure that elimination is supported and the body’s filters are constantly being cleansed.  We can’t just start a process of release from cells without being sure that it will all eliminate as smoothly, gently and completely as possible all the way out of the system.

Homeopaths depend upon detailed descriptions of symptoms to determine which toxins may be present and causing problems.  This leans heavily on the homeopath to recognize each toxin and its symptoms, but it also eliminates the need for elaborate and expensive testing.  By examining the person’s history, from both a symptomatic and a causational viewpoint through our intake process, we can then begin to help the body get to the root of the problem.  Specific homeopathic remedies can be given that will gently and gradually nudge the body to eliminate specific toxins through its own natural mechanisms, such as sweat, mucus, urine and stools.

A common issue for children with learning problems is yeast infestation of the bowels.  These children often have sugar cravings, as well as craving breads, cheeses and other products of fermentation.  A typical ADD child’s preferred (though not beneficial!) diet often includes what we call “The Orange Diet”:  Orange soft drinks or artificially colored juice-like products,  cheesy orange items such as corn or potato chips with flavored coatings, “cheese” crackers that are typically orange, mac and cheese from a box, as well as craving the carbohydrates and natural glutamates found in chicken or tomatoes, hence, they will often crave spaghetti, pizza, and chicken.  The glutamates in the food colorings, preservatives, and artificial flavors give them a natural high.  Then to compound the problems, they are also craving those things which feed Candida albicans, a systemic yeast. In children with developmental or learning disorders, it is especially prevalent in the digestive tract.  Unfortunately, both the “natural high” of the excitotoxin glutamic acid combined with the toxins created by Candida albicans can add to their “spaciness,” memory problems, and inability to focus on task.

It has also been demonstrated by science that a breakdown of the normal bowel flora and proliferation of Candida inflames and eventually erodes the lining of the gut, rendering it unable to produce the amino acids required to digest and absorb proteins.  It is this protein absorption that feeds the brain’s communications centers.  These are the children who cannot focus because they cannot filter out extraneous sensory input.  In response to the excess stimuli they either withdraw into themselves, (“zoning out”) or in some cases, manifest their sensory overload with hyperactivity, self-stimulation or obsessive, ritualistic behaviors.

Evidence from the work of William Shaw, Ph.D., and many others, shows that the more prevalent the yeast in children, the more severe their behavioral manifestations seem to be.  Physiologically, the Candida itself can manifest as alternating diarrhea and constipation, or chronic diarrhea or constipation, and can contribute to more serious problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or Crohn’s disease in extreme cases.

The Houston Homeopathy Method can offer an alternative to the typical conventional anti-fungal drugs in two ways.  First, our homeopaths are “whole-health, whole-life specialists.”   We see lifestyle issues such as stress relief, healthy diet and living conditions as central to good health.  We advise that sugar, wheat flours and yeast products be eliminated as much as possible, and pesticide exposure be reduced through organic foods as a primary food source.

Second, homeopathic detoxification can cleanse remnants of previous antibiotics and anti-fungal drugs from the system, decrease the levels of Candida in the system, and re-establish the balance of normal healthy bowel flora.  We also use certain homeopathic remedies made from healthy tissues, to “remind” damaged tissues to return to their normal, healthy state.   While focusing on long-term detoxification and healing, we individually match remedies to each client’s picture to give more immediate symptom relief.  This, too, is one of the greatest miracles of homeopathy.  We can also recommend or provide probiotics that can aid in restoring the healthy flora to the system to help turn the balance back from the unhealthy to healthier flora.

Sometimes dramatic changes occur very quickly.  In other cases, it may take several weeks or months before significant changes occur.  In either case, we are always looking for long-term solutions and return of health, rather than lives tied to prescription drugs.

For children whose allergies may also be worsening their concentration, tics, behavior or learning problems, we can use homeopathic remedies made from allergens to help desensitize from their common allergen triggers.  We have seen many children with mild to severe asthma eliminate inhalers and nebulizers as their symptoms are controlled by one set of remedies within days or weeks.  Over the longer term, they shed mercury and aluminum from their systems and their allergic reactions greatly diminish to almost nothing.  This too enhances a child’s ability to learn and function in the classroom.

For over 200 years homeopathy has offered drug-free, successful alternative answers to plagues and epidemics.  For the new epidemics of the 21st century, the Houston Homeopathy Method offers healthy, side-effect free answers to modern problems such as the current “epidemic” of autism, ADD, Asperger’s Syndrome and other neurological and learning disorders.

And as we face uncertainty from man-made or man-altered viruses and bacteria, homeopathy will continue to do what it has for 200 years – treat the cause based on the individual symptoms.  Individualized, systematic medicine is the only answer to today’s complex health issues.  Homeopathy doesn’t just step up to the plate.  It has 200 years and millions of home-runs in its past.  The Houston Homeopathy Method can help all sorts of learning problems, and has given hope and help to hundreds since its beginnings in 1998.  Call us – life can be better for you, and for your child.

Stories from Homeopathy Houston

Can Sensory Processing Disorder be Repaired? Homeopathy’s Answer is YES!

Although the “label” is relatively new, the problems of Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) are not new to Homeopathy Center of Houston’s homeopaths.  While we are known for working with children with autism and other spectrum disorders, many of our clients with ADD, ADHD, and even autism suffer with Sensory Processing Disorders.  The difference would be the level of function of the immune system and digestive system, which in turn determines the level of behavioral reactions.  But the causations and some of the homeopathic answers are often very similar.

Because homeopathy is based upon the Law of Similars, where the homeopath matches the correct remedy to the clients’ symptom picture, similarity of symptoms means similarities between remedy choice and approach, as well as similar outcomes.   Many adults and children in our practice have sensory processing problems, whether diagnosed as such or not, and have responded well to sequential homeopathy.  Often the problem manifests as anxiety about driving, leaving one’s home, going into a noisy store or mall, or any other place with a great deal of auditory and/or visual input.  The anxiety is actually one reaction of a nervous system that is on constant overload to additional stimulus.

Success with homeopathy does not depend on diagnostic labels.  We don’t use diagnoses to determine our approach, nor our remedy choice.  Every client whether they come with or without a previous diagnosis is considered to be a totally blank slate when they walk in our door.

For homeopaths our concern is not the name of the problem.  Rather, it is how the sensitivity manifests, what makes it better or worse, questions such as: how does this child respond to touch, sound, lights, movement?  What sensory input makes her “crazy”?  Is it the sound of the bird outside the window?  Is it thunderstorms?  Does he cover his ears on entering a noisy room or a store?  Do they hide from light?  Are their pupils dilated?  What else bothers them?  Clothing tags or textures?  Food textures?  Being hugged or touched?  Is it worse at night, worse in the morning?  What makes them better or worse?  Do their symptoms improve when they are ill and running a fever, or shortly thereafter?  Are they worse at the full moon?  Do they have a history of ear or throat infections?  If they get a sore throat, fever or earache, do they become more or less sensitive to stimulus?  What is their coordination like? When did you first notice it?  Did anything happen (an illness, vaccine, antibiotic, earache, etc.) just prior to the onset of these problems?

The key to a person’s overall health is often revealed as we review their chronological history (timeline) through the filter of our sequential homeopathic experience.   Depending on the answers, we can work our way back through to causational factors and remediate them.  In this way their own body will reveal the causations, and help us to find the answers, and provide the best homeopathic remedy or remedies that will best aid the system in healing itself.  This typically happens layer by layer, month by month, with some ups and downs all along the way but ultimately, with improvements.  And sometimes in a few wonderful “textbook” situations the progress is just ongoing blissful relief of the over-reactivity of the brain and body to stimulus with no particular bumps in the road.

Homeopathy Center of Houston and its homeopaths have been addressing sensitive and “sensational” children since 1998 by assessing each person’s individual history, illnesses, responses to stimuli, and applying homeopathic principles to help the immune system and the brain chemistry reset themselves to a more functional level.  Most of our clients will eventually totally lose their sensitivities, and move forward to live life to its fullest, without the shackles of the inability to process the input of the world around them.

The integrated approach with the Houston Homeopathy Method for the physiological sensitivities and to eliminate the causations behind them and occupational therapy for desensitization can bring about life-changing positives for these sensational children and their families!

Houston Sequential Homeopathy Method

Houston Sequential Homeopathy Method as an Early Intervention for Symptoms of Autism, PDD-NOS and Asperger’s Syndrome

Most of the discussion of early intervention for autism, Pervasive Developmental Delay (PDD-NOS), and Asperger’s Syndrome refers to adaptive therapies, such as speech or occupational therapies, ABA, etc.  However, in the biomedical realm of autism, early intervention is equally important for many reasons, not the least of which is, if a child recovers physiologically, the autistic behaviors will be reduced as well, and socially and developmentally, fewer steps will have been lost along the way, so there is less to catch up from.  This applies equally to the Houston Homeopathy Method for autism.   In our case, because of the importance of “clearing through” a person’s chronological history (the timeline), the shorter the life, the shorter the timeline, and typically, the fewer traumatic events that have to be cleared.

Houston Sequential Homeopathy Method

Many of our clients come to us after having exhausted all the typical (and often more expensive) therapies – many of which could have been avoided altogether, or would have required less time had we been their first choice for physiological and emotional intervention.   In addition, as drug-based interventions are added, from our perspective, those drugs include toxins and produce additional side effects.  That means we must clear the child for those interventions, as additional events on the child’s timeline of chemical exposures and emotional traumas (for some of the more invasive treatments and procedures) before we can get back to “square one” of “just” where the autism began, rather than being able to tackle the autism’s original causational factors of the pathogens and toxins directly involved.

The framework of the Houston Sequential Homeopathy Method ( whether for autism or any chronic illness in adults or children) is a timeline, a personal, chronological history of the client’s physical, mental and emotional traumas. These include drug and other chemical exposures, invasive testing, surgery or other medical interventions such as radiation, chemotherapy, etc, accidents and injuries, serious illnesses, vaccinations, birth trauma of the client and any experiences of the mother during gestation, labor, delivery and inherited toxins and those that may have passed to the child during breast feeding.

In general, there is a general time frame of about 3-5 weeks, with the average being 4 weeks, between each homeopathic clearing of any two events.  This allows time for the remedies to be given and do the work of detoxification and healing the insult to the greatest degree possible.  With our autistic clients, this may translate into a time of either mild or dramatic improvement while taking the packets (usually over 3-6 days), followed by a brief increase of symptoms for a few hours to a few days around 2 weeks after taking the first of the clearing packets, then followed by a return to baseline, or improvements that continue until the need for the next set of “clearing packets”.  The time variation is determined by each client’s responsiveness.   As a general rule, younger children detox and respond more quickly than older children and adults, most likely due to their faster metabolism.  However, our experience across the board is that a minimum of 3-4 weeks is required for virtually every client before the next set of packets.

Each set of clearing packets is specifically custom designed for each of that particular client’s events, one at a time, in reverse chronological order.   We consider each traumatic event very carefully, including the report of its immediate after-effects, and try to provide remedies to address all aspects of that trauma, emotional and physical.

For children who get multiple vaccines, each set of vaccines that were given on any day is addressed as one event, as well as any adverse reactions that are reported.   Since we can only address one vaccine event per month, because that is how long it takes the body to work through it, obviously the more vaccines a child has, the longer it will take us to fully clear their timeline.  I’ve had parents ask if we could “just combine all the vaccines and clear them all at once.”  The answer now is a resounding, “that’s a bad idea!” It takes time and energy to detoxify.  It takes adherence to respect for the God-designed natural way our bodies were designed to heal, one layer or event at a time.  In other words, you can’t push an airplane.

Healing takes time and energy, as well as conditions conducive to healing.  But as you can see from the above description, those children who come to us before adding more traumas, drugs and toxins, as well as more chronological life experiences, will require less time to clear through their personal traumatic timeline.

Additionally, there is the common sense matter that if a child is able to be detoxified and healed during early development, physiologically, neurologically, socially, developmentally, they will have missed fewer developmental “milestones” and therefore will have less to catch up on once healing has occurred.

As a rule, our children who come to us first, prior to other biomedical interventions progress better in other adaptive therapies, often outgrowing the need for them – this is certain to save money for the parents, and most important, it means the child will develop his/her place in life and sense of well-being and health at an early age.  It also means ample opportunity for parents to instill the importance of habits for health early on, before peers and propaganda ingrains poor eating and other habits which may not be healthy for any of us, much less a child with a predisposition to neurological health problems.

The bottom line for the clinicians at Homeopathy Center of Houston is this:

  • the shorter the timeline, the clearer the picture of what may be wrong
  • the fewer the traumas, vaccines and biomedical drug-based interventions, the less we have to detoxify them to get down to the “brass tacks” of what caused the autism in the first place
  • the faster the metabolism, in general, the faster the child may cleanse and heal
  • For having worked with us, every client is clearer of toxins and healthier, and therefore will get the most out of any ancillary therapies they may pursue.
  • If we can recover a child earlier, it will results in savings of pain and suffering for the child and his/her parents, as well as monetary savings as needs for other therapies are shortened or eliminated, and increased productivity for the whole family.
  • No matter how long it takes us to recover a child (whether a year or 5 or 6) a life returned to one of lessened suffering and productivity is priceless.

Obviously each of us is genetically, chemically, and developmentally unique (something that the world of pharmaceutical interventions has yet to admit to), so each person’s experience of cleansing and healing is unique to them.  The general guidelines above are only a rule of thumb. But in our experience, children who start with homeopathy early generally recover more smoothly, if not more quickly, than those who come to us later.  And those who start with homeopathy will always leave our office healthier for the detoxification process that we undertake.

Please don’t misunderstand:  not all of our “quickest turnarounds” are little kiddos – some of our children who  came to us with a history a mile long have surprised us at how quickly they recovered, and some of our youngest children whose parents had done nothing else have taken us a long time to recover them.  However those parents have stuck with us because they still saw ongoing, if slower than expected improvements are the ones who will see the greatest improvements, with the goal being full recovery for every child if at all possible.  And we believe every child on the autism spectrum can become connected to this world, find their own paths, and become productive, if not fully self-sufficient members of society.

There is much more that could be said about constitutional types,  inherited toxins, pathogens and other influences, etc., which will be covered over time as we add to our website.

In conclusion, as a mother, I would like to state that I wish that I had recognized my son’s Asperger’s earlier and started the Houston Homeopathic Method for Autism sooner.  My personal favorite success story, he is now recovered from Asperger’s Syndrome.  It is my belief that he suffered emotionally from the wrong diagnoses at school, and the academic and social issues that his Asperger’s set up for him as a child. Fortunately, he is now a healthy, strong, well-spoken and “un-Aspy” young man with a responsible job, girlfriend, car, and close friends who have grown up with him, and new friends and adults who meet him now, and never know the diagnosis nor the social and academic pain he had to suffer through.  He is headed into a career, with plans to begin to counsel children with autism spectrum disorders, whether diagnosed or not.  He holds the distinction of being “the only child we’ve ever seen totally lose an official diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome” per his school district’s diagnosticians and psychologists.  Sad only because even after seeing his progress, they still can’t send others to HCH who could be helped by the HHM.

Yes, I believe in the Houston Homeopathy Method as an early intervention – as a clinician I’ve seen the difference it has made for dozens of children in our practice, and as a mother, I watched my own son blossom once we cleared his system of the vaccines, pathogens and toxins that had weighed down his immune system, creating the social, sensory and academic problems for too many years.  If I had realized sooner what needed to be done, his school years could have been much easier.  But the goal was ultimately reached by the time he reached high school, and his high school years were made up of typical memories of academics, after school activities with friends, proms and graduation with his class.  Now he is a busy young adult and our biggest discussions center around what career path appeals to him!  A happy ending, if there ever were one.

Adult ADD or ADHD and “Brain Fog”: Contributing Causes and Homeopathic Answers

Over the years we have been contacted by parents of children as well as adults who have suffered from both diagnosed and self-diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).   The plea is always, “This is ruining my academic/professional life – is there anything aside from the drugs that can help?”

Most are seeking something that they can take ongoing  just to keep the symptoms at bay.  Then they are pleasantly surprised that over time they no longer need to take anything, including homeopathic remedies because the symptoms have been fully eliminated.  That is because the Houston Homeopathy Method is cause oriented and seeks permanent healing of the underlying conditions.

While there are some crossovers in the symptom pictures (inability to focus and/or impulsivity) I would like to discuss each one separately.  Sequential homeopathy looks back at causational events, traumas, chemical exposures, which may have occurred just prior to the onset of some of the symptoms.   Because the Houston Homeopathy Method focuses on the root cause, and can specifically “clear” or detoxify some of the causative agents from the body, patterns have emerged over the years that give us some major clues as to some of the culprits in each of these pathologies.   With these clues it becomes easier to see that there is often a different etiology or perhaps overlapping etiologies for the two problems.

Some contributors we’ve seen to ADD:

Hepatitis vaccines: Many of our clients with ADD have been teens and adults, as well as younger children, who for various reasons (school or patient contact in health careers) were given a series of Hepatitis vaccines.   When we have cleared the vaccines on their personal timeline their ADD symptoms would temporarily exacerbate for 2-5 days, and then some of stated, “I came out of the fog I’ve been in for years!”

It is also possible for adults whose children received the Hepatitis vaccines to be exposed to “vaccine shedding”, a phenomenon not much discussed, but very real.  Vaccine shedding has been seen with livestock, wherein only one or a few in the herd were actually inoculated, but due to the vaccine shedding, often for several weeks following administration of a vaccine, the entire herd would develop immunity through exposure to those animals actually receiving the vaccine itself.  This makes a great deal of sense with children as well, especially with viral vaccinations.  For example, some of what is injected in a child would be sloughed off through sweat, urine or feces, and in the case of caregivers who might be changing diapers, bathing, etc., the caregivers would be secondarily exposed to the viruses.

The impact the Hepatitis vaccine has on the liver is not often discussed medically, but in our practice we have repeatedly seen evidence of “never well since” (as in “I’ve been spacey ever since my Hepatitis shots”) where a child or an adult was very focused prior to either direct or shedding exposure to a Hepatitis shot, then shortly after they, or peers, or a child was exposed, there would be a decrease of focus and concentration.

My own son was almost completely recovered from Aspergers Syndrome by the end of 6th grade, but had a significant return of lack of focus problems in 7th grade – when his age peers were required to get a Hepatitis booster.  Thankfully, he was not given the shots himself.  But shortly after the beginning of the school I realized his school work and social skills had fallen off.  Then I cleared him for his peers’ vaccines and he had a significant improvement in his focus and academic performance which has continued all through high school.

We have also seen significant improvements with healthcare workers who were given Hepatitis B vaccine series and who started into “brain fog”, as well as other serious health problems, skin issues, etc., shortly after receiving Hepatitis B vaccines.

Other contributors to ADD can be heavy metals, and chemical toxins including certain drugs, Lyme, Babesia and other tick-borne illnesses (TBDs).  Homeopaths discuss constitutional types, which simply mean that each of us has a particular remedy that fits our body shape, general tendencies in illnesses, and how we respond to stimuli.

Some constitutional types, in particular  the Phosphorus constitution, are very sensitive to certain drugs.  Phosphorus clients under stress can become spacey.  In addition, they often do not handle anesthetic drugs or pain medications (pharmaceuticals) well.   They have difficulty thinking for days or even weeks after administration of anesthesia.   Several have described it as “thinking through mud” or “air-headedness” after receiving anesthesia.

In several of these clients, we have homeopathically cleared out the trauma and the drugs days, months, even years after a particular surgery with general anesthesia.  After homeopathic clearing clients report significant improvements in their concentration.  They describe it as “coming out of the fog”.  This is also possible with a large variety of other  medications as well.

So while these are only some of the causes of ADD, they are some of the most common patterns we have seen.

ADHD or “hyperactivity”

ADHD can share a number of characteristics with ADD, but can also be very different in its actual manifestation from ADD.

ADD & ADHD Overlaps in actions and behaviors:

According to the DSM-IV[i], both disorders can include:

  • Inattention to details, careless mistakes
  • Difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play
  • Seeming not to listen when spoken to directly
  • Lack of follow through on instructions
  • Failure to finish tasks, but not due to oppositional behavior or lack of comprehension
  • Difficulty with organization of tasks, activities
  • Avoidance of tasks requiring sustained mental efforts, such as homework or projects
  • Losses of objects required to accomplish tasks (pens, pencils, school assignments, tools, etc.
  • Easy distraction and forgetfulness

ADHD includes some or many of the above, but adds the dimension of the “Energizer Bunny®:

  • Never runs down, never slows down, the perpetual motion “machine”.
  • In this capacity, often there is fidgeting of hands, feet, whole body, impulsivity to leave a classroom or work area
  • Difficulty playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly
  • Driven to constant motion
  • Excessive, nonstop talking Impulsivity
  • Can’t wait for his/her turn
  • Interrupts or intrudes on others during their activities

Different disorders and some different causes

Clinical experience in our practice has shown that while there may be shared etiologies to the similar symptoms, some additional mechanisms may come into play with ADHD.

Often with ADHD, there is a significantly high level of anxiety, and this can often be attributed to a history of ear or throat infections that have been suppressed by antibiotics.    It is becoming a better known fact that antibiotics damage cell walls of bacteria, but do not kill them.   The cell wall deficient forms (CWD) of bacteria are damaged so that viruses can invade them much as viruses invade host tissues.  They may start to mimic either viruses or host tissues, due to similar peptides or protein sequences.

The resultant polymicrobial problems are not easily addressed medically.  However, we have found that homeopathic remedies, whether chosen on the basis of the “like treats like” approach, or as nosodes and isodes can bring about a natural immune response that will reduce the symptoms.  The lab results from some clients whose doctors have run tests have shown that the homeopathic remedies can aid the body in reducing the levels of these conglomerate pathogens, hence addressing causational factors to bring about long term, permanent reduction or even elimination of the symptoms.

The jumpiness, constant motion, impulsivity of ADHD etc., has been reported by clients to be similar to a tic or compulsion – an irresistible urge that must be acted upon.  While they may be temporarily quelled through sheer willpower, these are physiologically caused actions.   We have seen that often as we address the symptoms caused by these cell wall deficient forms of suppressed or CWD streptococcus, among others, we see a reduction in tics and compulsions, as well as anxiety, impulsivity, inattention and inability to sit still.  Many of the same homeopathic remedies for the symptoms of strep throat and ear infections are the same for anxiety, tics, compulsions, as well as constant motion and inability to sit still.

There are many different approaches to ADD and ADHD.  In the medical world, these are considered to be psychiatric or psychological disorders, hence can only be “treated” (or suppressed in our humble opinion, only to worsen later) through strong suppressive psychotropic drugs, and in particular amphetamines such as Ritalin® or other drugs.  In our quest for answers, we have found that gentle homeopathic remedies can bring relief, and the long term clearing of past contributors to these conditions has brought about permanent and complete healing of the problems in our own children and many of our clients.

What if it’s “just” brain fog?

Many adult clients often tell of being unable to recall things as well as they used to.  That of course can be related to a number of lifestyle issues, including unusual stress, or just juggling too many balls in life. Usually those are temporary situations and go away as the stress is relieved.   But when this becomes more than just a mild forgetfulness, or inability to concentrate, and it goes on for a protracted period or outside of stressful factors above, then there is likely more that homeopathy can offer.  Some common causes for this sort of thing can include:

  • Heavy metal toxicity buildup (could be from dental amalgams, air pollution, cookware, even foods themselves among other environmental sources)
  • Blood sugar fluctuations or hypoglycemia
  • Mold exposures (these are much more rampant and health impacting than most people realize)
  • Generalized toxicity

Of course, in my age demographic (50-something and upwards), all of us start being concerned with every forgotten phone number or name, that we’re headed into Alzheimer’s disease.  But that, too, can even be helped often just through simple heavy metal detoxification and stimulation of the immune system to eliminate any pathogens.   Medical answers are very few and far between, but many times just cleansing the “terrain”, or body chemistry, is enough for an otherwise healthy immune system to simply repair itself with a little homeopathic nudging.

Often “brain fog” in adults is a fairly nonspecific situation that takes a bit of broader detective work on the part of the practitioner.   In one situation a client had been in decline for some time, in spite of homeopathic interventions that would help briefly, and then fall away in their effect.   After a great deal of brainstorming with the client, the downward turning point in her health was determined to be shortly after she had moved into a new home, where there had been repeated water and roof leak issues. The suggestion was made that the home be analyzed for mold by mold detection professional.

The results were astounding. The home apparently had undergone unrealized previous plumbing and roof work so the mold spores were already in place.  When measured, the mold problem was so bad that some levels of toxic mold species in the home were more than 1000X higher than for the immediately surrounding outdoor air in several rooms.  The health problems had included exhaustion, sleep problems, horrible anxiety, heart palpitations, blood sugar and blood pressure fluctuations, and severe “brain fog” impacting her job.  The client moved out of the home, and while it takes time to fully detox and eliminate the mold issues, certain symptoms have improved spontaneously due to simply being away from the source of the problem.

The versatility of the Houston Homeopathic Method™ for ADD, ADHD and other mental focus issues

As demonstrated above, most disorders involving the nervous system are not just caused by a single element – it is multi-factorial, calling for a very versatile, broad-based remediation. The Houston Homeopathic Method ™ offers solutions to cell wall deficient bacteria, the binding of viruses and bacteria, and molecular mimicry between bacteria, viruses and host tissues.   Supporting the body to detoxify heavy metals helps prevent damage to the nervous system to damage from demyelination. Overall, the system is based upon building up the immune system while supporting elimination of the toxins and pathogenic burdens through gentle homotoxicology.     

The Houston Homeopathy Method employs individual as well as specific combinations we have developed to address stressors on the immune system, and to aid in restoring the balance that nature designed the human body to maintain.  However, if there are exacerbating factors in the environment, diet or lifestyle, those too must be eliminated for ultimate healing.   Then homeopathy can help stimulate and enhance the immune system’s normal response and bring about significant improvements.

Dozens of children and adults with ADD or ADHD have left Homeopathy Center of Houston with renewed hope, and a return to the life they use to know before they were shackled by the “brain that just isn’t working right”.  We believe that our approach to this and other health issues from a causation standpoint is the reason we have had so many consistent successes with clients whose health issues had never been helped, or even been made worse through medical intervention.

Our job is to work ourselves out of a job with each client who comes to us, seeing their health restored and “feeling better than ever.”

[i] Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychological Association, Edition IV   

How Homeopathy Can Help Manage ADD and ADHD

ADD and ADHD are sometimes classified together but as the acronyms suggest, there are distinctions. Individuals with either disorder have problems with attention, sustained focus and concentration.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is characterized by slow cognitive thinking, a lack of mental energy, daydreaming or “spacing out”, confusion, poor memory and avoidance or excessive procrastination. Often, high levels of anxiety are present.

However, Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) tends toward impulsiveness, hyperactivity and constantly flitting from task totask. This can be due in part to excessive firing of neurons in the brain. Many times, individuals with ADHD also exhibit excessive irritability or outright aggressive tendencies.

There seems to be an epidemic of both disorders not only in young children, but also in teenagers and adults. The solution offered by the mainstream establishment is notably drug oriented. The drugs most often prescribed are amphetamines and other drugs in the psychotropic category.

For example, “Mark”* is a neurotypical client who is 9 years old. He came to HCH with an ADHD classification from his school diagnostician. Mark’s parents were very concerned about his academic performance. He was making D’s in the third grade when he started our protocol in the fall of 2010.

Practitioners of western medicine wanted to give him drugs. Side effects of these drugs may include “paradoxical effects” (where the drugs may make the original symptoms worse), tics, or “dumbing down” through drug-induced fatigue or grogginess. On a positive note, it is being more widely recognized that certain foods are responsible for aggravating ADD/ADHD, so most sufferers may benefit simply from instituting an organic diet free of preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

We at HCH have had success in assisting individuals in overcoming these disorders through systemic detoxification along with avoidance of foods containing chemicals such as flavor enhancers, colorings, and preservatives.

Mark’s hyperactivity improved noticeably even after the first month of homeopathy, but he has had several periods of regression in behaviors associated with ADHD as we have worked back through the various layers of toxic insults and vaccines.

After a year of homeopathic detox and support, he was able to bring his grades up to B’s and C’s and today he is making A’s and B’s and has no issues with attention, impulsivity or hyperactivity.

Our advice? If the ingredient list on a food runs to one paragraph and contains unpronounceable words, avoid it!

Unfortunately, most schools are not on board in terms of natural and healthful dietary choices for kids. This poses a special challenge for concerned parents.

Preparing a lunch from home is one option. In these days of severe food allergies and sensitivities, it’s much easier than it was even 10 years go to send a lunch that is “acceptable looking” to peers, as it will look just like the junk food versions!

The Houston Homeopathy Method’s progressive detoxification program allows the individual’s immune system to identify and eliminate pathogens and inflammation that may contribute to exaggerated responses to environmental and food toxins. Together the effects of pathogens harbored in the body and the exogenous toxins in our daily exposures drive ADD and ADHD to the levels we are seeing in our world today.

The Houston Homeopathy Method makes it possible for ADD/ADHD children as well as adults to improve their daily quality of life and performance.

We believe that homeopathy coupled with sensible and healthy dietary choices are much to be preferred over the risks and harm posed by drugs.

If you or your child is suffering from ADD or ADHD, contact us here to find out how we can help,

*Not his real name.

Homeopathy ADHD Natural Treatments

The Houston Homeopathy Method for ADD and ADHD

The Houston Homeopathy Method (HHM) has been a work in progress since its inception in 1998.  In those years we began our work with children with allergies, learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral issues, eczema, gut problems, and a myriad of other health issues.  ADD and ADHD were among the first problems we were asked about, almost as soon as we turned the key in the lock on May 1, 1998.  Today Adult ADD is coming to the forefront as “those kids” begin to reach adulthood and find that the drugs that once helped are losing effectiveness or have unwanted side effects.  These problems were among some of the first items we wrote about in local holistic health newsletters and magazines.

The HHM has been greatly improved with the input and experience of all five of our professional homeopaths. It’s a good thing: Today ADD and ADHD are still on the rise.  The causes can be argued; the bigger question is what can be done about it?

Some sufferers can’t tolerate the side-effects of the drugs.  Many don’t want to be on lifelong drugs.  Parents who are trying to rear their children and live healthy family lifestyles may have issues with the idea of drugs. In many cases the drugs simply don’t help.  The HHM offers an alternative.

A testimonial letter from a client parent is still framed on our wall.  The child started with us in late elementary school, when his parents had concerns about his inability to focus.  They were worried about his ability to juggle changing classes, multiple teachers, and a whole new group of potential friends as he entered middle school.

We worked through his timeline for about 2 years, and he was pronounced ADD-free by his school.  He was able to move forward in his classes, and went from struggling with math into a Gifted and Talented math program in 7th grade.  He wrote us a  wonderful letter that illustrated how hard it is to understand how hard these kids struggle until they can talk about it for themselves.

In that letter, he talked about how little self-esteem he had because homework and notetaking were such struggles for him academically, barely hanging on through math classes.  And then, as we cleared his vaccines and antibiotic history, he gradually became better focused and more able to sit still.  He even changed his attitude to homework realizing it was “a great and wonderful challenge – but one to be overcome, not dreaded.”

He spoke of how he was “grumpy towards friends at times” because of the stress placed on him by everyday tasks – just changing classes was an overload of sensory input that would send his brain reeling.  He often left classes in a cold sweat because his focus was sometimes so bad at the start of 6th grade, he would forget what period he was heading to, hence his destination and would have to ask friends, who would “look at me like I’d just landed from Mars.”

He felt ostracized by his friends, he felt frustrated with himself, and as an active member of his church youth group, he felt “as though I’m not fulfilling what God wants for me – but it’s not because I don’t want to do it.”   Our journey together was very eye-opening for me – in fact, it was what opened me to realize as a healer how much I needed to have compassion for my clients – even the youngest ones.

By the time we had worked together, this young man had been elected president of his Sunday School class in a large church, was running for student council at school, was playing all the sports he always had enjoyed, but without the constant fear of “flunking out” and being pulled from participation.  His math had become his favorite class (straight A’s) and he loved going to school and meeting with a group of friends that seemed to be enlarging almost daily.  The bullying he was receiving also stopped, and he felt as though he could now just “be myself.”

While I haven’t seen this young man in several years, I stay in touch periodically with his mom through email.  He continues to do well – without the drugs that, as he put it, “numbed and dumbed me out of my head,” and also without any constant homeopathic remedies.  He is truly drug-free.   That was several years ago.  He is now in college and doing well.

Since then many children have been helped with ADD and ADHD symptoms, and the Houston Homeopathy Method continues to improve the speed of outcome as well as smoothing some of the rougher bumps we had in those early years, while the body was eliminating the very things that were behind the problem.  Many of the children with more severe sensory problems now also come to us, with very similar results.  The key to homeopathy is to individualize each client’s program plan.

The Houston Homeopathy Method is systematic and our homeopaths all are experts in meeting the client where they are, and supporting them physically, emotionally and behaviorally through homeopathic remedies that will let the immune system do an efficient job of clearing out any pathogens or toxins that are impacting the self-healing process.  Results?  Healthy, happier children – who no longer struggle with their self-esteem, homework, or lives.

And what do we get from the process?  Job satisfaction that we are truly helping those who have found no true help anywhere else!

If you or a loved one suffers from ADD, ADHD or other symptoms, please contact the Homeopathy Center of Houston today.