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OCD, “PANDAS,” Tics, Tourette’s and Autism: Commonalities and Houston Homeopathy Method (HHM) Solutions

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) used to be a rarity.

But according to the NIMH[i], approximately 2.3% of American adults between ages 18 and 54 have OCD. That’s 3.3 million people, with at least one-third of the cases beginning in childhood.

In many cases, OCD exists alongside other problems such as tics or Tourette’s syndrome, eating disorders, ADHD, anxiety disorders and many behavioral disorders.

Many autistic children also have OCD characteristics, which manifest as rigidity and inability to transition from one place or activity to the next, obsession with lining up toys and other particular rituals. In many non-autistic cases, it manifests merely as “I wash my hands a lot” or “I can’t go to bed at night without making sure all of my remote controls are lined up a certain way.”

OCD is so life impacting that the estimate of economic losses in the US even as far back as 1990 was $8.4 billion, almost 6% of the country’s total mental health bill. Since that time, the affliction has become more prevalent, and more deeply impacting, destroying the quality of life of millions of adults, children and their families.

 Can homeopathy help with this epidemic?

First, a note of clarification: homeopaths do not rely on medical diagnostic terms for their analysis of how to work with a case. However, most clients approach a homeopath with a diagnosis, often quickly giving the homeopath a generalized idea of what the problems are. Beyond that, a diagnosis is not necessary for homeopaths to work successfully with any client. Instead, the homeopath individualizes each case based upon the presenting symptoms.

This gives the homeopath a distinct advantage over conventional medicine’s methodology. The homeopath examines in great detail the client’s history, family traits and presenting symptoms, but it is not necessary to know the specific pathogenic germ that is responsible in order to successfully help the client’s symptoms.

Homeopaths must know their tools—especially the homeopathic Materia Medica, a compendium of some 4,000 homeopathic remedies—and how to interpret the body’s communications through the symptoms. This allows homeopaths to best match the symptoms to the appropriate remedy, based on the Law of Similars and/or the Laws of Isopathy.

However, if there are known indications as to a certain pathogen and its effects on the system, these can help guide the choice of remedy or remedies.

Homeopathy Center’s research has found some interesting connections between the disorders mentioned above.

The most common thread we are finding is strep as a possible cause, primarily cell wall–deficient strep.

Perhaps this autoimmune form of strep is caused by the breakdown of the cell wall of pathogenic streptococcus, but not the complete destruction of the microbe. Antibiotics attack the cell wall, causing this breakdown.

According to the work done by Lida Mattman, Ph.D., if the cell wall is partially or completely destroyed, or if the bacteria do not all die, then those that remain with a cell wall deficiency are often much more virulent and dangerous to the system.

This occurs because the immune system can’t recognize them as the enemy and can’t destroy them. These are commonly called “cell wall–deficient forms,” or “L-forms.” Dr. Mattman wisely refers to them as “stealth pathogens,” operating right under the immune system’s nose.

Homeopathic remedies do not add to this stripping away of the very thing that makes a pathogen recognizable to the immune system. They do not act by chemically bullying a pathogen into submission.

Rather, the homeopathic remedy in its highly diluted form carries a small “picture” into the system. This picture matches very closely the signal of the illness (whether caused by one or many pathogens, identified or not by humans).


The homeopathic remedy is a diluted remedy with a signal that is most similar to the symptoms of the sick person, which can alert the immune system to aid recovery even if the exact pathogen is not known.


The advantages are obvious.

Expensive lab tests aren’t necessary.

Many of our clients have found relief for their obsessions, compulsions and tics through remedies that typically would help a sore throat or ear infection.

Because we know that sore throats and ear infections are commonly caused by streptococcus, we can reasonably assume that the reason these remedies work for earaches, sore throats and OCD is because perhaps all three are caused by the same thing—streptococcus.

Modern medicine actually backs this homeopathic inference.

Medical research by Susan Swedo, MD, at the NIMH provided confirmation of our understanding of the physiological etiology of OCD, tics and movement disorders.[ii]

While many western practitioners might prefer to classify OCD as a mental/behavioral disorder, our case studies affirm Dr. Swedo’s findings that a physical component plays the leading role in this large category of complaints.

As part of the healing process, our clients frequently run fevers. We often see gains (a marked decrease in complaints) as the parents relieve fevers with any of many homeopathic remedies that also are commonly used for sore throats and earaches.

These maladies in medical literature have long been related to streptococcus.

In the past 2 years, this experience has allowed us to expand and focus more on homeopathy aimed at several specific pathogenic syndromes, particularly those associated in both homeopathic and medical literature with strep, herpes and the measles virus.

By focusing on remedies for our clients’ behavioral symptoms (which is a common approach in homeopathy), we have discovered that we are repeatedly pulled toward groups of remedies that revolve around these three important symptom constellations.

Using all forms of homeopathic remedies in proprietary combinations—nosodes, sarcodes and German biological and gemmotherapy remedies—the immune system receives the much-needed support required for true healing and elimination of the offending microbes.

Through this focus, combined with a sequential approach to healing, we are seeing many clients significantly reduce or eliminate their tics, OCD, rigidity and anxiety levels, and many ASD children are gaining cognitive, speech and social skills.

This same focus is precisely the vantage point that Homeopathy Center of Houston has successfully employed with children who come to us with a diagnosis somewhere on the Autism spectrum, including ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, PDD-NOS and autism. As we find effective ways to help one behavioral problem, it often carries over to others.

Just as we do not need to know the pathogen, we do not need a formal medical diagnosis to gain positive results. In fact, many homeopaths feel that a diagnostic term can occasionally serve as a distraction to seeking all of the person’s individualized symptoms.

A diagnosis is not a detriment, but it can sometimes imply symptoms that may or may not be present in the individual. It is the individualized way in which each person is affected by and exhibits their symptoms that the homeopath must seek and work with.

Often the symptoms of illnesses attributed to this or that “germ” are simply the body’s unique means of reacting differently to the same pathogen. For instance, where one child may get frequent rashes, another develops obsessions or compulsions. While strep may act as an inflammatory pathogen in one person’s throat, in another, it inflames the skin into a rash. In a third, it may inflame the brain stem and create obsessions.

In other cases, there may be many different pathogens involved. For instance, measles and herpes viruses are both known to enter the central nervous system. Because the homeopathic remedies boost the body’s own Vital Force (partly the immune system, partly the energy required to maintain homeostasis and sustain life) to do the work, the Vital Force may tackle one set of pathogens one time and a different set another time.

It does not matter whether it is one or many pathogens responsible—we can still follow and support the client’s recovery through the process using indicated remedies to support the body’s natural elimination and rebalancing capabilities (symptoms).

While the symptoms of Dr. Swedo’s term “PANDAS” are not what conventional medicine previously associated with streptococcus infections, she has noted the presence of strep antibodies, which she surmises to be attacking the basal ganglia.

Whether this is the actual mechanism or not, in our clinical experience, we can say that no matter what the name, or the mechanism, homeopathic remedies for complaints associated with strep have provided most of our clients relief from inflammatory symptoms and movement and obsession disorders. This makes sense when compared to Dr. Swedo’s view of this relatively “new” phenomenon of PANDAS.

Unfortunately, the prevailing wisdom is that if PANDAS becomes a definitive diagnostic term, then the obvious treatment medically would be long-term antibiotics. However, there are grave concerns about the effects of long-term antibiotics, which may be a panacea only for some.

It is well known that 75% of our human immune system lies not just in the physical entity we call the gut, but in the biological ecosystem of the gut flora and bacterial population. It is equally well known that antibiotics, even in the short term, disrupt this fragile balance between “good” and “bad” bacteria in the gut. In the long term, they could be doing more harm than good.

Homeopathy offers a non-suppressive, broad-based option to help restore immune system function and reduce obsessions, compulsions and motor problems without any side effects. It supports the immune system and cannot destroy the delicate balance of the gut flora.

Homeopathic remedies do not create cell wall–deficient, highly pathogenic forms. They harness the body’s own innate healing mechanisms and gently nudge them back toward balance without toxins or drugs.

The best part is that when the body heals itself, the healing is true, deep and lasting. There are no “rebounds” or cycles, whereby the symptoms keep returning or worsening after the remedies are stopped, leaving the patient needing ongoing, lifelong treatment.

So far, our homeopathic work has been very promising and successful with many children who have suffered tics, obsessions and compulsions. No matter the prevailing medical wisdom or controversy over of how to treat these disorders, there is a growing body of accepted knowledge that points out that OCD is a physiological illness that affects behavior.

The key to the Houston Homeopathy Method is the method. It is a thought process and unique application of many different homeopathic approaches that have reaped huge rewards for not only our clients, but even some of our own children.

What outcomes have we seen?

We’ve seen clients become much less obsessed, able to regain normal control of their anxieties and able to relax and return to a normal life. Our children with tics or Tourette’s syndrome have either lost or greatly diminished their tics, and many are still working with us with every good reason to believe they will lose their tics entirely.

The recovery is not overnight. Most of our clients have had multiple exposures to bacteria, or “infections,” and have been treated previously with antibiotics, so the “unlayering” process may require some time. But the time required is getting shorter as we discover more through ongoing research.

Most importantly, our clients get better with each step we take in peeling back the layers that led to their problems.

To learn more about how we can help you with your OCD, PANDAS, tics and Tourette’s syndrome, click here.

[ii] Leonard, H, Swedo S; Paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infection (PANDAS); 2001, Int J Neuropsychopharmacology 4: 191-198

Painless Medicine – Painless Phone Consultations


Painless Medicine

Homeopathy is completely noninvasive, painless medicine and gentle (yet powerful) medicine.  We take it one step further by our ability to offer telephone consultations worldwide.  You can do your consultation, by appointment with one of our practitioners, via phone from your home or office.

For our clients with autistic family members, that can be a huge savings of time, wear and tear on the child and travel costs for the caregivers, because we can work into a good time in your family schedule.  And no matter what your health issue, even if you live in the Houston area, we can save you gas and time in traffic! Of course, you are always welcome to pick up your remedies.  But most clients quickly come to appreciate the convenience of receiving their package of homeopathic “goodies” each month right at their doorstep.

Thanks to technology, we are truly unlimited in our reach.  Indeed, we have successfully worked with clients in over 30 different countries so far, and in almost all 50 states.

So if you need our help, or just want an alternative practitioner you can call on, don’t let distance stop you!  We are here for you – where ever YOU are!  Just call us at 713-366-8700!


Tips for Stimmy Kids in Autism

Quick Tips for Stimmy Kids in Autism

If your child’s “stims” have you climbing the walls, here are some tips for Stimmy Kids in Autism to help!

What are stims? The word comes from “self-stimulation” – which actually is a misnomer. Many of the behaviors seen as “stims” or “typical autism behaviors” may have their basis in the child’s environment, or from internal pathogens such as bacteria, viruses or parasites.  Others may be reactions to physical pain or sensations. Houston Homeopathy Method offers help through sequential homeopathy for many of the “stims” by addressing them at the root.  But here are some tips that might help you find some peace through things you can do to improve your child’s diet or environment.

Tips for Stimmy Kids in Autism
Some so-called “stims” like head-banging are actually a reaction to pain, and in that case, typically it means headache pain or gut pain.  This is always a “red flag” to us that a child is in severe pain, so it is a strong immediate focus of our approach.  Sometimes a strict gluten-free/casein-free diet will greatly improve gut distress and its associated behaviors.

Scratching, biting or intense lashing-out at others, or wrist biting can indicate pain such as reflux or heartburn. We have a number of options for temporary relief, but long term recovery is one of the top ten things we are “famous” for, through sequential homeopathy.

Aggression can be indicative of pain, but can also be driven by reactions to MSG, food colorings, preservatives or other additives in the diet.  A “clean” organic, chemical-free diet is always our recommendation for children with autism or other vaccine injury. And if you can’t pronounce it, probably it’s not healthy for anyone to eat it.

Using organic, human-friendly, non-toxic cleansers at home may help reduce stims and improve attention and social interaction. So check your laundry detergents, shampoos and soaps – and don’t spray that cologne near your autistic child! If you can smell it, or can’t pronounce the ingredients, it could be a culprit. You may be surprised at what can set off a spate of stims, tics, or stims.

Does your child flap his hands wildly or hold them in odd positions in front of his eyes and scream “eeeeeeeeeeee?” When was the last time s/he ate fast food or highly processed foods? Often this behavior is related to excitotoxins such as MSG, artificial food additives, colorings or flavorings. Simply cleaning up the diet often eliminates or greatly reduces such behaviors. It can also be an indicator of overgrowth of parasites of various sorts.

Professional Clean-up Required – Don’t Try This At Home!

The following behaviors help us discern which pathogens might be a problem requiring deeper cleansing through sequential homeopathy.

  • Are the behaviors worse around the full moon or the new moon? Either way, parasites may be behind any generalized behavioral worsening that occurs in a 4-week cycle. Obsession with water play, mud, fecal smearing or saliva play that cannot be redirected easily is another indicator of parasite presence. We have developed a non-toxic, gentle program that has resulted in parasite reduction for hundreds of clients over the past decade. (You might enjoy reading “The Best Full Moon Ever!”)
  • Does s/he climb on furniture, or constantly jump? He may have measles virus surfacing.
  • Does s/he repeat the last phrases of videos or your last conversations? You might want to check for strep titers or possibly clostridia.
  • Is your child’s behavior impossible to redirect? Whatever your child’s “stimmy” behavior, if it’s difficult or impossible to redirect her, we always consider whether or not there is an underlying obsession or compulsion. If so, we consider addressing some bacterial overloads.

Each child’s autism is a unique manifestation of behaviors and what’s behind them. The tips above come from our observations and experience with some of these more common “stims” what is behind them and what has helped them.  In our consults, communications of the parents’ observations of “stims” and other behaviors are greatly helpful in determining why various behaviors are present, and which pathogens are present in the system can be discerned and addressed by the The Houston Homeopathy Method. Since 2002, we have offered the first and only cutting edge sequential homeopathic approach to be based upon the full biomedical model of autism – the Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism. Call us today and we’ll do our best to “de-stim” your “stimmy” child!

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Back to School Behavior


Houston Homeopathy Video: Autism One 2015 Overview

Let the Houston Homeopathy Video Method fill in the missing pieces for autism

Grab a snack (gluten-free/casein-free, of course!) download the slide PDF,  and settle in to watch our presentation from Autism One 2015 Conference, “Is Sequential Homeopathy the Missing Piece to Your Child’s Autism Puzzle?”


Introduction:  0:00 to 6:30
Homeopathy History and Classical Homeopathy: 6:30-19:54
Houston Homeopathy Method – Keeping Up with 21st Century Illnesses: 19:55-29:20
THE GOOD STUFF: Successes and Works in Progress in our Cases:  29:20-43:59
THE BEST STUFF: From the Grandmother and Mother – a Recovery Story of one of our Clients (with the client chiming in when they got something wrong!) 44:00 – End

Watch the Houston Homeopathy Video Below!

There is MORE than hope – there is HELP for your child’s (or grandchild’s) autism!

Autism Mom Testimonial: Houston Homeopathy Method

Autism Moms and dads would rather hear another autism parent speak about their experiences.  In this video, two of our client’s family members present their stories about the Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism for this little girl.Houston Homeopathy Method for AutismHere is one of our moms – and a bonus, a GRANDmom –  speaking to an audience at Autism One about her daughter’s experience with the Houston Homeopathy Method.  Please start at 51 minutes to hear one mother’s story with the Houston Homeopathy Method!  Also, though she’s not visible, you can hear a very (now) neurotypical 7 year old’s corrections and banter from the “peanut gallery” as her mother responds!

With thanks and credit to Autism One for the video, to  AutismOne Executive Director, Teri Arranga and to Audrey, Karen and Ellen.  THANKS SO MUCH for sharing your stories!

Video Outline:

Brief Cases:  1:50-6:00
Introduction to Homeopathy and Homeopathy Methods: 6:00 -20:41
The Houston Homeopathy Method:  20:41-29:23
More Recovery Cases:  29:23-44:26

Grandmother’s Testimonial for Houston Homeopathy Method:  44:34-52:10

Mom’s Testimonial for Houston Homeopathy: 52:10 – 1:00:40

Hear This Well: Video Worth Your Time

We feel compelled to help get this message out.  Please watch past the first 30 seconds or so for the real message!  These parents and kids say it best.  This isn’t our project, nor our idea – but we are glad someone has done it! Please watch, share, and add your voice, your story if you feel led to do so.

Do you have a vaccine injury or autism story you’d like people to hear? Add it!  Here’s how:

Email videos to and as attachments.

HCH Aspergers Article Published in Peer Review Journal

Cover photo 2013-April

“Asperger’s Syndrome: A Journey, Not a Destination” was published in the Spring 2013 issue of the peer-reviewed journal Annals of Psychotherapy and Integrative Medicine. Click to read how the Houston Homeopathy Method works on Asperger’s Syndrome through a case narrative from a parent as practitioner perspective.


Stories from Homeopathy Houston

Homeopathy – Back to School Behavior

As school starts we have noticed a pattern of increased violence or irritability among some of our clients.  Some of the possible culprits have been identified through our experience and many of our children now actually handle the start of school better each year.

Many of our foods today contain highly reactive and addictive additives and chemicals. Many children When the kids are back in school, all parents breathe a collective sigh of relief, however, it opens the door for dietary issues galore – not always with our knowledge or consent as parents, and definitely without knowledge on the part of the school – unless you educate them.

One of our office staff members recently mentioned that one of her children, usually very well behaved, had meltdowns whenever they went to a particular chicken-oriented restaurant.  Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is mentioned TWICE in their ingredient list online.  This particular restaurant chain’s offerings are part of the “healthy menu” choices one day per week by the school cafeteria.  Yet the school officials seem oblivious to the fact that on the days when this is served, there are more fights and disciplinary meausres necessary.  To us it comes as no surprise.

Most schools don’t publish their school lunch nutritional content by ingredients.  Yet, most use government surplus foods, full of additives, aluminum, plastics, etc., and plenty of aluminum foil and utenstils are used for baking, cooking, etc.  Even the most nutrition savvy moms, the ones who send the kiddos off with a nourishing, organic, high-veggie, GMO-free, excitotoxin-free (excitotoxins are dyes, MSG, preservatives, nitrates, nitrites, etc.), cannot control what really goes into their kids’ mouths at school.  It could be as simple as the dyes in the fingerpaints, or kids trading or borrowing a bite or two from another child’s lunch.  Whether it’s a school lunch or a snack from a teacher who isn’t “in the know” (ABA programs are notorious for using soft drinks, sweetened with GMO corn syrup and highly addictive to everyone, but more to our kids, or gold fish, suckers, etc. as rewards, too), the school doesn’t understand – unless you educate them.

Another Back to School issue is that of chemical and mold exposures.  Many of us, as well as our children, are highly sensitive to pesticides, formaldehyde, etc.  When schools start up, many have recarpeted, had air conditioning limited or turned off during the school, repainted, etc. over the summer.  The chemical issues are obvious for our kids.  If they are acting out, go to the school and sniff (in a short exposure!!!! You don’t need to be made ill, either!).  If you smell paint, mold, new carpet smells, etc., it’s likely to be affecting your child’s behavior and focus – and the other kids’ as well!

What do most parents do just before their children return to school?  They buy new things – backpacks, clothing, shoes, notebooks, crayons, etc.  All of these items can out-gas for weeks to months.  Anything that is washable should always be washed 2-3 times before allowing your chemically sensitive child to wear it. Obviously not all items are machine washable, so think green as you purchase the kids’ back to school materials – and again, realize that the school may not be all that green. New curtains in the auditorium will outgas for months. New fabrics and glues on office and classroom furnishings and toys outgas.

So how do we change this?  It takes time and an overwhelming shift as more and more parents become aware.  Do a presentation on the role of excitotoxins in child behavior to the PTO.  Talk to other parents with Special Ed, learning disabled, as well as typical kids (who May just seem a little “irritable at times”)to make them aware of when that happens.

As homeopaths, certainly we frequently clear our clients for such problems, and if we know of an ongoing exposure, we can provide daily remedies to help the kids deal with the exposure to specific neurotoxins in their environment.  Even that may not be adequate to eliminate the behaviors if the exposure is ongoing.  Do your best to work with the school, and at home, to minimize the chemicals, and maximize the outdoor time.  But in the long term – fight for your child’s right to breathe clean, fresh air. If the school’s answer to poor behavior is removal of outdoor time, they are shooting themselves, and your child, in the foot.

Educate them on chemicals and the need for care.  If you have tested your child for chemical or food sensitivities, provide the school with a list of your child’s sensitivities IN WRITING, to foods, chemicals, etc., and make sure it is a documented part of his/her IEP (if your child has one).  To be sure, given the level of toxicity we are all exposed to on a daily basis, many kids today are developing many chemical sensitivities – but their parents and the schools don’t always realize it.  Some Excellent resource books are Excitotoxins – the Taste That Kills by Russell Blaylock, The Crazy Makers by Carol Simontacchi, and a number of books by Doris Rapp, MD.

Sequential Homeopathy is amazingly helpful over time at reducing some of the behavioral issues from these sensitivities, but as with computers, garbage in equals garbage out.  The reality is, MSG, food additives, solvents and paints, pesticides, mold, etc. are all found in many places and are difficult to avoid.  Schools can be some of the sickest buildings there are at the start of school.  But the more steps you take to maximize awareness and minimize the exposure, including documenting it with the school, the more quickly they will become aware and improve the situation for all of the kids.

Thanks for being such responsible parents – we’re here to help you!

Autism Strategies for Parents

Parents: Autism Strategies You Haven’t Tried

Your child has just received a diagnosis of autism.

Where do you go from here?

Or maybe your child was diagnosed years ago. At this point, you’re way past the shock, the dismay and the confusion of what to do.

Autism Strategies for ParentsMaybe you even feel like you’ve tried everything with few or no results, or even a worsening of your child’s condition. Maybe you’ve given up and think there is nothing left.

Maybe you’re somewhere between the two—you haven’t quite given up hope, but you have no idea what to try next.

Parents, remember that you are your child’s first and most important advocate. They need you to not give up. They need you to fight for them.

What guidance can we offer?

Does homeopathy offer any real hope for your older child? Your newly diagnosed child? Can or should the Houston Homeopathy Method™ become a part of your child’s recovery from autism? We say yes on all counts!

If you’ve already tried the latest and greatest diets, drugs and supplements with little to no results, you have nothing to lose by trying homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a gentle detoxification method that cannot harm your child. Unlike drugs and even some supplements, homeopathy cannot start a new problem.

We sleep well at night knowing that every child who takes even a few of our detoxification remedies is going to leave us in better condition than they started in.

If your child is newly diagnosed and you’re not sure what direction to go, we recommend trying homeopathy. Several of our parents have told us that they wish they had started with us first! A few did, and their children turned around very quickly.

We love our “homeopathic virgins” who have not taken a large number of drugs or have not been subjected to the invasiveness and trauma of so many different testing and treatment protocols. We don’t have to start by clearing the drugs and traumas. We can just dive into where your child is right now and work back through the pathogens that caused the problems in the first place instead of first having to lose time working through previous toxins and traumas.

For those of you who have been told, “You’re losing time–your child is getting too old for biomedical to really help him or her,” our response is, “WRONG!”

We have worked with older children in their teens and made great progress. We have seen family life change as teens who were aggressive, angry, and even dangerous settle down, get out of pain and become a joy to their families instead of a source of fear and worry.

If you’ve been told that the only thing left is institutionalization, you need to read some of our stories about children whose parents have never given up.

If you’re somewhere between not knowing what to try next and giving up hope, you may find the Houston Homeopathy Method™ to be a breath of fresh air.

We demand no expensive, painful or messy testing. We won’t subject your child to blood draws, IVs or long tests that both empty the bank and tax your child’s ability to undergo the testing process.

Many of our parents say that our approach is one of the easiest things they have ever done!

What about diet?

We’re glad you asked. We do believe that children with autism have inflammation in their guts, and that inflammation causes them pain and contributes to their behaviors.

While many of our kids can eventually have times when they don’t strictly adhere to the gluten- and casein-free (GF/CF) diet, we do believe that every child with autism will benefit from the GF/CF diet.

We have seen that our program will work more quickly with children who are on this diet than for those who are still eating what is tantamount to toxin for their system.

A few parents have worked with us and not “done the diet” with their child. However, for the best results, we find that if you can shy away from those things that work against your child’s system, no matter what approach you take, your child will be healthier for it—even if you may not see overt results right away.

If what you are doing is not working, if you’re not happy with what your child is going through or if you can’t afford the testing and just want someone to focus on healing your child’s autism, it’s time to think differently.

Homeopathy Center of Houston has been thinking differently about autism—uniquely, we dare say—since 2003.

Our children can and do recover.

To date, over 100 children have fully recovered from autism or PDD-NOS with The Houston Homeopathy Method™. Dozens more are on their way to a better, healthier life through homeopathy. Our program requires no testing or invasive treatments or tests, and every cent of your investment in your child will go toward the healing process, not just “treating to the test.”

Don’t give up on your child. We won’t give up on autism.

Click here to book a consultation .

Stories from Homeopathy Houston

Aggressive, Oppositional Kids? Success Stories from Homeopathy Houston Files

Stories from Homeopathy Houston: One of my most memorable moments was the discovery that a very angry, defiant, oppositional young man I knew who had been “double vaccinated” (first vaccinated in his home country, then vaccinated again with every vaccine required by the CDC and Immigration Service upon his arrival in the United States) after working several months with the Houston Homeopathy Method (HHM) had, for the first time since arriving in this country, been able to smile during class.  After a few months of the HHM, he successfully entered the playground without fighting with his peers and teachers, and brought home a novel comment under “Conduct” on his report card: “a joy in class – helpful and curious.”

The most likely culprit in this young man’s anger was the 7 Hepatitis B vaccines he had received, and their impact on his liver.     He received one at birth in his home country, three more at 2, 4 and 6 months of age, then a series of three more before the age of 3 in the United States.   We have noted over the years that most of our clients encounter a period of increased anger for a few days whenever we specifically detoxify the Hepatitis vaccines they received.  In this child’s case, I fully expected the worst, and when we got to his final hepatitis shot with his birth clear, he became very angry.  Then, after an hours-long major tantrum, which blew over as suddenly as it had come on, it was as if the angry, seething, fighting little boy had disappeared and been replaced by sobs of regret, which were soon followed by a delightful sweetening of his nature.  His parents and his teachers hardly recognized him for the smiles, consideration and sweetness he displayed.

This type of aggression, anger and tantruming seems to be on the rise in younger and younger children over the past decade.   A certain degree of aggression seems to go with childhood, but there is a difference between this and out of control, raging, abusive behaviors that are chronic and persistent. 1 to 4% of children ages 9-17 are now diagnosed with Conduct Disorder also known as “disruptive disorder” and as many as 1-6% of the school-aged population are now being diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), a more serious level of aggressive behavior.  Children may come to Homeopathy Center’s practitioners with a variety of “official diagnoses” and the parents and usually the children themselves are desperate for help.   While psychiatry and psychology can offer drug and behavioral help, what do you do when they don’t work at all, or stop working?   Psychotropic drugs may cause unwanted or uncomfortable side effects, so many parents turn to us to find the safer, more effective, long-term, drug-free solutions the HHM can offer.

Since this young man’s journey, we’ve added far more liver support for our clients, and now the “peak” of a Hepatitis B vaccine clear is almost a non-event in most cases.  What is the correlation?   From a holistic viewpoint, different organ systems can correspond to different emotions.   It is not unusual to see women who suppress anger manifest chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs).   When they became more able to process and express their suppressed anger, their urinary tracts became healthier.  Once the anger is processed, both the anger and the UTIs would often dissipate completely.

The liver is a second “seat of anger” in the holistic viewpoint.  In line with that, we have observed the seething, and later erupting sort of volcanic anger is most often associated with liver problems.  Simply put; once the liver is healthier, so is the person, and anger often diminishes.  As we continue to improve our tools with proprietary supportive remedies for the liver during the detoxification of hepatitis (vaccine or disease) over the years we have noted our clients have far fewer and less intense explosions of anger as the body “wrings the culprit out” of the liver that may be stressing it, be it biological pathogens or toxins that have clogged up this important filter system.

The Houston Homeopathic Method can gain significant improvements in many behavioral problems. Homeopathy has long been known for its compassionate and gentle relief of all manner of emotional and behavioral problems, and the HHM  not only offers relief but also permanent improvements due to our focus and homeopathy’s ability to address causational factors, even decades old.  If you or someone you know suffers with anger issues, whether from emotional trauma, liver toxicity or any causation, we can help.  Through gentle detoxification supports, creatively and systematically “clearing through” the individual timeline, and helping the body to readjust and rebalance itself, homeopathy can give welcome, even life-changing relief.