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Homeopathic Remedies for Allergies

It seems that this time of year we all feel the joy of the renewal of nature, the warming of the earth and…AACHOO…the trigger of pollen in the air.

Homeopathic Allergy Remedies

Here are some helpful, readily available remedies to try to hay fever relief.


Allium cepa (Red onion):  If your symptoms include sneezing with burning, runny nose, burning, tearful, red-rimmed eyes, as if you’d just peeled an onion, this is a good starting point.

Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright): If you tend towards conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eye and eyelids with weeping, or thick discharges), this may be the remedy for you. It also helps with headaches from the stuffiness.  There is so much nasal discharge, there is a complaint of “I feel like I’m drowning” that would indicate this as a good remedy.

Sabadilla (Cevadilla seed):  When your eyelids are red and burn terribly, with spasms of sneezing, and copious watery nasal discharge, even a touch of a wheeze, Sabadilla may bring relief.

Nux Vomica (Colubrina): Where there are paroxysms of sneeze after sneeze, with stuffiness that changes sides as you roll over at night, from left to right, reach for Nux vomica (this applies to colds with those symptoms, as well).  Nux can help with any symptom where you feel you “want to but can’t” – so “if I could just blow my nose, I’d feel better,” for instance. With nux the eyes may be bloodshot, and there may be itching of the ears as an indicator symptom. It also helps with the wheezing that may accompany allergies.



Homeopathy DIY+: Professional formulas at DIY costs

If the remedies above don’t help, or only give minimal relief, call us.  Our NEW programs offer tried-and-true, professional allergy formulas, not available online or in stores, only from qualified practitioners.

Check out our NEW Homeopathy DIY+ Hay Fever Allergy Program, available now! It’s a great starting place for anyone seeking immediate relief.

Chronic sinusitis?  Our new Homeopathy DIY+ Sinus Relief Program may be for you.

Not sure which program you need?  Your homeopath can help suggest the best program at your initial “starter” consultation.

Tired of fighting allergies every year?

Long-term detoxification may end your misery!

While certainly things are pollinating as we all look forward to floral festivals, it may not just be a matter of pollen. In Houston, we breathe up to five times more mercury in our air than almost any other city in the United States. Other areas of the country also have high levels of mercury in the air from petroleum or chemical refineries and generalized air pollution carries other heavy metals. What does that have to do with allergies?  A great deal actually.

In the homeopathic materia medica the symptoms that are brought on by the substance mercurius vivus (quicksilver, or pure mercury) include, but are not limited to, “eyes: burning acrid discharge, nose: sinusitis and colds, coryza (runny nose) with sneezing; frequent sneezing; yellow, green, fetid, possible glue-like discharges; mucous membranes: inflamed, irritated; thick yellow nasal discharge,” all commonly found symptoms in many seasonal allergies.

Common sources of mercury toxicity, which can lead into allergies, can be mercury amalgam or “silver” dental fillings, batteries, broken CFC or fluorescent light bulbs, and air pollution from factories, refineries or chemical plants.  While thimerosal, a common vaccine ingredient, has been removed from some childhood vaccines, many vaccines such as the flu vaccine, still contain high levels of mercury.

There are different ways to try to detoxify this heavy metal, but one of the most efficient, and gentle approaches is through the Houston Homeopathy Method of sequential homeopathy.  We have had many people come to us over the years with chronic sinus issues, such as hay fever, eye irritation, and other common symptoms of allergy reactions. While we work to desensitize the system to the known pollen allergens, while simultaneously supporting the detoxification exit routes, we can usually get tangible relief through reduction of inflammation and the histamine reaction.  Many of our clients have been able to get off of their allergy medications, allergy shots, sinus medications, even steroids which had been used, often for many years to “manage their symptoms.” As we have said before in these articles, symptom management is not the same as true health.

If you or someone you love has been plagued with chronic allergies, sinusitis, or other common sensitivities, homeopathic detoxification and sensitivity reduction through the Houston Homeopathy Method might offer solutions without drugs and their side effects, without expensive testing, through gentle homeopathic detoxification and desensitization.

For the longer term detox, consider the Houston Homeopathy Method.  If you’re not certain you’re ready for it, you can start with the DIY+ program, and switch at any time, with a discounted initial consultation for being a DIY+ client!

Stories from Homeopathy Houston

OCD, “PANDAS,” Tics, Tourette’s and Autism: Commonalities and Houston Homeopathy Method(HHM) Solutions

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD used to be a rarity, but according to the NIMH[i], approximately 2.3%, or 3.3 million American adults between ages 18 and 54 have OCD. At least one-third of the cases began in childhood.  In many cases, OCD exists alongside other problems such as tics or Tourette’s Syndrome, eating disorders, ADHD, anxiety disorders, and many behavioral disorders.

Many autistic children have OCD characteristics as well, which manifest as rigidity and inability to transition from one place or activity to the next, or obsession with lining up toys, and other particular rituals. In many non-autistic cases, it manifests merely as “I wash my hands a lot” or “I can’t go to bed at night without making sure all of my remote controls are lined up a certain way.”

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is so life impacting that the estimate of economic losses in the US even as far back as 1990 was $8.4 billion, almost 6% of the total mental health bill in America.  Since that time, it is apparent that the affliction is becoming more prevalent, and more deeply impacting, even to the verge of destroying the quality of life for millions of adults and children and their families.

First a statement of clarification: homeopaths do not rely on medical diagnostic terms for their analysis of how to work with a case.   However, most clients approach a homeopath with a diagnosis, often quickly giving us a generalized idea of what the problems are.  Beyond that, a diagnosis is not necessary for homeopaths to work successfully with any client.  Instead, the homeopath will individualize each case based upon the presenting symptoms.

This gives the homeopath a distinct advantage over conventional medicine’s methodology.  The homeopath will examine in great detail the client’s history, family traits, and presenting symptoms, but it is not necessary to know the specific “pathogenic germ” that is responsible in order to successfully help the client’s symptoms.   She must know her tools – the homeopathic materia medica, a compendium of 4000 or so homeopathic remedies available to homeopaths, and how to interpret the body’s communications through the symptoms, so that she can best match them to the appropriate remedy, based on the Law of Similars and/or the Laws of Isopathy.   However, if there are known indications as to a certain pathogen and its effects on the system, that can be taken into account and help to guide the choice of remedy or remedies.

Homeopathy Center’s research has found some interesting connections between the disorders mentioned above. The most common thread we are finding is strep as a possible causation, primarily cell wall deficient strep. Perhaps this “auto-immune” form of strep is caused by the breakdown of the cell wall of pathogenic streptococcus, but not the complete destruction of the microbe, by antibiotics. It is the cell wall that is attacked by conventional medicine’s antibiotics.

According to the work done by Lida Mattman, Ph.D., throughout her life, If the cell wall is partially or completely destroyed, or if the bacteria do not all die, and many do not, then those that remained with a cell wall deficiency are often much more virulent and dangerous to the system.  This is because the immune system cannot recognize them as the enemy, and can’t destroy them. These are commonly called “Cell-wall-deficient forms” or “L-forms.” Dr. Mattman wisely referred to them as “stealth pathogens,” operating right under the immune system’s nose.

Homeopathic remedies do not add to this stripping away of the very thing that makes a pathogen recognizable to the immune system.   They do not act through chemically bullying a pathogen into submission.  Rather, the homeopathic remedy in its highly diluted form, carries a small “picture” into the system or signal, which will match very similarly the signal of the illness (whether caused by one or many pathogens, identified or not by mere humans). The homeopathic remedy is a dilute remedy with a signal that is “most similar” to the symptoms of the sick person, which can alert the vital force, or immune system, to aid

recovery even if the exact pathogen is not known.

The advantages become obvious, including that expensive lab tests are not necessary for the homeopath to be successful.  Many of our clients have found relief through remedies which typically would help a sore throat or ear infection to be helpful with their obsessions, compulsions and tics.   And because we know that medical literature supports that sore throats and ear infections being commonly caused by streptococcus, it is a reasonable inference that perhaps the reason these remedies work for earaches, sore throats and OCD is because perhaps all three are caused by the same thing – streptococcus.

Ironically, modern medicine backs this homeopathic inference as the following demonstrates.  Medical research by Susan Swedo, MD, at the NIMH provided confirmation of our understanding of the physiological etiology of OCD, tics and movement disorders.[ii]   While powerful concerns would prefer to classify OCD, like autism, as a mental/behavioral disorder (whether out of disbelief of the truth or avoidance thereof), our case studies affirm Dr. Swedo’s findings that a physical component plays the leading role in this large category of complaints.

As part of the healing process, our clients will frequently run fevers.  We often see gains (a marked decrease in complaints) as the parents relieved fevers with any of several homeopathic remedies which also are commonly used for sore throats and ear aches.   These maladies in medical literature have long been etiologically related to streptococcus.

In the past 2 years, this experience has allowed us to expand and focus more on homeopathy aimed at several specific pathogenic syndromes, in particular, those associated in both homeopathic and medical literature with strep, herpes, and measles virus.   By generally focusing on remedies for our clients’ behavioral symptoms (which is a common approach in homeopathy) we have discovered that repeatedly we are pulled toward, and finding success with groups of remedies which revolve around these three important symptom constellations.

Using all forms of homeopathic remedies in proprietary combinations, nosodes, sarcodes, German biological and gemmotherapy remedies, the immune system is given the much needed support required for true healing and apparent elimination of the offending microbes.  Through this focus, and combined with a sequential approach to healing, we are seeing many clients significantly reduce or eliminate their tics, OCD, rigidity, and anxiety levels, while many ASD children are gaining in cognitive, speech and social skills.

This same focus is precisely the vantage point that Homeopathy Center of Houston has successfully employed with children who come to us with a diagnosis somewhere on the Autism spectrum including ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS, and Autism.  As we find effective ways to help one behavioral problem it often carries over to others.

Just as we do not need to know the pathogen, we do not need a formal medical diagnosis to gain positive results.  In fact, many homeopaths feel that a diagnostic term can occasionally serve as a distraction to seeking all of the person’s individualized symptoms.  It is not a detriment, but can sometimes imply symptoms which may or may not be present in the individual.  And it is the individualized way in which each person is affected by and exhibits his/her symptoms that the homeopath must seek and work with.

Often the symptoms of illnesses attributed to this or that “germ” are simply the body’s unique means of reacting differently to the same pathogen.  For instance, where one child may get frequent rashes, another develops obsessions or compulsions.   While strep may act as an inflammatory pathogen in one person’s throat, in another, it inflames the skin into a rash, and in a third, it may inflame the brain stem and create obsessions.

In other cases, there may

be many different pathogens involved – for instance, measles virus is known to enter the central nervous system, as do herpes viruses.  Because the homeopathic remedies boost the body’s own Vital Force (partly the immune system, partly the energy required to maintain homeostasis and sustain life) to do the work, the Vital Force may tackle one set of “pathogens” one time, and a different set at another. It does not matter whether it is one or many pathogens responsible – we can still follow and support the client’s recovery through the process using indicated remedies to support the body’s natural elimination and rebalancing capabilities (symptoms).

While the symptoms of Dr. Swedo’s term “PANDAS” are not what conventional medicine previously associated with streptococcus infections, she has noted the presence of strep antibodies which she surmises to be attacking the basal ganglia.  Whether this is the actual mechanism or not, in our clinical experience, we can only say that no matter what the name, or the mechanism, homeopathic remedies for complaints associated with strep have provided most of our clients relief from inflammatory symptoms, movement and obsession disorders, and seem to make common sense when compared to Dr. Swedo’s view of this relatively “new” phenomenon of PANDAS.

Unfortunately, the prevailing wisdom is that if PANDAS becomes a definitive diagnostic term, then the obvious treatment medically would be long term antibiotics.  However, there are grave concerns about the effects of long term antibiotics which may be only a panacea for some. It is well known that 75% of our human immune system lies not just in the physical entity we call the gut, but with the biological ecosystem of the gut flora, and bacterial population.  It is equally well known that antibiotics, even in short term, disrupt this fragile balance between “good” and “bad” bacteria in the gut, hence long term, could possibly be doing more harm than good.

Homeopathy offers a non-suppressive, broad-based option to help restore immune system function, reduce the obsessions, compulsions and motor problems, and creates no side effects.  It supports the immune system, and cannot destroy the delicate balance of the gut flora.  Homeopathic remedies do not create “cell wall deficient” highly pathogenic forms.  They can only harness the body’s own innate healing mechanisms and gently nudge them back toward balance or homeostasis, without toxins, harm or drugs.

The best part is – all true healing is self-healing – when the body heals itself, with homeopathy effectively “calling the signals” then the healing is true, deep, and lasting.   Once the body rids itself of the offenders, there are no “rebounds” or cycles, whereby the remedies are stopped but the symptoms keep returning or worsening, necessitating ongoing, lifelong treatment, as is advocated for PANDAS.

So far, our homeopathic work has been very promising and successful with many children who have suffered tics, obsessions and compulsions.  No matter the medical prevailing wisdom or controversy over of how to treat these disorders, there is a growing body of accepted knowledge that points out that OCD is much more a physiological illness that affects behavior.

As outlined above, homeopathy does not depend upon cookbook medicine, or identification of a specific pathogen, and is not based on a “diagnostic criteria for treatment.”  Our children and adults are treated as people who have a problem, not as a diagnosis which gets a one-size-fits-all answer.

The key to the Houston Homeopathy Method is the method. It is a thought process and unique application of many different homeopathic methodologies that has reaped huge rewards for not only our clients, but even some of our own children.

What outcomes have we seen?   With children with autism, we’ve had huge improvements in “stereotypical autism behaviors” such as inability to transition, rigid reliance on a perfectly controlled schedule, more ability to be redirected away from their compulsions, and gradual fading away of all of the above – coupled with greater long term indications of overall better health.   Many of our children who were not talking have begun talking, those who had simple labeling or single answer demands have started moving into full sentences.

One very surprising commonality is that our kids seem to be happier.   Even toileting has become much better in many cases.   For our more verbal children we are seeing more interaction, more descriptive language, more spontaneous and expressive of emotion than seemingly unemotional, robotic language (as is typical from ABA approaches), and gains in social behaviors.

With our clients whose primary complaints include obsessions and/or compulsive behaviors, or who had OCD diagnoses when they came to us, as they progress through the HHM, we’ve seen that they are much less obsessed, able to regain normal control of their anxieties (also related to strep, we are realizing), and able to relax and return to a normal life.   Our children with tics or Tourette’s Syndrome have either lost or greatly diminished their tics, and many are still working with us, with every good reason to believe they will lose their tics entirely.

The recovery is not overnight, as most of our clients have had multiple exposures to bacteria, or “infections” and been treated previously with antibiotics, so the unlayering process may require some time.  But the time required is getting shorter as we discover more through ongoing research and honing our analytical skills.

And most importantly, our clients get better with each step we take in peeling the layers that led up to their current problems.  As we approach the genetic inheritance aspects, the miasm remedies become more important, as well, but that will be the subject of another article.

Watch for our upcoming article on Autism as a Polymicrobial Disorder – and successes from the HHM in the new Autism One magazine: Autism Science Digest, coming in April 2011!!!!


[ii] Leonard, H, Swedo S; Paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infection (PANDAS); 2001, Int J Neuropsychopharmacology 4: 191-198

Pregnancy-safe Cold & Flu Remedies

Homeopathy offers literally thousands of pregnancy-safe cold and flu remedies, as well as literally thousands of other acute and chronic symptoms.I wish someone had told me about homeopathy when I was pregnant and had a cold! Even though I was hardly the internet-educated, supre-crunchy mom of today, my gut told me that taking drugs while pregnant was something I should avoid, for the sake of my baby.  Here are tips that may help avoid drugs, but also give symptom relief.

Colds:  Over-the-counter combinations are wonderful. My personal favorite is Boiron’s Cold Calm®.  It can be purchased at many health food stores, and if you can’t find it anywhere else, our office keeps it on hand for our clients.

Coughs:  While there are many individual remedies that are great for coughs, there are several OTC combination remedies that we love.  Boiron’s Chestal® and B&T’s Bronchial Cough Formula® are two of my favorite cough syrups.  Again, they’re readily available OTC.

Flu:  The best remedy in the world for flu, in my humble opinion, is Oscillococcinum.  We’ve even personally found that it may well be helpful with other viral illnesses, as an early-onset immune booster.  Whenever I fly it seems I land next to someone who is obviously ill.  So I start popping my Oscillococcinum® and most of the time I find that I stay healthy.

Stomach “flu”:  Again, I suggest Oscillococcinum, along with homeopathic remedies specific to such illnesses.  For instance, Arsenicum album is excellent for stomach and abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea.  It is my go-to remedy for “food poisoning” as well.  It typically knocks the symptoms out very quickly, and has no side-effects of its own.

Of course, there are other remedies that are great for the nausea associated with early pregnancy, such as “morning sickness” (even when it lasts all day long), such as Cocculus.

Fever: two of the best remedies for fevers are homeopathic Ferrum phosphoricum Belladonna.

Homeopathy is safe medicine

Even though Belladonna is a toxic plant, when rendered in the diluted homeopathic form, any toxin becomes a remedy for the same symptoms the toxin would bring on.  And virtually all homeopathic remedies are non-toxic by their very nature.

If you are pregnant and need homeopathic help, we LOVE working with moms-to-be.  We can also help you do a safe detoxification before, or even during, pregnancy.    We can also help with allergy symptoms, almost any new or chronic illness during pregnancy, and can help you stay healthy or get healthy while pregnant, safely.

Of course, if you have any doubts about taking any homeopathic remedies during pregnancy, call us. We can help you find remedies that are safe and effective for whatever might come up during this wonderful time of life, all without side effects!

Call us today.  We’re here for you. And CONGRATULATIONS!

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Homeopathic Detoxification

Sequential Homeopathy for Chronic Illness

Homeopathic detoxification remedies

Homeopathic Detoxification

Homeopathic detoxification may be the most important thing you can do for your health. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of detoxification to the average human being. General and specific homeopathic detoxification is safe, thorough and gentle. The Houston Homeopathy Method is a super-individualized detox method for anyone.

Homeopathic Detoxification is for Everyone

Why? Because we are all bombarded daily by toxins in our air, water, food, on surfaces all around us. These toxins can build up in the system and, over time, can create an entire set of symptoms of their own.

Every day the subject of detoxification is our first priority at Homeopathy Center of Houston.   The Houston Homeopathic Method can provide a deeply individualized systematic detoxification approach for health and well-being for virtually anyone.  Whether you have no symptoms, or as a part of remediation of health ills and problems, our homeopathic detoxification can be the basis to stay healthy as well as to improve the overall quality of life.

We start with generalized support of the organs and systems of elimination, opening up the exit routes.  This alone may result in improvement for all sorts of health challenges.

Then, as we see improvements such as better digestion and elimination, we can move to more specific, individualized detoxification through homeopathic isopathic remedies, or “isodes.” These are specific highly diluted remedies from the very substances that a person has been exposed to in his/her history. By using isodes, it is possible to homeopathically nudge the body to release cellular residues from chemical exposures, such as pesticides, petroleum products, drugs taken in the past, and contaminants from the air, food and water.

Daily Contamination Demands Daily Homeopathic Detoxification

We are all exposed to unknown and often unacknowledged chemicals on a daily basis.  Our world has had over 80,000 new chemicals unleashed since World War II. Many are derivatives of petroleum, the basis of everything from “miracle drugs” to pesticides, herbicides, and common household products of all sorts. Many people are highly reactive to these chemicals.  We have had clients observe that homeopathic detoxification helped reduce this immediate reactivity.

After WWII, American troops liberating German concentration camps found barrels of a new chemical called “fluoride” sitting all around.  When the German officers were asked what it was used for, they stated “it keeps the prisoners docile and controllable.”   Most municipal drinking water systems add fluoride to the water.

The military openly admits to spraying heavy metal nano-particles from airplanes in order to extend the reach of radar over the horizon.  What do you think happens to them? Perhaps that is why so many people now suffer from heavy metal toxicity.  Homeopathic detoxification can help eliminate them.

Ever think about your food growing all over the world and what lands on it?   And what about our drinking water reservoirs?   If you live in an urban area like Houston, the municipal government sprays chemical pesticides as often as several nights per week to control mosquitoes!  The residue can easily enter the home on feet, pets or simply through opening and closing doors and windows.

Homeopathic detoxification is good for you – even if you’re healthy NOW.

We all need cleansing from today’s world. Toxins may be a part of life, but it’s not living if one is becoming ill from the world’s toxins!

Science proves that toxins build up in the system. The body can eliminate food very efficiently. But chemicals are foreign to the built-in healing and elimination systems.  They cannot naturally be broken down, metabolized and eliminated.

This is where the Houston Homeopathy Method shines: homeopathic detoxification is safe.  Many detoxification methods depend upon adding chemicals into the system (such as chelation drugs) in the hopes of “capturing” and eliminating toxins.  Homeopathic detoxification merely inputs the “signature” of the offending toxins so that the body can identify and eliminate them. Because homeopathic detoxification adds no actual chemicals (the remedies are too dilute to contain any actual molecules), there are no side-effects, no dangers, just gentle elimination by the body’s own mechanisms.

It does take a professional trained in our method, and in both classical and sequential homeopathy.  Please “don’t try this at home!” There is a definite order that makes the process gentler through our method. While the remedies cannot cause any permanent harm, this level of deep homeopathic detoxification can bring on some elimination symptoms that may catch people by surprise. Our well-versed, experienced practitioners can give you a heads up on what to expect during the process each month.

Some Results of Homeopathic Detoxification

Clients report improvements in digestion, elimination, skin tone and quality, overall relief of aches and pains, and generally improved energy levels just from detoxification. A few clients have shed some unwanted pounds. Science demonstrates that often our cells maintain excess water to dilute toxins. There are innumerable reasons to undertake homeopathic detoxification.  The best reason is because you deserve to feel and look healthier.

No one can guarantee specific health outcomes.  But when someone undertakes homeopathic detoxification, they will be less toxic than when they started.

Our professionals have been successfully helping people gain improvements in their health since 1998, often completely eliminating problems that have plagued them for decades. You CAN get healthy, or stay healthy simply through homeopathic detoxification with the Houston Homeopathy Method.  Call us today.  We can help.

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Really Stay Well!

Homeopathy IRRESISTIBLE Medicine Ear for Infections

Homeopathy IRRESISTIBLE Medicine Ear for Infections: A new report suggests that the pneumococcal vaccine, commonly given to children, is now allowing superbugs to develop which are entirely resistant to every antibiotic used for ear infections. While disturbing to parents, and definitely painful, homeopathy can bring fast, blissful relief.

Antibiotics are starting to create “superbugs” – which are virulent strains that are now seen to be developing in reaction to vaccines supposedly taking down the more common, but less virulent strains.  Whether that is reality or not is yet to be seen, but the point is, whether due to vaccines, antibiotics or environmental factors, if your child has an earache, s/he needs relief.  Homeopathy has never created a “superbug”, and even superbugs are not resistant to homeopathy.

Why?  The mechanism by which homeopathy works is to simply, and elegantly, harness and support the body’s own healing mechanisms.  In the case of strep, which are the strains now under scrutiny over ear infections, the only way that the body can rid itself of a streptococcus infection is through heat – inflammation, either systemically, locally, or both.  Ear infections typically will cause fever in children, sometimes high, sudden onset fevers – which are common with any streptococcus infection.

Homeopathy’s Belladonna may be indicated for earaches, as well as sore throats, sudden-onset and/or high fevers, with radiating heat.  It may help reduce the fever, the discomfort, and the duration of an illness that matches the above symptoms.  Of course, other remedies, such as Chamomilla or Pulsatilla may also be indicated, depending upon the specific symptoms.  Chamomilla is for the child who is so highly overreactive to the pain that the parent wants to just calm or get completely away from the child because s/he is so incessant and demanding.  Pulsatilla earaches will often be accompanied by a more whining tone, strong desire, even fear, of being left alone, and the parent often feels more like cuddling and coddling the child – who may also reject whatever is asked for when it’s received.  It’s an entirely different sort of reaction than for Chamomilla.

Of course, any infection can become serious, so if your child does not improve fairly quickly, you might wish to call our office.  We can usually work in an urgent-care phone call fairly quickly and as soon as the remedies are in hand, often relief is just minutes away.

Better yet – call us to purchase one of our homeopathic 50-remedy kits.  The above remedies, and 47 others are included.  They cover a variety of uncomplicated minor illnesses, aches and pains, digestive, respiratory, cold, cough, flu and more.  It truly becomes your home emergency kit in a box.  If you don’t know what to do, but have a kit on hand, frequently we can get your child (or you) out of pain or discomfort and on the road to recovery with just a brief professional consultation if you have a kit on hand.



4 Go-to Homeopathic Remedies for Urinary Tract Relief

You know the feeling—that odd sensation something isn’t quite right “down there.” Then you start to feel the urging, the pain … and you know you’ve got the dreaded urinary tract infection (UTI).

UTIs are extremely painful and can put you out of commission for a day or even a week.

That’s why we’re sharing 4 easy homeopathic remedies you can do at home to heal your UTI.

Before you read any farther, go get a HUGE glass of water and start pounding water while you read! Water intake is crucial for urinary problems.

(And of course, if your symptoms are chronic, if they worsen or if you have extenuating circumstances such as a kidney transplant or diabetes, you should consult a healthcare professional, such as a homeopath or naturopath, and consult your doctor before undertaking any new approaches.)

The key is to match the symptoms to the remedy.

Remember, the real trick to homeopathy is to match the greatest number of symptoms with the best remedy that will relieve those symptoms. Little things matter, like when, where, and how it hurts, what makes it better or worse and even urine odor and color. The following are the most common UTI symptoms and the remedies to use to relieve them.

  1. For burning urine, use Cantharis. Burning urine includes the following symptoms:
    • Burning pain that gets worse after emptying the bladder
    • Pain focused in the urethra rather than in the bladder
    • Itching and burning together in the urethra
    • Urine that feels hot and looks cloudy
    • Constant but useless urging followed by just a few drops of urine

    When you are so frantic that you can’t think about anything but the pain, it’s time for Cantharis.

    Cantharis is perhaps one of the most widely applicable urinary tract remedies because there are so many different symptoms that it relieves.

  2. For stinging pain, use homeopathic Apis mellifica 6x (honey bee). Stinging pain may be accompanied by the following symptoms:
    • Very hot urine that looks milky and has an offensive odor
    • Very little urine each time you go

    If this is you, pick up homeopathic Apis mellifica 6x (honey bee) at almost any health food store.

  3. For suppressed anger, use Staphysagria (stavesacre). If you are suppressing anger at someone or had an invasive procedure (including childbirth, a colonoscopy or a cystoscopy) just before the onset of your UTI, you need this remedy.It’s no secret that our mental state affects our physical state. Staphysagria, known in homeopathy as the best “honeymoon cystitis” remedy, will both help with the UTI and allow you to express the anger, let go of the grudge and move on!

    Because it can also help with the low backache from UTIs, either from referred pain or from inflammation of the kidneys, this remedy can help keep things under control while you wait to get in with a doctor or professional homeopath.

  4. If you have severe but dull pain not relieved by urination, use Equisetum. With severe but dull pain, there is often constant urging. While you may pass large quantities of urine, there is no pain relief from it. The urine is typically either clear or light-colored and profuse in quantity.Bonus: Equisetum can also be a good remedy for bedwetting in young and older children.

    There are a few other simple things you can do to help your UTI in conjunction with one of the above methods. First and foremost, drink lots of water. We recommend adding the juice of a quarter of a lemon or even a whole lemon to the water. The lemon soothes, adds antibacterial vitamin C and alkalizes, making your urinary tract less welcoming to bacterial invasion. To make the drink more palatable, you can add a few drops of stevia.

    Vitamin C supplements are another great way to soothe your UTI. Finally, Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus probiotics in general have been shown to help reduce the recurrence of UTIs and can shorten the duration of your attack.Remember, these remedies all work best with occasional UTIs. If you frequently or chronically have to seek urinary tract relief, if you run a fever or if any of the above remedies don’t help after a couple of days, please give us a call at 713-366-8700! We have many additional, harder-to-find products that can help, and we can offer the professional homeopathic experience you may need.

What The Houston Homeopathy Method Can Help: Published Literature


If you are wondering “Can homeopathy help with…?” or, “are there any published studies on homeopathy?”,  thanks to the help of, we have complied an extensive document listing abstracts by the illness, injury or therapeutic diagnosis that has been successfully treated with homeopathy, and published.



Check through the list – chances are your problem will be listed.  However, keep in mind, while this is not exhaustive – virtually any illness or injury, can be helped by homeopathy, whether published or not. This is only a large sampling of those symptoms or illnesses which have been published.  If you are wondering whether to try homeopathy, just because your specific problem may not be listed, homeopathy can still most likely help with it.  If you are still breathing, homeopathy can be effective in the right hands!

Homeopathy is not limited to physical illness.  It works with symptoms in the physical, mental, emotional and behavioral realms.  It shines in acute, minor contagious illness, and sequential homeopathy offers untold answers to chronic complaints.



The Houston Homeopathy Method has worked with most of these published issues at one time or another, and more.  The truth is, there are very few things which don’t yield to homeopathic treatment. The Houston Homeopathy Method is especially helpful with chronic illness.  Most chronic illness is an accumulation of multiple insults to the body from life: illnesses, injuries, emotional shocks, physical shocks, chemical exposures (including drugs of all classes, including vaccines).  At some point or another, a “tipping point” is reached whereby a final insult of some sort will push the body quickly in the direction of symptoms.  Those symptoms are the body’s final scream for help. While we may focus upon that “tipping point” we also will attend to other factors leading up to it.

The Houston Homeopathy Method uses a sequential homeopathy unlayering method that comes naturally to the body – we begin with the most recent “layer” of insult, and work chronologically backwards through all the various layers in the history of each person to heal one layer at a time, as deeply as the body is capable of healing it.  Rather than trying to eliminate symptoms temporarily by masking them, homeopathy works to allow the body to see and “copy” the illness, taking it to its final battle and overcoming it – then moving on to the next deeper layer.  Our method follows that generalized pattern through each individual’s timeline history.



Modern medicine excels in emergency medicine, injury reparation, and saving lives where quick action may be required in order to avoid long-term disability or death.  However, where chronic or repetitive illness exists, allopathic medicine may become a trade-off between temporary relief of immediate symptoms and long-term symptoms created of accumulated side effects.  In many cases of chronic disease, modern medicine can only offer “symptom management” with numerous drugs, requiring additional drugs for additional side effects.

Ideally, homeopathy works to allow the body to fully heal itself, yielding long term health, without long term dependence on continued use of drugs, including homeopathic remedies.

We must also periodically detoxify (which homeopathy excels in doing), as well as paying close attention to our diet. We must try to avoid the toxins in most processed, commonly available food and instead, eat a carefully chosen, toxin-free, chemical-free, organic, whole foods diet with minimal processing – which is what our bodies were designed to live on!

Thanks and credit to Sayer Ji and for a wonderful search tool that has allowed us to compile a document that lists a huge percentage of the published research literature, by therapeutic action, on the positive effects of homeopathy.

If you’re wondering whether we can help you with your/your family member’s health problems, please explore our website, or contact us.  We are here to help you.

Homeopathy Officially Legitimized

Homeopathy Officially Legitimized

Switzerland has long been known for being the summit of both impartiality and quality – consider Swiss watches, Swiss chocolates, Swiss precision engineering of all sorts.  It is with great honor that we in homeopathy celebrate the announcement on March 28, 2016, of the acceptance of homeopathy, along with several other holistic approaches, as the insurance-covered equivalent of conventional medicine.

After several years of inquiry and a pilot program of temporary coverage by the government healthcare system, and in response to 2/3 of of the population requesting coverage under the Swiss government-run healthcare program, it was established that homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalism, acupuncture and holistic medicine in general in Switzerland will acquire the same status as conventional medicine by May 2017.

This announcement flies in the face of current politicized attacks on alternative medicine by other countries.  Alternative medicine has been under increased scrutiny in the United States, Canada and other countries, even as more and more consumers – and even medical professionals – flock to find answers to health problems deemed either incurable, or merely controllable, by modern conventional medicine.  Consumers and practitioners alike are questioning the wisdom of blindly accepting modern medicine with its powerful chemical side effects, or risks of surgical infections, or antibiotic-resistant, potentially deadly bacterial infections as the “only” answers to health care.  Many savvy consumers now seek to find methods which respect the natural functions designed into our bodies to heal themselves. After several years of the pilot program, Swiss citizens are clearly impressed with their experience and outcomes, and wish to continue their access to these methods of health improvement and remediation. Our gratitude to the Swiss government for supporting the wishes of their constituents.

The legitimacy now given to these alternative therapies may well be a “shot heard ’round the world” that could spark even greater demand for homeopathy, among other therapies.  We at Homeopathy Center of Houston greatly appreciate the honor now bestowed upon our profession by the Swiss government and look forward to continuing to serve as we have for the past 18 years – with integrity, intention, and a desire to “first, do no harm.”

If you seek a more natural, effective means of health support and healing for chronic illness, allergies, pain, autism, ADD, family wellness and health support or just general, gentle detoxification, please contact us. We are, as always, here to help.




Painless Medicine – Painless Phone Consultations


Painless Medicine

Homeopathy is completely noninvasive, painless medicine and gentle (yet powerful) medicine.  We take it one step further by our ability to offer telephone consultations worldwide.  You can do your consultation, by appointment with one of our practitioners, via phone from your home or office.

For our clients with autistic family members, that can be a huge savings of time, wear and tear on the child and travel costs for the caregivers, because we can work into a good time in your family schedule.  And no matter what your health issue, even if you live in the Houston area, we can save you gas and time in traffic! Of course, you are always welcome to pick up your remedies.  But most clients quickly come to appreciate the convenience of receiving their package of homeopathic “goodies” each month right at their doorstep.

Thanks to technology, we are truly unlimited in our reach.  Indeed, we have successfully worked with clients in over 30 different countries so far, and in almost all 50 states.

So if you need our help, or just want an alternative practitioner you can call on, don’t let distance stop you!  We are here for you – where ever YOU are!  Just call us at 713-366-8700!


Homeopathic Tips for Healthy Holidays

Homeopathic Tips for Healthy HolidaysDon’t let holiday travel and stress get the best of you! Try these homeopathic tips for healthy holidays to stay well in this season when families are close (and swapping colds and other viruses), we travel  (with stress and fatigue reducing the immune system’s responsiveness), and the food is awesome (and hard to resist!!!). It’s no fun to be sick during the holidays!

Be kind to yourself: get as much sleep as possible, drink plenty of WATER (not juice or other beverages – WATER!), keep your sugar intake low, wash your hands frequently, get outdoors and breathe some fresh air, stay warm and dry. It may help to increase Vitamin C intake as well as taking some Vitamin D3 on a daily basis.

Now that we’ve sounded like your grandmother (who was very wise!), let’s get some really good homeopathy tips in your hands.**

If you are traveling, prepare yourself with the above advice for several days ahead of the trip. Then take our hand-picked  remedies with you.

Our personal short-list homeopathic travel kit includes: homeopathic Oscillococcinum® flu remedy, homeopathic cold combination tablets, such as Cold Calm®, Our Homeo-Health/HCH First Aid cream and HCH Joint and Muscle cream, HCH Sinus nasal spray, nux vomica, and arsenicum album 6c or 30c.  This time of year, we also typically include a homeopathic cough remedy as well.**

‡Oscillococcinum® flu remedy can be used to help boost your system to fight off viruses (colds and stomach viruses, not just flu) quite well if caught early, and we give our loved ones a few pellets daily.  Personally, we take it 2-3X on days of air travel, as a basic immune system support. While it is mostly known for reducing flu symptoms, it can help withe the nausea and other symptoms from so-called “stomach flu.” In  our 20 years or so experience with it, it also seems to help boost the system to resist illness.

‡Cold Calm® and other similar homeopathic cold combinations are great for travel.  They pack easily, are low potency, so not as negatively affected by airport x-rays as higher potencies may be, and have a broad combination of remedies that will help with the most common cold symptoms, plus fever, sore throats, and even nausea. Cold Calm® and some other combination cold remedies incorporate some cough remedies as well. Read the label indications to be sure.

‡**Traveling brings new foods and different drinking water into your system, so we recommend Arsenicum album for travelers.  It is indicated for nausea, diarrhea, cramping and vomiting from bad food and water. It also can help with certain types of coughs and motion sickness as well.

‡ **Nux vomica can also help with nausea, and is for digestive symptoms related to overeating, overdrinking, or overwork and lack of sleep. If it can be overdone and brings on symptoms, nux can be your friend.  And it helps with nasal congestion from colds, allergies or dry, heated air, especially congestion that you can move from side to side by rolling over in bed! It’s also great for hangovers. (Just sayin’!) and relieves constipation from too many hours in a car or airplane seat!

Our exclusive Joint and Muscle Pain Cream is great for anything related to joints or soft tissue – strains, sprains, overuse, pain from tears, and even bruising – which is why I travel with it.  Murphy’s Law reigns during travel. Have you ever dropped your suitcase off the luggage carousel onto your toe?  Too bad it won’t fix abused luggage.

‡Homeo-Health, Inc. First Aid Cream (available in two sizes, exclusively through our office) is also great for scrapes, cuts, burns and sunburns, and almost any skin injury or irritation – the typical things that Murphy’s mischievous elves also see to during holiday celebrations and travel.

Our HCH Sinus Nasal Spray is great for keeping your nasal passages moist, while soothing the irritation and congestion that can come from colds, flu, or simply dry, heated air.

Arm yourself now for those minor problems that creep into the holidays.

And if you feel out of your league, but want to use homeopathy as an alternative for any minor illness for you or your children, whether from travel or anything else, such as ear or throat infections, croupy coughs in little ones, or other illnesses, we offer an inexpensive, minor acute illness consultation through our office.  You can fill our simple acute care intake forms and fax, email, mail or bring them to the office, and we will get you in with the first available consultant.  You don’t even have to leave home!  Our appointments are quickly and conveniently available via phone from wherever you are, then we will ship your remedies to you, or in the Houston area, you may pick up, either same day or next day, depending upon the time of the appointment.

Homeopathy is a great choice for discerning families seeking a holistic answer for holiday (or every day!) health! Please call us at 713-366-8700 if you need an appointment with one of our practitioners, or if you would like to purchase some of our exclusive HCH and Homeo-Health, Inc. products! And watch for our online store and product line introduction in coming months!

‡ These  statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
** This information is for educational purposes for self-care of minor symptoms only, based upon standard homeopathic indications as outlined in the Homeopathic Pharmacopia of the United States, and are not meant as medical advice.  If you have a medical problem, please consult a qualified practitioner.

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