Autism Strategies for Parents

Autism Strategies for Parents

Parents, you are your child’s first and most important advocate.  So now that you have a diagnosis of autism, where do you go from here?  Or maybe your child was diagnosed years ago – you’re way past the shock, the dismay, the confusion of what to do, maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything out there with few results, no results, or even a worsening of your child’s condition.  Maybe you’ve given up and think there is nothing left.  Still other readers may be somewhere between the two and don’t know what to try next.

What guidance can we offer? Does homeopathy offer any real hope for your older child?  Your newly diagnosed child?  Can or should the Houston Homeopathy Method become a part of your child’s recovery from autism?  We say yes on all counts!

First, if you’ve already done the latest and greatest diets, drugs, and supplements and your child is either not better at all, worse, or even just minimally better – you have nothing to lose, and cannot harm your child by working with homeopathy.  Unlike drugs and even some supplements, homeopathy cannot start a new problem.  Already you are  ahead of the game. For any child at any age, homeopathy can only clear out toxins, drugs, vaccines, at the worst, meaning that your child will be healthier for trying.  We sleep well at night knowing that every child who takes even a few of our detoxification remedies is going to leave us in better condition than s/he started.

If your child is newly diagnosed and you’re not sure what direction to go, homeopathy is a very safe, detoxifying and healing approach.  if you read many of our parent stories on this website, several of them mention wishing they had started with us first.  A few did, and their children turned around very quickly.  We love our “homeopathic virgins” who have not taken a large number of drugs, or have not been subjected to the invasiveness and trauma of so many different testing and treatment protocols.  We don’t have to start by clearing the drugs and traumas,   We can just dive into where your child is right now, and work back through the pathogens that caused the problems in the first place, instead of first having to lose time working through the previous toxins and traumas.

For those of you who have been told “you’re losing time – your child is getting too old for biomedical to really help him or her” our response is “WRONG!”  Where there is life, there is hope, through the Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism and ASD.  And we have worked with older children in their teens and made progress, good progress.  We have seen family life change as teens who were aggressive and angry, even dangerous, settle down, get out of pain, and become joys to their families instead of a source of fear and worry.  If you’ve been told that the only thing left is institutionalization, you need to read some of our stories or look at some of our presentations about children whose parents have never given up.

And if you’re somewhere in between new diagnosis, and giving up hope, if you’ve done some biomedical or supplemental regimens, you may find the HHM to be a breath of fresh air.  We demand no expensive, painful or messy testing.  We won’t subject your child to blood draws, IV’s, or long tests that both empty the bank and tax your child’s ability to undergo the testing process.  You may be doing multiple supplements as part of your current plan.  With the HHM however  you may well see a number of homeopathic remedies that we recommend.  However, these remedies go down easily and pleasantly, and we use very few supplements.  Many of our parents say that our approach is one of the easiest things they have ever done.

And what about diet?  We do believe that children with autism have inflammation in their guts, and that inflammation is causing them pain and contributing to their behaviors.  And while many of our kids can eventually have times when they don’t strictly adhere to the gluten and casein-free diet, we do believe that every child with autism will benefit from the GF/CF diet.  We have seen that our program will work more quickly with those children who are on this diet compared to those who are still eating what is tantamount to a toxin to their systems.  A few parents have worked with us and not “done the diet” with their child.  However, for the best results, we find that if you can shy away from those things that work against your child’s system, no matter what approach you take, your child will be healthier for it – even if you may not see overt results right away.

If what you are doing is not working, or if you’re not happy with what your child is going through, or can’t afford the testing, and just want someone to focus on healing your child’s autism, it’s time to think differently.

Homeopathy Center of Houston has been thinking differently about autism – uniquely, we dare say – since 2003.   Our children can and do recover.  To date, over 100 children have fully recovered from autism or PDD-NOS.  Dozens more are on their way to a better, healthier life through homeopathy.  Our program requires no testing, no invasive treatments or tests, and every cent of your investment in your child will go towards the healing process, not just “treating to the test.”

The Houston Homeopathy Method – recovering children from autism since 2003.  Don’t give up on your child.  We won’t give up on autism.