Adult ADD or ADHD and “Brain Fog”: Contributing Causes and Homeopathic Answers

Over the years we have been contacted by parents of children as well as adults who have suffered from both diagnosed and self-diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).   The plea is always, “This is ruining my academic/professional life – is there anything aside from the drugs that can help?”

Most are seeking something that they can take ongoing  just to keep the symptoms at bay.  Then they are pleasantly surprised that over time they no longer need to take anything, including homeopathic remedies because the symptoms have been fully eliminated.  That is because the Houston Homeopathy Method is cause oriented and seeks permanent healing of the underlying conditions.

While there are some crossovers in the symptom pictures (inability to focus and/or impulsivity) I would like to discuss each one separately.  Sequential homeopathy looks back at causational events, traumas, chemical exposures, which may have occurred just prior to the onset of some of the symptoms.   Because the Houston Homeopathy Method focuses on the root cause, and can specifically “clear” or detoxify some of the causative agents from the body, patterns have emerged over the years that give us some major clues as to some of the culprits in each of these pathologies.   With these clues it becomes easier to see that there is often a different etiology or perhaps overlapping etiologies for the two problems.

Some contributors we’ve seen to ADD:

Hepatitis vaccines: Many of our clients with ADD have been teens and adults, as well as younger children, who for various reasons (school or patient contact in health careers) were given a series of Hepatitis vaccines.   When we have cleared the vaccines on their personal timeline their ADD symptoms would temporarily exacerbate for 2-5 days, and then some of stated, “I came out of the fog I’ve been in for years!”

It is also possible for adults whose children received the Hepatitis vaccines to be exposed to “vaccine shedding”, a phenomenon not much discussed, but very real.  Vaccine shedding has been seen with livestock, wherein only one or a few in the herd were actually inoculated, but due to the vaccine shedding, often for several weeks following administration of a vaccine, the entire herd would develop immunity through exposure to those animals actually receiving the vaccine itself.  This makes a great deal of sense with children as well, especially with viral vaccinations.  For example, some of what is injected in a child would be sloughed off through sweat, urine or feces, and in the case of caregivers who might be changing diapers, bathing, etc., the caregivers would be secondarily exposed to the viruses.

The impact the Hepatitis vaccine has on the liver is not often discussed medically, but in our practice we have repeatedly seen evidence of “never well since” (as in “I’ve been spacey ever since my Hepatitis shots”) where a child or an adult was very focused prior to either direct or shedding exposure to a Hepatitis shot, then shortly after they, or peers, or a child was exposed, there would be a decrease of focus and concentration.

My own son was almost completely recovered from Aspergers Syndrome by the end of 6th grade, but had a significant return of lack of focus problems in 7th grade – when his age peers were required to get a Hepatitis booster.  Thankfully, he was not given the shots himself.  But shortly after the beginning of the school I realized his school work and social skills had fallen off.  Then I cleared him for his peers’ vaccines and he had a significant improvement in his focus and academic performance which has continued all through high school.

We have also seen significant improvements with healthcare workers who were given Hepatitis B vaccine series and who started into “brain fog”, as well as other serious health problems, skin issues, etc., shortly after receiving Hepatitis B vaccines.

Other contributors to ADD can be heavy metals, and chemical toxins including certain drugs, Lyme, Babesia and other tick-borne illnesses (TBDs).  Homeopaths discuss constitutional types, which simply mean that each of us has a particular remedy that fits our body shape, general tendencies in illnesses, and how we respond to stimuli.

Some constitutional types, in particular  the Phosphorus constitution, are very sensitive to certain drugs.  Phosphorus clients under stress can become spacey.  In addition, they often do not handle anesthetic drugs or pain medications (pharmaceuticals) well.   They have difficulty thinking for days or even weeks after administration of anesthesia.   Several have described it as “thinking through mud” or “air-headedness” after receiving anesthesia.

In several of these clients, we have homeopathically cleared out the trauma and the drugs days, months, even years after a particular surgery with general anesthesia.  After homeopathic clearing clients report significant improvements in their concentration.  They describe it as “coming out of the fog”.  This is also possible with a large variety of other  medications as well.

So while these are only some of the causes of ADD, they are some of the most common patterns we have seen.

ADHD or “hyperactivity”

ADHD can share a number of characteristics with ADD, but can also be very different in its actual manifestation from ADD.

ADD & ADHD Overlaps in actions and behaviors:

According to the DSM-IV[i], both disorders can include:

  • Inattention to details, careless mistakes
  • Difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play
  • Seeming not to listen when spoken to directly
  • Lack of follow through on instructions
  • Failure to finish tasks, but not due to oppositional behavior or lack of comprehension
  • Difficulty with organization of tasks, activities
  • Avoidance of tasks requiring sustained mental efforts, such as homework or projects
  • Losses of objects required to accomplish tasks (pens, pencils, school assignments, tools, etc.
  • Easy distraction and forgetfulness

ADHD includes some or many of the above, but adds the dimension of the “Energizer Bunny®:

  • Never runs down, never slows down, the perpetual motion “machine”.
  • In this capacity, often there is fidgeting of hands, feet, whole body, impulsivity to leave a classroom or work area
  • Difficulty playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly
  • Driven to constant motion
  • Excessive, nonstop talking Impulsivity
  • Can’t wait for his/her turn
  • Interrupts or intrudes on others during their activities

Different disorders and some different causes

Clinical experience in our practice has shown that while there may be shared etiologies to the similar symptoms, some additional mechanisms may come into play with ADHD.

Often with ADHD, there is a significantly high level of anxiety, and this can often be attributed to a history of ear or throat infections that have been suppressed by antibiotics.    It is becoming a better known fact that antibiotics damage cell walls of bacteria, but do not kill them.   The cell wall deficient forms (CWD) of bacteria are damaged so that viruses can invade them much as viruses invade host tissues.  They may start to mimic either viruses or host tissues, due to similar peptides or protein sequences.

The resultant polymicrobial problems are not easily addressed medically.  However, we have found that homeopathic remedies, whether chosen on the basis of the “like treats like” approach, or as nosodes and isodes can bring about a natural immune response that will reduce the symptoms.  The lab results from some clients whose doctors have run tests have shown that the homeopathic remedies can aid the body in reducing the levels of these conglomerate pathogens, hence addressing causational factors to bring about long term, permanent reduction or even elimination of the symptoms.

The jumpiness, constant motion, impulsivity of ADHD etc., has been reported by clients to be similar to a tic or compulsion – an irresistible urge that must be acted upon.  While they may be temporarily quelled through sheer willpower, these are physiologically caused actions.   We have seen that often as we address the symptoms caused by these cell wall deficient forms of suppressed or CWD streptococcus, among others, we see a reduction in tics and compulsions, as well as anxiety, impulsivity, inattention and inability to sit still.  Many of the same homeopathic remedies for the symptoms of strep throat and ear infections are the same for anxiety, tics, compulsions, as well as constant motion and inability to sit still.

There are many different approaches to ADD and ADHD.  In the medical world, these are considered to be psychiatric or psychological disorders, hence can only be “treated” (or suppressed in our humble opinion, only to worsen later) through strong suppressive psychotropic drugs, and in particular amphetamines such as Ritalin® or other drugs.  In our quest for answers, we have found that gentle homeopathic remedies can bring relief, and the long term clearing of past contributors to these conditions has brought about permanent and complete healing of the problems in our own children and many of our clients.

What if it’s “just” brain fog?

Many adult clients often tell of being unable to recall things as well as they used to.  That of course can be related to a number of lifestyle issues, including unusual stress, or just juggling too many balls in life. Usually those are temporary situations and go away as the stress is relieved.   But when this becomes more than just a mild forgetfulness, or inability to concentrate, and it goes on for a protracted period or outside of stressful factors above, then there is likely more that homeopathy can offer.  Some common causes for this sort of thing can include:

  • Heavy metal toxicity buildup (could be from dental amalgams, air pollution, cookware, even foods themselves among other environmental sources)
  • Blood sugar fluctuations or hypoglycemia
  • Mold exposures (these are much more rampant and health impacting than most people realize)
  • Generalized toxicity

Of course, in my age demographic (50-something and upwards), all of us start being concerned with every forgotten phone number or name, that we’re headed into Alzheimer’s disease.  But that, too, can even be helped often just through simple heavy metal detoxification and stimulation of the immune system to eliminate any pathogens.   Medical answers are very few and far between, but many times just cleansing the “terrain”, or body chemistry, is enough for an otherwise healthy immune system to simply repair itself with a little homeopathic nudging.

Often “brain fog” in adults is a fairly nonspecific situation that takes a bit of broader detective work on the part of the practitioner.   In one situation a client had been in decline for some time, in spite of homeopathic interventions that would help briefly, and then fall away in their effect.   After a great deal of brainstorming with the client, the downward turning point in her health was determined to be shortly after she had moved into a new home, where there had been repeated water and roof leak issues. The suggestion was made that the home be analyzed for mold by mold detection professional.

The results were astounding. The home apparently had undergone unrealized previous plumbing and roof work so the mold spores were already in place.  When measured, the mold problem was so bad that some levels of toxic mold species in the home were more than 1000X higher than for the immediately surrounding outdoor air in several rooms.  The health problems had included exhaustion, sleep problems, horrible anxiety, heart palpitations, blood sugar and blood pressure fluctuations, and severe “brain fog” impacting her job.  The client moved out of the home, and while it takes time to fully detox and eliminate the mold issues, certain symptoms have improved spontaneously due to simply being away from the source of the problem.

The versatility of the Houston Homeopathic Method™ for ADD, ADHD and other mental focus issues

As demonstrated above, most disorders involving the nervous system are not just caused by a single element – it is multi-factorial, calling for a very versatile, broad-based remediation. The Houston Homeopathic Method ™ offers solutions to cell wall deficient bacteria, the binding of viruses and bacteria, and molecular mimicry between bacteria, viruses and host tissues.   Supporting the body to detoxify heavy metals helps prevent damage to the nervous system to damage from demyelination. Overall, the system is based upon building up the immune system while supporting elimination of the toxins and pathogenic burdens through gentle homotoxicology.     

The Houston Homeopathy Method employs individual as well as specific combinations we have developed to address stressors on the immune system, and to aid in restoring the balance that nature designed the human body to maintain.  However, if there are exacerbating factors in the environment, diet or lifestyle, those too must be eliminated for ultimate healing.   Then homeopathy can help stimulate and enhance the immune system’s normal response and bring about significant improvements.

Dozens of children and adults with ADD or ADHD have left Homeopathy Center of Houston with renewed hope, and a return to the life they use to know before they were shackled by the “brain that just isn’t working right”.  We believe that our approach to this and other health issues from a causation standpoint is the reason we have had so many consistent successes with clients whose health issues had never been helped, or even been made worse through medical intervention.

Our job is to work ourselves out of a job with each client who comes to us, seeing their health restored and “feeling better than ever.”

[i] Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychological Association, Edition IV