What We Do

The Homeopathy Center of Houston offers professional consultations and provides homeopathic remedies based on our consultations. Our exclusive Houston Homeopathy Method is based on Sequential homeopathy, German Biological Medicine, and Pleomorphic theory of illness and disease. Based upon these models of illness, we developed a deeply cleansing and healing approach. By incorporating many different homeopathic modalities we created our unique: The Houston Homeopathy Method.

The Houston Homeopathy Method of Sequential Homeopathy can reduce chronic suffering.

Sequential Homeopathy and Homeopathy Relief and Support Programs

Our most complex and deeply healing approach is the overall Houston Homeopathy Method of sequential homeopathy. This structured, individualized unlayering method applies to almost any chronic illness.  We can help with problems in both the physiological and emotional realm.  The method can help reduce inflammation, allergies, ADD, as well as anxiety or depression. The Houston Homeopathy Method is a great overall detoxification method for optimum health remediation. Sequential homeopathy also works to relieve or even eliminate less complex, but recurrent, acute illness, such as earaches, colds, or sinus problems.  We also now offer a number of Homeopathy “Relief and Support” Programs to give immediate relief for limited, specific problems, but without the commitment long term of Sequential Homeopathy.  These include affordable, though limited programs for Sinus, Airborne Allergies, and Autism.  For autism, we also offer the Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism. More information can be found on our site on all the autism options by clicking on the links above, or download our free comparison E-book for more information on our programs for autism.

How We Work With You

For sequential homeopathy, we work through interview-style monthly consultations, by appointment. Telephone appointments are both welcome and encouraged; a large percentage of our clients enjoy the convenience phone consultations offer. Because our approach is unique, many of our clients are from around the nation or around the world. We may request photos and/or videos periodically of you/ your child in order to observe changes or problems that can be seen. But no physical examinations are necessary, as we work from your descriptions of any symptoms, changes, and the occasional photo of things such as rashes, etc. Based on each month’s consulation, your needs for any refills, etc., we determine what remedies you need, and ship everything to your home (or office), so that they are typically received by you within about a week or less of your consultation.  International shipments may take longer.  So there is no need to go looking for what you need – it’s a convenient package, unique to your/your child’s needs, delivered right to your doorstep!

Of course, we always recommend that you maintain a relationship with your local medical doctor or clinic for emergency and/ or diagnostic support!  Homeopathy is not a substitute for licensed medical care, where necessary. 

Consult Approach

We use an interview-based consultation approach, wherein we individualize plans and determine appropriate remedies — remedies which are shipped within days of your consultation. We develop a long-term relationship with our clients, as many have discovered that the deep healing that comes as a result of our method often greatly diminishes their tendency to become ill. Many “graduate” after detoxification, rebuilding and healing has occurred during their work with us, and we only hear from them if they have a subsequent minor injury or occasional acute minor illness.

While we have for many years had a focus on autism, Aspergers syndrome, and PDD-NOS, we are still a general homeopathic healthcare practice. Homeopathy can offer answers for a myriad of different types of health issues with excellent results. And the things we have learned from the many physiological ailments related to autism have in turn improved our results with clients with other health issues.

Fees and Remedy Costs

Click here for an overview of our Sequential Homeopathy costs.  The consultation fees are a set cost, but remedies will vary due to individual needs. Costs for most minor or non-chronic current problems will typically be less than for complex problems such as autism or deep, chronic pathologies.

Click here for cost and other information on the Autism Relief and Support Program- a great jumping-off place to later do Sequential Homeopathy, or it’s own, long-term program.

Click here for cost and other information on the Sinus Relief and Support Program. 

Click here for cost and details on the Airborne Allergy Relief and Support Program.

We invite you to explore our website for more information in our Article Library, or contact us directly for more information.  And if you’re ready to go, just click below to be taken to our secure online intake forms, which can be submitted entirely online, or printed and sent by mail or fax (713-366-8710).

Homeopathic Products

In addition to the customized homeopathic and supplemental products recommended to our clients during our consultations, we offer a limited number of homeopathic products to the general public. These may be ordered from us by telephone and we will gladly ship them to you. These include:

  • HCH Joint and Muscle Pain Cream
  • HCH First Aid Cream
  • HCH Custom 50-remedy 30c Home “First Aid” Remedy Kit
  • Assorted Homeopathic Products for Colds, Coughs and Flu Symptoms