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Featuring the Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism and Autism Spectrum, Affordable Acute Care, and General, Homeopathic Family Practice and Remedies

Natural. Affordable. Homeopathic health restoration solutions for families. WE CAN HELP.

Two Programs for Autism:

Our World-Renowned & Acclaimed


VIDEO: Overview of Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism

Whatever your family’s needs, the Homeopathy Center of Houston is committed to your wellness, and offers affordable, natural, and uniquely combined homeopathic answers.   See our Homeopathy Knowledge Center, for more information on topics such as:

What Homeopathy Can Help: Published Literature

Homeopathy works: Here is published PROOF!

Homeopathy Officially Legitimized

BREAKING NEWS: Switzerland’s health care service recognizes homeopathy as an equal to conventional medicine.

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There Is No "Wrong" Way To Heal

Just because others have no answers for your or your child's health problems doesn't mean there are none. Maybe you've encountered pessimistic "experts" unwilling to seek solutions to chronic illnesses, allergies , autism, OCD, PANDAS, or other problems. You don't have to accept their assessments. Think differently - and don't suffer or allow your child to suffer without considering all options. We're here to tell you that there is hope, and that there are solutions at the Homeopathy Center of Houston.

The Houston Homeopathy Method: a complete, stand-alone, health remediation and detoxification system for chronic and acute illness. CALL US TODAY to learn how HCH can help.

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