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What We Do

The Homeopathy Center of Houston offers professional consultations in homeopathic medicine. We work with virtually any chronic or acute illness, allergies, vaccine injury, anxiety, depression, tick-borne illnesses, PANDAS and autism spectrum disorders, and more. We then provide necessary homeopathic remedies based on our consultations. Our exclusive combination of Sequential homeopathy with many additional homeopathic approaches, offers a highly individualized, deeply cleansing, healing, comprehensive approach:

The Houston Homeopathy Method™.

Featured Video: Recognition and Remediation of Vaccine Injury

Vaccine injuries are broad-ranging. Documented from vaccine package inserts, as provided by the vaccine manufacturers, scientific research, as well as clinical and anecdotal evidence, they can include: autism, sensory, skin, neurological, respiratory, digestive, elimination, sleep and emotional disorders, and even death. If you, or someone you know has been injured by a vaccine, or have chronic problems of unknown origin – WE CAN HELP.

Homeopathic Medicine: Safe Answers for Health and Healing

There is hope. There are solutions at the Homeopathy Center of Houston. Let’s find them together.

Just because others offer no answers for your or your child’s health problems doesn’t mean there are none. Maybe you’ve encountered pessimistic “experts” unwilling to seek solutions to chronic illnesses, allergies, autism, OCD, PANDAS, or other problems. You don’t have to accept their assessments. Think differently – and don’t suffer or allow your child to suffer without considering all the options.

The Houston Homeopathy Method: a complete, stand-alone, health remediation and detoxification system for chronic and acute illness. Safe homeopathic medicine for your family’s health. CALL US TODAY.

What our clients say:

“I would like to order the Level 2 DIY Autism Kit for S. She has made progress on the level one kit:

  • Clearer skin
  •  Better breath
  •  More frequent and healthier bowel movements
  • Better disposition
  • Not angry anymore

I am pleased with her progress!”

Tammy L.

“My son was one of the cute kids in the video that recovered from autism. Houston Homeopathy is the reason I have my son back. My son is now 8 and in typical school doing great. He is a happy and healthy boy with lots of friends.I thank God everyday for the miracle of having my son back. To new parents never give up hope!” – Tina G.

Tina G.

“Within a month, our son improved in all areas.  His BM’s became normal as soon as we started the remedies.  This came to us as a shock.  He was a major gut kid.  By the second month we knew he was on his way, thanks to Sequential Homeopathy Treatment, the most dramatic turning point in our son’s journey.  It was if a light bulb had turned on.  We didn’t expect any of this to happen at the rate it did.

The beauty of it, all gains remained and he never complaint about taking remedies.  All up-hill from here, two steps ahead, one step back, in fast motion…”  READ MORE


“I can’t say enough good things about HCH. They saved my son, gave me back my son, gave my son a new life…whatever way you want to say it. He got hit by a terrible “bus” called Autism, and he has recovered. While you can’t be cured of “being hit by a bus”, recovery is possible…Thank you HCH. I can never thank you enough.” READ MORE

Karin B.

“Although we are on a budget, the money paid to HCH each month is priceless. If you are hesitant, please go for it.You have a wonderful child that has a change to emerge. I wish I had done this two years ago.”

Anonymous ClientGoogle Reviewer

When I was referred to HCH by a friend I look back now and almost cry out of joy that they were brought into my son’s life. We could have wasted so much money on other treatments and protocols but instead have found them to begin with. HCH is a very big answer to a mother’s prayers. My son is recovering as he now interacts more with other children, looks at me for approval and has began talking again after his MMR clear.

Anonymous clientGoogle review
DISCLOSURE: We are not, and do not represent ourselves as Medical Doctors.  Nothing in this website should be construed as medical advice for diagnosis, treatment or mitigation of any disease, nor is it to be considered replacement for medical treatment by a licensed physician. If you have a medical issue, please consult a medical doctor.  We are professional homeopaths, and provide consultations in homeopathic medicine only, an alternative medicine system with over 200 years of safe, practical health answers. Any information is provided for educational and informational purposes only.



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